Hot Breakfast! and Todd Chappelle are…EXTREME.

by Matt

That’s right, our Cool Little Brothers and Sisters. Your favorite acoustic dork-rock duo will be joining forces with Delaware’s funniest folk singer, Todd Chappelle, for one night of hilarirock. (That’s a word, right? We’re calling it a word.) Seriously, we are really excited to play with Todd Chappelle, one of our favorite artists to come from Delaware (take THAT, Cisco Houston!). You’ve certainly heard his opus “I’m From Delaware,” Todd’s ode to Hot Breakfast!* So please come on out to Extreme Pizza on Friday, April 27th for a great night.

After that, we’re gonna melt some faces in Philly as we play The Head House on Thursday, May 3rd. We go on at 10:00 (c’mon, it’s not that late) as we share the bill with The One Sun Lion Ra, Ashley J, Kristin Lucile, and Malik. Throw us in the mix and that’s about 17 different musical styles…something for everyone. Don’t miss it.

In recording news…we are ALMOST DONE, we swear. The CD is sounding great…stay tuned!

Extremely yours,
Suburban Legend


* Um…we have been advised that Todd’s song, which can be heard here, is NOT actually about Hot Breakfast. At least…that’s the official story.

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Friday the 13th: Three Gigs in one day! Insanity marathon!

by Ji11

We’ve been told that once you hit 40 you start ordering chicken croquettes with Metamucil gravy off HoJo’s early-bird menu and then you’re in bed by 9:30pm after an episode of Matlock.


We’re so hardcore that we’re playing three (THREE!) shows in one day for you, just three short weeks after Matt had his gall bladder out.


Philadelphia Dramatists Center; purveyors of fine Philadelphia theater since... well... a while ago.

Philadelphia Dramatists Center; purveyors of fine Philadelphia theater since… well… a while ago.

So lemme tell you about these shows!


We’ve been asked to be the first band ever to grace LOMA Coffee’s new music/performance space, so we’re kicking off an entire day of music. This means that we’re playing an early-morning show– that’s 8am. I wonder how bleary-eyed bankers will react to hearing Crazy Train as they make their way to the coffee counter for their first jolt of the day? One way to find out.

Jill would like to thank MAC Cosmetics in advance for creating foundation powerful enough to cover up her under-eye circles, since she is normally deep in full-on REM sleep at 8am.

WHERE: LOMA Coffee, 239 N. Market St. Wilmington, DE 19801.
WHEN: 8:00am – 8:45am. (What the hell are we thinking?)
HOW MUCH: No cover. Just grab a coffee. (Did you ever notice that Canadians say “a coffee” and Americans say “some coffee” or “a cup of coffee?” Discuss.)


Since 2011, we’ve been the house band for Philly’s Primary Stages, which is a quarterly two-night theater event where playwrights see their newly-penned short works performed at the Shubin Theater. It’s super-cool because over the course of two evenings, about 16 plays are staged with script in hand, and Hot Breakfast! gets to provide the interstitial music, as well as playing a fun half-hour set to a terrific crowd each night. We LOVE this gig!

As a thank you to Denise Shubin who owns the Shubin Theater, Philly’s Primary Stages is holding a fund raiser which showcases the best short plays of the last seven or so years of PPS. Because it’s a “best of” night, the actors will be off-book, and the shows will be spit-shined to a gleaming polish. There are two shows on the night of the 13th, and each performance features the same seven plays. And because it’s a fund-raiser, tickets are $20.

As usual, there will likely be beer, wine, and perhaps a bottle or two of something passed around (heh), as well as chips, snax, vienna sausages (it’s a Todd thing) and puddin’ packs. (We have “Jill gets 2 pudding packs” in our rider for this show, we shit you not. If Jill doesn’t get pudding, she trashes the place like fuckin’ Air Supply.)

WHERE: The Shubin Theater, 407 Bainbridge St. (that’s 4th and Bainbridge), Philadelphia, PA 19147
WHEN: We start at 7pm sharp! The plays start at 7:30.
HOW MUCH: It’s a fund raiser for the theater, so tickets are $20 and well worth it. Get yer tickets here:


Same exact gig as the previous one, except this show starts at 10pm and may feature slightly more awesomeness from the house band. (Awesomeness subject to availability; house band awesomeness may be substituted for yawning and crankypants at the discretion of the management.)

WHERE: The Shubin Theater, 407 Bainbridge St. (that’s 4th and Bainbridge), Philadelphia, PA 19147
WHEN: We start at 10pm sharp! The plays start at 10:30.
HOW MUCH: It’s a fund raiser for the theater, so tickets are $20 and well worth it. Get yer tickets here: There will likely be beer, wine, and perhaps a bottle or two of something passed around (heh), as well as chips, snax, vienna sausages (it’s a Todd thing) and puddin’ packs. (We have “Jill gets 2 pudding packs” in our rider for this show, we shit you not. If Jill doesn’t get pudding, she trashes the place like fuckin’ Air Supply.)

All of this is happening on Friday the 13th. What could go wrong?
NOTHING; for the power of ROCK protects us.


Your pal,


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LAST MINUTE GIG: 3/24 @8PM, Chris White Gallery, Wilmington

by Ji11

If you live in Delaware, I’m sure you’ve heard the huge buzz about Rachel Schain‘s big show on March 24 with JP Jones. She’s been on the radio promoting it, and it’s been in all the papers (we’re not kidding). Quite the hubbub, bub! We were so excited to see her sharing the bill with one of her musical heroes… until JP had to back out of the gig just 28 hours before curtain, “because of something.”

Ah yes, the dreaded “something.” I hate when something happens.

But sometimes, I love when something happens! Because when something happens to JP Jones, Hot Breakfast! makes something awesome happen… like asking to share the bill with Rachel instead. We will ROCK THE PANTS OFF of Wilmington, my friends! And with Rory Sullivan jumping in the headlining spot, there’s gonna be a whole lot of fabulous singer/songwriter magic happening. (And then some crappy dork-rock.)

(Well, actually, the dork-rock happens first. We’re the opener.)

So here’s the scoop:

WHO: Hot Breakfast!, Rachel Schain, and Rory Sullivan

WHEN: Doors open at 7:30pm; we’re the first act, and we go on at 8pm sharp!

WHERE: At the Chris White Gallery, which is in the Shipley Lofts in Wilmington. That’s 701 Shipley St., Wilmington DE 19801.

HOW MUCH: Tickets can be purchased at the door for $10, or in advance for $8 at Brown Paper Tickets.

OTHER DETAILS: The venue seats 100– it’s the perfect intimate size for Rachel and Rory’s music. We’re more used to selling out Madison Square Garden and stuff, but we’ll make do. :)   This performance will correspond with the DE Photography Exhibit gallery closing for local photographers Brian Truono and Gary Regulski. Their stuff is sweeeeeet. It’s a feast for the senses and stuff!

WILL THERE BE BOOZE? Yes there will, and the proceeds go to a good cause. So have a beverage! We’ll sound better.

We know it’s short notice… like, really, really short notice. But if you’re like us and enjoying a LOFTNOC, then maybe you can enjoy your Saturday with us IRL.

See you then, maybe?


Your pal,


Please note, seriously: Surburban Legend (aka Matt) just had his inner organs unceremoniously and rearranged 6 days ago, so if he’s not feeling up to ROCKING ALL OF WILMINGTON, we may have to be the second jerk artist to bail on the evening. We reserve the right to call “gall bladder.” Please don’t hold it against us.

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Will Matt & Jill ever finish their new album? (also: GIG: March 10 @ 9pm, Film Bros, Wilmington)

by Matt


Yes, we will.

Thank you for your concern.

Seriously, we will. We’re all stocked up with recording equipment, we have a song list, and we even have a little time, for once. So you can rest assured that a new album by Hot Breakfast!, featuring originals (including some brand-new tunes you ain’t never heard, son) and some favorite covers, will be available for your listening entertainment in the near future.

Besides, we can’t let Brian and the rest of our Cool Little Brothers down. We owe ’em!

Until then…we’ve got gigs! Come on down to Wilmington on Saturday, March 10th as the [blank] canvas celebrates Woman’s Day with ARTemis…a weekend event of art and music that benefits Mom’s House! The Wilmington event actually starts on Friday night with a great concert at The Film Brothers Movie Co-op and continues into Saturday with some wonderful events for kids. It culminates in another concert on Saturday night, and that’s where we come in! We’ll be performing at Film Brothers at 205 Market Street, Wilmington. We go on at 9:00, but the show starts at 6:30 and features great local acts like Crossing Oceans, Deadlox, Mean Lady, 205, and Xtra Allta. Join us! Seriously, we’re totally nice.

You can also catch us in April in Philly and Wilmington, as we melt faces at Lickety Split and the Shubin Theater (Philly) and Extreme Pizza (Wilmington).

And our album will be released soon.

We promise.

Have we ever lied to you?

Your pal,


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February is National Hot Breakfast Month (seriously)

by Matt

Our rise to world domination is OFFICIALLY DOCUMENTED ON THE INTERNET, PEOPLE. We’ve now had an entire freakin’ MONTH dedicated to our unfathomable awesomeitude. Yes, February is National Hot Breakfast Month. As such, this month is naturally a hectic time for Hot Breakfast!; but we’ve got a few gigs lined up and we’d love to see you there.

February is National Hot Breakfast Month. We're not kidding. This image stolen from THE INTERNET proves that it's true.

February is National Hot Breakfast Month. We’re not kidding. This image stolen from THE INTERNET proves that it’s true.

On Friday, February 10th, we’re playing a lunchtime show at World Cafe Live at the Queen in Wilmington. We start at noon and play ’til 1. Reservations are recommended (and be sure to let ’em know you’re there for Hot Breakfast. They’ll catch on.) What goes better with eggplant fries than dork-rock? Not a damn thing. We also cannot emphasize this enough…the eggplant fries are transcendent. Holy Mother of Tom Waits, are they good.

On Tuesday, February 21 and Wednesday, February 22, we’re getting our drama on with the Secret Room Theatre at the Shubin in Philly. We’re the house band for the Philly Primary Stages readings of new plays. Hot Breakfast! will open the show, provide interstitial tunes, and play at intermission. We start around 7:25, so make sure you show up early. It’s always a great night of music and theater…especially when you consider this round’s theme is “Heart Attacks!” Will we be busting out some Queen or J. Geils band? Only one way to find out… (P.S. Here’s a map to the Shubin, so now you can’t say you couldn’t find us. Nice try.) It’s only five bucks, and you get 7 plays, drinks, snacks, and us. Cheap!

What have we got for you in March? Oh, YOU’LL find out…heh heh…heh…heh…(this is our way of saying we need to line up some March gigs, and pronto…)

Yours in dorkitude,

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Thanks, Amanda Palmer

by Ji11

Our mantra for 2012, courtesy of Amanda Palmer:

“Always ask. You never know.”

What this means to us is: We’re not gonna sit around wishing we had something… whatever it is. If we want something, we’re gonna ask for it. Someone might say yes!

We never would have played a kick-ass house concert all the way across the country in Arizona this weekend to a home packed with 50 friends and strangers if we didn’t ask someone to host it. It was a little scary asking (“What an imposition!” we thought), but the worst the potential hosts could have said was, “No, thanks.” But instead they said, “HELL YES!” and during the show they said, “HOLY CRAP! WOOOOOOO!” and then after the show they said, “Wheeee! We should do this more often!” And we all smiled and giggled and hugged and drank wine and were (and are) all very happy having created and shared something so awesome.

So join us in making 2012 the year you ask for what you need.
Don’t be upset if people have to say “No, thanks,” since you’re no worse off than if you hadn’t asked.
But don’t be surprised when they say “Hell YES!” with a fistpump.

Let us know how this works out for you, and we’ll do the same.

Your pals,

Matt and Jill

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GIG: Friday 12/23 at Bellefonte Cafe

by Ji11

As if you didn’t get enough Hot Breakfast! this past weekend, there’s still one more tasty opportunity for you to get your dork-rock on before the end of the year. Why not give the people you love an offer of dinner and dork-rock at Bellefonte Cafe?

(Oh. Right. Because you love them, that’s why. Can’t say we blame you.)


OK! So! Bellefonte Cafe is a fabulous place to get dinner, snacks, coffee, and adult beverages… as well as a nice hot breakfast and on 12/23: HOT BREAKFAST!

This show will also feature a tasty side dish of singer/songwriter Brian Turner, so be prepared to be serenaded by his spiffy stylings; and he’ll definitely be joining us on stage for a little three-way. Scandalous!

When: Friday, December 23, 2011, 7-9pm.
Where: Bellefonte Cafe: 804 Brandywine Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19809
Cost: No cover charge! But you should probably eat or drink something (You’re too skinny! Just look at you wasting away!) because that’s the good thing to do (we recommend the black bean soup and the guacamole). The musicians get paid via tips, though we’ll also accept high-fives and compliments.

We’d love it if you came out. Don’t you deserve a break?

See you soon! And if not, hey, no worries. We’re a no-pressure kind of band.

Your pal,


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That’s what I call a weekend!

by Ji11

We had a really wonderful weekend, and we wanted to tell you about it.

On Friday afternoon, we were at Jill’s house rehearsing a few tunes and relaxing before we had to start thinking about getting down to Chapel Street for our show there later that evening. Matt decided to start loading our sound equipment (speakers, cables, PA, etc.) into the car when he realized… uh, it’s not here at the house.

You see, we played a Thanksgiving-eve show in Philadelphia and were heading out of town immediately after the show to visit family, so friends of ours from Philly let us store our equipment in their basement so we didn’t have to schlep our sound system up to New England… and then we forgot it was up there because we’re super-geniuses. So up to Philly we went to grab our sound equipment. Thank Elvis that traffic was kind– totally fortuitous considering it was a Friday afternoon during the holiday season.

So anyhoo, we made it back to DE with almost two hours to spare, so we still had time to brush our teefs and look marginally presentable for the show.

The show was really fun– we played for about 25 minutes, from 7:50 – 8:15, as a pre-game show for Chapel Street Players’ production of The Santaland Diaries. We love playing for theater crowds– they tend to get our dork-rock humor, and they’re kind and generous with the applause. Everyone’s pal Kevin Regan was there to shoot video of the plays, and he was kind enough to record our set, too. Here’s a video of us doing Total Eclipse of the Heart from that night (Thanks, Kevin!):

Anyway, the rest of the night went just as nicely and dorkily, and we were treated to seeing Seasons Greetings and The Santaland Diaries. Afterwards we headed out for dinner (sooo hungry!) and drinks, and our night ended with a high-five of rockitude.

Our set list from Chapel Street Players went thusly:
No Myth
Defend0r (an HB! original)
Fairy Tale of New York
Hole in Your Pants (an HB! original)
Heaven on Their Minds
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Do They Know it’s Christmas (featuring Andrew Mitchell as Bono)

Saturday we met for brunch at a local haunt around 1:30pm (that’s when rockstars eat breakfast!), and afterwards Joe Trainor came over to the ol’ HB! rehearsal space and we ran through “She’s Right On Time” by Billy Joel, which Joe was going to sing with us at our Film Brothers gig that evening.

We loaded into Film Brothers around 5:30-ish, met our opening band Fish Castle (we love them!), did a sound check, and hung out until the show started. Fish Castle played a lovely set– they’re an acoustic folk duo and they play probably 10 different instruments between the two of them– and that’s just for an hour-long set. I wonder how many instruments they’d play if they had a whole two-hour show to fill?

We took the stage right after Fish Castle, and played for a little over an hour. The audience helped us write a spontaneous holiday song (though I couldn’t come up with anything to rhyme with “gift”– argh! — but in hindsight I should have thought of “stiffed”), we debuted a few new songs, and had a generally warm, happy night. After we packed up the car we headed next door to Extreme Pizza where we enjoyed noshes and beverages and a jolly time was had by all.

Here’s our set list from the night:

Wastepaper Basket Fire
Defend0r (an HB! original)
Major Tom
Eye in the Sky
She’s Right on Time (featuring Joe Trainor)
An Easy Mistake (an HB! original)
Merry Christmas from the Family (featuring Cyril Everett on dobro)
Hole in Your Pants (an HB! original)
Gravity (an HB! original)
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Take the Lead
“spontaneous holiday song”
Here I Go Again
Kiss Off
Total Eclipse of the Heart

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us for those shows; it was great to see everyone especially during this nutty-crazy time of year.

Here’s to some happy, relaxing, rocking holidays coming up!

Rock on,


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GIG: 12/17 at Film Brothers, with Fish Castle

by Ji11

Film Brothers? Fish Castle? What are these nutty two-word phrases?

Well my friends, just like “Hot Breakfast,” these are two-word phrases of AWESOME.

Film Brothers is a downtown Wilmington storefront-turned-performance space– but it’s also a gallery! It’s an internet broadcast center! It’s a screening room! It’s a center for diverse artistic endeavors! It’s a floor wax! It’s a dessert topping! And it’s located at 205 N. Market Street in Wilmington’s new hipsteriffic LOMA district. The atmosphere is intimate– you’ll get to sit up close to the rockstars, and if you’re lucky, you might even get to sit on a couch while you watch the how. A COUCH! Who knew rocking could be so darn comfortable? Hell, go ahead and wear slippers to enhance your comfort… Matt probably will.

Fish Castle is an acoustic duo that honestly defies adjectives. I’ll be honest; I’d never heard them before, but Jeremy from Gable Music told me how much he loved their music, and how much fun a double-bill would be. I checked them out on YouTube and was immediately sucked in. What voices! What melodies! What rad instrumentation!   I used to run an old coffeehouse a bunch of years ago, and man oh man, I wish I’d known them then, because I’dve had them playing there all the time.

Now, you might be thinking, “Wait a minute. I know that both of these groups are acoustic duos, but Fish Castle is on the folky side, and Hot Breakfast! is on the dorky side. Is this pairing really a good idea?”

To which we reply in all caps for emphasis:



WHEN: Saturday, December 17th, 7pm (That’s early!)
WHERE: Film Brothers Movie Co-Op, 205 N. Market Street Wilmington, DE 19801.
HOW MUCH: $6. Cheap!
More info:

I think this is going to be a KILLER double-bill… their music is haunting, thinkitty, and rich… ours is– well, you know. I am really looking forward to this. Hope you are too!

Your pal,

Jill (aka Breakfast)

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GIG: 12/16: Chapel Street Players: The Santaland Diaries

by Ji11

All two of you readers of this blog have probably noticed that we’ve been getting some theatrical gigs lately. Is it because Matt is such an important and well-connected figure in the Delaware theater community? Is it because Jill’s hair looks so cool under multi-colored stage lights? You’ll just have to ask the people who booked us, I guess.

But either way, we’re playing a pre-game show for Chapel Street Players‘ upcoming production of “The Santaland Diaries” by David Sedaris, one of my favorite authors/raconteurs evaaarrr.

The theater which houses the Chapel Street Players is on, as you might deduce, Chapel Street. Chapel Street is in Newark, DE, just off of Main Street. It’s super easy to find, though I will warn you that parking in Newark is kinda poopy (and after midnight, it’s also pukey, thanks to drunk college students), so you’ll wanna leave some extra time to navigate that.

WHEN: December 16th, 2011. HB! plays from 7:45 – 8:15. The play starts immediately after.
WHERE: 27 N. Chapel Street, Newark, DE 19711
HOW MUCH: $10. Cheap!
NOTE: The show runs 12/16 and 12/17, but we’re only playing the 12/16 show, since we’re playing at Film Brothers on the 17th in Wilmington.

For more info about The Santaland Diaries, ticket info, directions, etc., click here.

Hope to see you there!

Your pal,


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GIG: Philly Primary Stages (11/22 and 11/23)

by Ji11

World Cafe Live once billed us “Acoustic Theatrical Rock.”   While we prefer our usual “dork-rock” descriptor, we can’t deny that we have a penchant for, shall we say, theatricalrocktasticness. So being the house band for a theater group seemed like the perfect opportunity for us.

I’ve said this in a previous blog post (by paraphrasing the theater group’s website), but I’ll say it again:

Philadelphia Dramatists Center; purveyors of fine Philadelphia theater since... well... a while ago.

Philadelphia Dramatists Center; purveyors of fine Philadelphia theater since… well… a while ago.

Philadelphia is known for having a great underground theater scene, and one of the driving forces is Philly’s Primary Stages. PPS is a “down and dirty script-in-hand staged reading series of new 10 minute plays,” where audience members are encouraged to give feedback to the playwrights, actors, and directors. Audience members are even bribed with beer, wine, sodee pop, bottled water, assorted chips, dips, vienna sausages and puddin’ packs. Once in a while a bottle of something and a shot glass, or 2, show up as well.

Being a House Band for a night of 10-minute plays means that we play for 30-ish minutes before the show and for about 10-15 minutes during intermission, too… but we also perform hand-picked segue music between plays. Matt and I come from a pretty strong theater background ourselves, so we love getting to split our time between being on stage and back-stage.

In June 2011, Hot Breakfast! filled in for PPS’ usual house band who had a conflict of some kind. The folks at Philly’s Primary Stages liked what we did so much that they’ve asked us to be their permanent house band.

This month’s shows are happening on November 22nd and 23rd. We play a 30-40 minute set beginning at 7:30pm, and then 15-ish minute set at intermission.

There are different plays each night, so if you’re feelin’ theatery, you could come both nights and see a ton of amazing stuff. I can’t promise we won’t repeat any songs, however. :)

WHERE: The Shubin Theater; 407 Bainbridge Street (that’s 4th and Bainbridge), Philadelphia, PA 19147-1526.
WHEN: November 22nd and 23rd. Doors open at 7, HB! plays at 7:30, the plays start at 8pm. Different plays both nights!
CASH: Five bucks!

For a measly five bucks ($5!), you get a night of terrific theater, food, beverages, and music. What better way to spend a mid-week night?

See you then!

Your pal,


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GIGS: 11/4 and 11/5: Two nights of Billy Joel!

by Ji11

Every time I’m interviewed by Rolling Stone, I always tell them that I consider Billy Joel to be my first voice teacher. I’m sure you’ve read that by now.

Billy Joel was my first rock and roll love, and I spent many, many hours singing his stuff at the top of my lungs in my bedroom from about 6th grade through college. Now I sing his stuff in my living room, and next week I’ll get to sing and play his stuff at the New Candlelight Dinner Theater in Arden, DE, along with 2/3 of the Joe Trainor Trio, Kerry Kristine McElrone, Chuck Kuzminski, and Steve Manocchio.

We did this show for one night in August, and we knew we wanted to do it for a full weekend when people weren’t away for the summer, so here it is!

On Friday November 4th and Saturday November 5th, Hot Breakfast! will once again join forces with some of Delaware’s best musicians to bring you a night of music by Billy Joel.

We aren’t allowed to divulge the set list (Joe has threatened our lives), but we can tell you that we’ll be singing a “full band version” of a song we’ve been known to cover… so that’s a hint at least. Matt will be playing guitar, alto and tenor saxes, and singing his fabulous lungs out for this show, and I’ll be singing, playing saxes and playing a bunch of percussion, too. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to play triangle, and I’m totally serious.

Tickets are $20, and you can buy them in advance here. It’s general admission seating, so sit where you want. The venue doors open at 7pm, and the show starts right at 8pm. There’s no opening band, in typical Joe Trainor fashion. GOD FOR-FREAKIN’-BID he have Hot Breakfast! open! That would be just insane, wouldn’t it?


Hope to see you there. This really is my favorite music ever, and it’s a childhood dream come true to get to play this for you.

Your pal,


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