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Gig: 3/14/09 – Casarino Royale

So, in addition to being one-half of the world-dominating band HOT BREAKFAST, Matt also writes plays.

He writes so many plays that City Theater in Wilmington, Delaware is doing a whole night of his plays just so he can get all the play business out of his system and concentrate on the band. It’s very nice of them to help Matt out like that. They’re calling the night of plays “Casarino Royale,” which is a play on Matt’s last name and it kinda sounds like that James Bond movie a little bit if you think about it for a while. I don’t know if it was intentional, but I totally got the joke.

Anyway, to get people to come see Matt’s plays, HOT BREAKFAST will be playing on the night of March 14th as the opening act. You can expect to hear your favorite tunes done even better than the people who originally recorded them.

Sometimes we realize that we’re playing them SO much better than the original artist did that we intentionally make it suck a little bit just in case word gets back to the artist that we are so much better. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want Bonnie Tyler mad at me; that chick is nizzity-NUTS hanging out in an all-boys school with doves and really drafty windows that don’t close and guys dancing around in loincloths. What the hell kind of school does she run, anyway?

If you’d like to buy tickets, head on over to the City Theater website. Don’t forget that we’re only going to be playing on 3/14. You’ll have to buy the VIP tickets to get access to our portion of the night.

That’s right. VIP, baby.



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