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Gig: 7/30/10 – Tin Angel

Hot Breakfast is headlining at The Tin Angel in Philadelphia on July 30th. The show starts at 7pm. We rigged it that way so you can’t complain that it’s too late (no it’s not, grandma!) and you have to get up for work the next day (no you don’t, liar!) and Philadelphia sucks (no it doesn’t, fartface!), and blah blah blah. Just take your dang waaahmbulance and drive on up there. Sheesh.

The Tin Angel is located at 20 South 2nd Street, in Philly.

Once again, The Joe Trainor Trio is closing for us that evening. We like to give them as many gigs as we can, you know, to help build their road muscle.

That’s a term we pros use here in the Music Business.



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