Matt was totally in this picture originally!

JILL’S BIRTHDAY GIG: ABBEY ROAD w/ Joe Trainor Trio, Kennett Flash, Sat April 19, 8:00

Hot Breakfast!. The Joe Trainor Trio. The Beatles. Only one of those bands is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (so far)…but the other two...

We'll be traveling from Delaware to Austin courtesy of and their wonderfully low standards.

SXSW GIG: 3/15/2014, 7:30PM at 219 West ( 612 W. 6th St., Austin, TX)

Hot Breakfast, Delaware's premier acoustic dork-rock power duo, heads to SXSW 2014 to bring their music to the masses.

Matt, Tom Hutchins, and Jill. That guy in the middle made a lot of lives better.

GIG: Tomapalooza II, Friday, March 14, JB McGinnes, 7:00

We met Tom Hutchins the night we performed at Tomapalooza 2013: the blowout event created by Dave McGurgan and Vincent Kilpatrick (among others) to celebrate Tom’s birthday...

I have no witty caption. It's almost 5:30am.

HOLY CRAP: A zillion thank yous! (Homey Awards nominations are in!)

Folks, we owe you BIG. We asked you to send an email nominating us for some Homey Awards, and you all stepped up! Your efforts got us...


GIG: Philly’s Primary Stages, Feb 11 & 12, 2014, 7:30pm, Philadelphia

Boy oh boy, winter is in full swing, isn’t it?  And sometimes the only way to prepare for being snowed in for a few days is to...

Yes. Yes, it is.

GIG: Friday, Jan 31, Roxy & Dukes (Dunellen, NJ) with GAS HOUSE GORRILLAS, 8ish

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re 21 or older, we would like to take you on a wild ride. A ride to the craziest bar east of the...

We salute you.

We need you! VOTE in the 8th Annual WSTW Homey Awards!

It’s Homey Awards Season ladies and gentlemen, and now is the time when we beg you to nominate us for an award or two. We know it’s...

Yep...that's a lot of beer. We can handle it. We're professionals.

GIG: Saturday, January 18, Le Grand Fromage, Atlantic City, NJ, 8:00

New Jersey…we’re comin’ for ya. And no amount of politically-motivated lane closures is gonna stop us. Thanks to the good people at Philadelphia Music Coalition and Little...


GIG: Saturday December 21st 8PM at Melodies Cafe with JEWMONGOUS!

It was just after the new year in 2013 when we played a snuggly, dork-rockin’ show at Milkboy Coffee. Since then, a lot has changed… we’ve released...

I'm totally shopping, I swear.

The Christmas Video is done! WOOT!

With loads of gratitude to Kevin Regan, Georgie Staley, Julie Snow-Regan, and YOU, our zillions of patient extras… we are thrilled to announce that the video is...

I have nothing to add.

GIG: Comedy Music Night with Dave & Brian, Todd Chappelle, and HB!: Sat Nov 16th, 8pm at the Kennett Flash (Kennett Square, PA)

It was a warm summer night in 2012 when two outstanding music comedy bands and one dork-rock duo took the stage at the Kennett Flash and brought...

Jill is actually inhaling through that megaphone.

Hot Breakfast Autumnal Update

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