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Looking for your face?

Where’s your face?

If you were at The Tin Angel show last night, it was ROCKED THE HELL OFF, that’s where! You can pick it up (along with any socks that may have been rocked off) at The Mid-Atlantic Regional Office of the Hot Breakfast Secret Lair where charts and graphs indicate our World Domination should be happening pretty much any time now. We’ve ramped up coverage in our call center to make sure we don’t miss the call from Rolling Stone.

What shall we do with the unclaimed faces (earlye in the mornin’)?
Stay tuned. Our lawyers are workin’ on it.

One reply on “Looking for your face?”

Dear Sir or Madam;

It has now been several weeks and I still eagerly anticipate the return of my panties which were rocked off. While I understand that The Mid-Atlantic Regional Office of the Hot Breakfast Secret Lair is extremely busy sorting socks and faces, I would greatly appreciate it if a return reply could be provided. The panties in question were thoroughly rocked and socked but not robotic. They could probably be found somewhere in the vicinity of Mr. Casarino’s riveting riffs and/or Ms. Knapp’s masterful command of the mic and soaring, seething vocals. If postage of my rocked socked panties is not possible, I could certainly retrieve them at the next exhibition of HOT BREAKFAST!, provided that there is no one occupying the panties at the time.

Sincerely Yours,
Mrs. Lindsay Yarnall Harris-Friel

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