GIG: Friday, April 3rd, 9 PM: Doc Watson’s (Exton, PA) with Glim Dropper & WaveRadio

by Matt

There are few words that bring more joy to us than “Glim Dropper” and “WaveRadio,” and yes, we’re aware one of those isn’t really a word.

But "jentacular" is, oddly enough. Look it up. It's pertinent.

But “jentacular” is, oddly enough. Look it up. It’s pertinent.


That’s because Glim Dropper and WaveRadio are two of Hot Breakfast’s favorite bands in the entire universe. And we are delighted to share the stage with both of ’em at Doc Watson’s in Exton, PA on Friday, April 3rd. It’s gonna rock and rock hard, my friends, because despite the incredibly diverse musical offerings you’ll receive, we are all cut from the same cloth – the cloth of SOLID ENTERTAINMENT. (Okay, so I’m not great with metaphors.)

Glim Dropper is a duo like no other. With a deft combination of technology, incredible songwriting, and even more incredible musical acumen, they make a mighty rock and roll sound, a blend of modern alternative and good ol’ classic rock n’ roll. When they were a trio, they recorded Heartsick Phenomenon, one of the finest albums released in 2014; now that they’re a duo, bassist/guitarist/keyboardist/singer Dan Kauffman and drummer/keyboardist/guitarist Rob Schnell are putting on stunningly inventive and incredibly fun live shows.

And then there’s WaveRadio, an amazing experimental trio who can, and do, play every style of music this side of Ziggy Stardust. You want blistering hard rock? They got it. You want sparse, introspective reggae-pop? It’s yours. You want amazing vocals and some of the best guitar-keyboard interplay you’ve ever heard? Done, son. All this and the occasional Doors and Radiohead cover.

And then, of course, there’s us. We’ll kick this night off at 9:00 PM — but get there much, much earlier; you’ll want a table and some of Doc Watson’s magical wings and short-rib poutine, not to mention a Hot Sherlock Holmes (which sounds very, very dirty, doesn’t it?). This is our first gig back on the east coast after several shows at South by Southwest, so we are rarin’ to go, as they say down in Texas*. Plus, we’ve played with each of these bands, but this’ll be our first time as a threesome. And if that sounds naughty to you, well, imagine how it sounds to us. We cannot wait.

Pictured, L to R: Awesomeness, Magnificence, Rock God, Superhero, We're Not Worthy.

Pictured, L to R: Awesomeness, Magnificence, Rock God, Superhero, We’re Not Worthy.

Matt (The Suburban Legend)


WHO: HOT BREAKFAST!, Glim Dropper, and WaveRadio at Doc Watson’s
WHERE: Doc Watson’s Public House and Restaurant, 150 North Pottstown Pike, Exton, PA 19341
WHEN: Friday, April 3rd. We kick it off at 9:00 or so.
AGES: All ages.
FOOD: HOLY CRAP, check out the menu. It looks magical. And be prepared to drink. They have those.
COVER: $8.
TICKET LINK: There ain’t none, fancypants. Just pay at the door like a normal person.

* Nobody actually says this in Texas, which I learned after a lot of uncomfortable stares.

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GIGS: SXSW 2015 – March 18, 29, 21 & 22, Austin TX!

by Ji11


It’s that time of year again, when thousands of innovators descend upon Austin, Texas to share ideas through film, music, panel discussions, hands-on demonstrations, technology, visual art… all in hopes of changing the world and making it a better, safer, smarter, more creative place for everyone. We played here last year and were asked back by the venue, and our fearless promoter used those kudos as a springboard and booked us a bunch more shows for the week. Yee-haw!

We’re playing three shows with the possibility of adding a fourth, so keep your eyes on our Google Calendar for the most up to date info on our shows.

Each show we’re playing features a gazillion bands, but in the interest of saving space, we’re gonna use this blog entry to tell you when/where we’re playing, and if you wanna know who else is on the bill, click that gig’s ‘Details’ link on our Google Calendar and you’ll see it all there.

I’m gonna cut to the chase since it’s after 5am. So here are the…


Show #1: Wednesday, 3/18, 8pm, Love Goat

WHEN: Wednesday, March 18, 8pm sharp.
WHAT: We play a 40-minute set in the downstairs bar!
WHERE: Love Goat (2716 Guadalupe St in Austin), which is a fantastic two-story/two-stage bar near the UT Austin campus and away from (but still convenient to) the #SXSW hustle and bustle.
COST: No cover charge
FOOD/DRINKS?: It’s a bar, so yeah… plus they’re ridiculously cheap drinks. Food is pizza and/or Asian food that they’ll order/bring in from neighboring businesses for you. (They’ve basically outsourced their kitchen.)
PARKING: Street parking. Do NOT park in any parking lot or you WILL get towed.

Show #2: Thursday 3/19, 3pm, Love Goat (again)

WHEN: Thursday, March 19, 3pm sharp.
WHAT: We play a 30-minute set, but this time we’re on the roofdeck!
WHERE: Love Goat (2716 Guadalupe St in Austin), which is a fantastic two-story/two-stage bar near the UT Austin campus and away from (but still convenient to) the #SXSW hustle and bustle.
COST: No cover charge
FOOD/DRINKS?: It’s a bar, so yeah… plus they’re ridiculously cheap drinks. Food is pizza and/or Asian food that they’ll order/bring in from neighboring businesses for you. (They’ve basically outsourced their kitchen.)
PARKING: Street parking. Do NOT park in any parking lot or you WILL get towed.

Show #3: Saturday 3/21, 6pm, 219 West

WHEN: Saturday, March 21, 6pm sharp!
WHAT: We play as part of a 4-act songwriters circle on the downstairs/indoor stage, just like last year. It runs from 6pm – 8pm; each act gets 4-5 songs each in a round-robin style. We dig this format!
WHERE: 219 West (612 W. 6th Street in Austin), which is a more upscale, beautiful two-story/two-stage bar near right in the heart of SXSW.
COST: TBD; please buy food and drinks!
FOOD/DRINKS?: It’s a bar and grill with really wonderful, creative drinks and gastropub/foodie food.
PARKING: Street parking. Do NOT park in any parking lot or you WILL get towed.

POSSIBLE UNCONFIRMED Show #4: 3/22, Time TBD, Love Goat

WHAT: We play a ??-minute set.
WHERE: Love Goat (2716 Guadalupe St in Austin), which is a fantastic two-story/two-stage bar near the UT Austin campus and away from (but still convenient to) the #SXSW hustle and bustle.
COST: No cover charge
FOOD/DRINKS?: It’s a bar, so yeah… plus they’re ridiculously cheap drinks. Food is pizza and/or Asian food that they’ll order/bring in from neighboring businesses for you. (They’ve basically outsourced their kitchen.)
PARKING: Street parking. Do NOT park in any parking lot or you WILL get towed.

And that’s the news! We’ll keep you posted about show #4. Until then, we really hope to see you at one of these other performances. We are amped. :)

Your pal in dork rock,


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GIG: Friday January 30, 8PM: Melodies Cafe in Ardmore with Danielle & Jennifer and Wave Radio!

by Ji11
Three decades of musicians are playing this night. You're guaranteed to catch at least one reference!

Three decades of musicians are playing this night. You’re guaranteed to catch at least one reference!

We love, love, LOVE getting to play at Melodies Cafe (formerly Milkboy Coffee) in Ardmore. It’s such a treat. Everyone who works there is so dang good at what they do, from the booking and the sound, all the way over to the food and the coffee. We get pretty spoiled as a performer there.

The layout of the room is great too– every seat is good, and it really helps us connect with the audience. We can play anything there and it’ll work… big bombastic songs, funny stuff, quiet little things too… it all just works in that space! What a joy!

It also doesn’t hurt that the food is really good, and they don’t make fun of me for drinking decaf.

Anyway, enough about that… let’s talk about the music!

Kicking the night off will be the sister duo, Danielle and Jennifer. We have been hearing a huge buzz about these two ladies for a few years now. They have a huge and loyal following, plus they have a strong theatrical background which we certainly relate to. :) They released a video for their song Radical Love last year, which is so much fun and freakin’ catchy, but it might have been the fact that they covered an Alice Cooper tune that made us know we had to share a stage with them. We are going to resist the urge of calling them cute, because that’s gotta make them crazy. Yes, sure, they’re adorable, but SCREW THAT… what’s most important is that they’re good musicians, wonderful performers, and solid songwriters. What they look like is totally irrelevant. (But if they were goofy lookin’, we never wouldn’t have booked them.) Anyway, when Melodies Cafe asked us who we wanted on our bill, we said “Danielle and Jennifer, please!” and Melodies said, “Hell yes! Let’s make it happen!” And that’s exactly what we did.

We’ll be playing second, giving you a nice blend of new material, goofy stuff, sincere stuff, thunderous songs, tiny songs, and everything in between. We’ve also got a surprise up our sleeve…

In the third and final slot of the evening (read: the loud slot), Melodies asked if we were cool with sharing a stage with Wave Radio since their lead singer/guitarist Colin McGetrick played there recently and tore the place up. We said “Yes please!” and added those dreamy guys to the bill. We love them so much; their atmospheric pop is absolutely FLAWLESSLY executed. I am consistently blown away with these guys every time I hear them. Colin’s voice is just killer; Chris Cotter’s drumming is so tasteful, and perfectly complements the song without ever overplaying, even when he’s playing the hell out of his kit. James McLaughlin plays keys, and makes what he does look so easy… but it’s nearly impossible. He’s basically playing two instruments at once, simultaneously being half the rhythm section as he holds down the bass, while playing a combo lead and rhythm/filler instrument with his other hand. I honestly don’t know how he does it. They’re a trio that sounds like a quintet. We just love them. Doesn’t hurt that they’re also pretty hunky.

It’s gonna be a pretty good lookin’ night, gotta say.

We’ll see you then!

Your pal,



WHO/WHAT: Danielle & Jennifer, HOT BREAKFAST!, and WaveRadio join forces to ROCK YOUR CAFFEINATED FACES OFF
WHERE: Melodies Cafe, 2 East Lancaster Avenue, Ardmore, PA, 19003
WHEN: Friday, January 30th. Music starts at 8pm sharp. Each band gets a 45/50-ish minute set.
AGES: All ages!
FOOD: Great food and coffee. You may also BYOB!
PARKING: Plenty of it in the lot next door or across the street; also lots of street parking. It’s also SEPTA-friendly!
COVER: $10 in advance, $12 at the door.
FACEBOOK EVENT: Blecch. Facebook. :)

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GIG: Comedy-Music Night, Milton Theatre, Saturday, January 24, 8 PM

by Matt

Considering we are internationally known as Delaware’s Premier Acoustic Dork-Rock Power Duo, we don’t get to the lower half of our home state very often.

Sure, we’ve done some rocking in Clayton and some face-melting in Lewes, and we’d do it again in a heartbeat. But we admit we tend to gravitate toward the north end of our small-but-we-make-up-for-it-with-good-technique state, especially since it butts (huh huh) right up against Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

But we still love our brethren and sistren to the south. So when our brotha-from-anotha-(or possibly the same)-motha Todd Chappelle asked if we would join him for a comedy-music show at the Milton Theatre in lovely Milton, Delaware, we jumped for joy. Then we took some Advil and went straight to bed, because really, we should not be jumping at this age.

This is what we get for expressing joy.

This is what we get for expressing joy.

But I’m burying the lede. The point is this: Hot Breakfast! is joining forces with Todd Chappelle and Nancy Huebner as the Premier Centre for the Arts presents one fantastic night of comedy and music at the Milton Theatre on Saturday, January 24.

You know this already, but Todd’s a comedy songwriter in the vein of Tom Lehrer, Weird Al Yankovic, and Mark Russell. That’s a mighty fine vein, but his style is all his own. We just love this guy – not only is he one of our favorite performers, he’s one of our favorite people. He gets around, too; he’s performed at the New York Funny Songs Festival, the Philadelphia Funny Songs Festival, and the Chicago Comedy Rock Festival. You might know his Homey Award-winning parody tune “I’m From Delaware,” but did you know he won another Homey Award last year for collaborating with a couple of dorks?

This is what happens when we get together. WE WIN SHIT.

This is what happens when we get together. WE WIN SHIT.

Piano-playing singer-songwriter Nancy Huebner draws her inspiration from folk, vaudeville, pop, and showtunes, but like Chappelle, she puts her influences in a blender until they create something unique and original. We love how she combines clever lyrics with eclectic melodies and styles, creating music that’s always thoughtful, whether the song is hilarious, heartbreaking, or somewhere in the middle. We cannot wait to join forces with the lovely Ms. Huebner in our quest to entertain you.

So come laugh with (and at) us at the Milton Theatre. We’ve may have had our differences1 with you in the past, Kent and Sussex Counties, but we cannot stay away for long. Maybe it’s your beaches, your world-famous breweries and ironic hotels, your temporary housing of R. Crumb, or your sadly defunct pan-fried muskrat, but we could never quit you.2


What: Premier Centre of the Arts Presents: A Night of Comedy Music at Milton Theatre
Who: Hot Breakfast!, Todd Chappelle, and Nancy Huebner.
When: Saturday, January 24. 8 pm.
Where: The Milton Theatre, 110 Union Street, Milton, DE 19968 (link goes to Google Maps)
Tickets: $15. You can get ’em online by clicking here. (Clicking. What can’t it do?)
Food & Drink: There might be snacky-food, but you’ll wanna eat dinner before you arrive.
Parking: Plenty.
Facebook Event: You kids and your Facebook. Oy.

Again – come join us, and together we shall end the bitter North-South Delaware feud that has claimed dozens of side-eyes and middle fingers.

Yours and yours alone,
The Suburban Legend (Matt)

– – – – –

1 Confession time. A dozen years ago, my BFF and I nabbed a sweet gig at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware several years ago. We were part of a jazz ensemble put together by Joe Trainor for a Bob Newhart concert. We played a couple standards, then we played Newhart on with the theme to The Bob Newhart Show. Later, we played him off to the theme to his 80s show, Newhart. Anyway, an hour before the show, we were backstage, heading out for some fresh air, when Bob’s manager stopped us.
“Hey guys, I have a question for you.”
“Sure thing, sir.”
“Who do you make fun of around here?”
We were puzzled. “Huh? You mean, like…Steve?”
“No, I mean, is there a city or state that Delaware likes to pick on? Like, say, New Jersey?”
“No, if anything, they pick on us,” my friend offered. “But you know who we really like to make fun of?”
We said it together: “
Lower Delaware.”
“Lower Delaware?” the manager repeated.
Suddenly, a small, energetic man appeared behind the door.
Lower Delaware?” the incredulous man asked. “There’s a lower Delaware?”
“There sure is, Mr. Newhart.”
“And you’re sure they make fun of lower Delaware in Wilmington?”
“We’ve never been more sure of anything.”
“Well, all right then. Southern Delaware it is.”
“No no – ‘lower.’ It’s gotta be ‘lower.'” So we’re clear: at this moment, my friend and I were explaining to Bob Newhart
how to deliver his joke.
“Ah. Well, thank you, gentlemen. If the joke bombs, I’ll know who to blame. What are your names?”
“Joe Trainor.”

Nah, I’m just kidding about that last line. We gave him our real names. We had no fear – we knew. And sure enough, he slayed ’em with the “lower Delaware” jokes he told. Bob didn’t turn around and give us a wink or anything (at that point, we were sitting behind him on the bandstand), but that’s okay. As I said – we knew.

Anyway…I’m really sorry about that, Lower Delaware. You deserve better than “Recipient of Cheap Shot” at a Bob Newhart concert. He didn’t really mean it, either. But man, can that guy tell a joke. When those pilots from Lower Delaware had a really difficult time landing their plane, because they found the runway really short, but also quite wide? Damn near busted a gut on that one…

2 I’m sad the Wagon Wheel is defunct because it was an institution, and because my grandmother’s wonderful boyfriend Harry enjoys the occasional pan-fried muskrat. But I just made the mistake of viewing a few photos of said muskrats as they’re being prepared for the pan. They make the dog-head-spider creature from John Carpenter’s The Thing look like Chick-fil-A. I’m pretty sure I’m vegan now.

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GIG: Singer/Songwriter Showcase, World Cafe Live at the Queen, Dec 19, 7:00pm (early!)

by Ji11

Gable Music Ventures runs a monthly showcase which invites singer/songwriters to play their tunes to a quieter crowd. This event used to be called “THE SIX,” and then they changed it to the much less apocalyptic-sounding “Gable Music Singer Songwriter Showcase.” It’s a much more soothing name, isn’t it? “THE SIX” sounds like the poster should have exploding oil tankers and turkey vultures and mushroom clouds and hazmat suits and heirloom seeds and stuff, doesn’t it?



Matt played this event back in October 2013, and we asked Gable if they’d be willing to let Hot Breakfast take the stage. They seemed hesitant, and we completely understand why… the Singer Songwriter Showcase is a quieter event, and doesn’t really lend itself to stage dives or “Mr. Roboto.” (Jill used to run a songwriter coffeehouse back in 2003-2005 called Knappuccino’s, so she knows how hard it is to find the right kind of musician to play the event.) We promised the Gables that if given the chance, we would keep things sincere…besides, it’s not very often we get to play our introspective stuff, as opposed to songs about pants), so it’ll be a treat for us.

Welp, it finally happened… Gable must have run out of people to ask, because guess who’s playing the Singer Songwriter Showcase in December? US, BABY.

We actually have a lot of sincere, non-dorky songs but rarely get a chance to play them… so we’re really looking forward to picking six songs and presenting them to you. If you have any requests, leave them in the comments below. We’re having a pretty hard time deciding, especially because we have so many new songs to choose from too!

The format is pretty neat. There are six artists, and they each get two 15-minute sets. This prevents 1/6 of the audience from walking out after their favorite band is done playing, and we certainly appreciate that. :) Six artists playing a total of 30 minutes each equals a long night, so the show starts at 7pm. Be there on time, kids– they run a tight ship!

OK, enough jibberjabber… here are the details.


What: The Gable Singer Songwriter Showcase: Shaddap and listen to the music… this isn’t the night to yap.
Who: Hot Breakfast!, of course! Also on the bill are C. Lynne Smith, D. Corridori, Kenny Ferrier (if you came to see Angela Sheik at Melodies Cafe in October, you’ve heard him before!), Kevin McCove (we love him!), and Sarah Koon.
When: Friday, December 19. SHOW STARTS at 7PM!
Where: World Cafe Live at the Queen, 500 N Market St, Wilmington DE.
Tickets: $10! Cheap! And you can get them right here at the WCL@Q website. (We don’t have any for sale.)
Food & Drink: They have it! Pretty fancy and delicious stuff, too. Make sure you get a reservation for a table… a ticket doesn’t guarantee you a table!
Parking: There’s a parking garage right next door at between King and Market. So handy!
Facebook Event: Here you go!

We hope to see you there!

Your pal in dork rock,


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GIG: Wilmo Rock Circus: Saturday Nov 29th, 5pm! HOLY CRAP!

by Ji11

Who’s got four thumbs and will be ROCKING YOUR FREAKIN’ FACES OFF at the Wilmo Rock Circus 2014? Only Delaware’s PREMIER acoustic dork-rock power duo, that’s who! Yep, we’re back for a second time, and this time around we’ve been upgraded from the high-chair stage to the kids table, which is right where we belong. :)

The circus has come back to town!

The circus has come back to town!

Tickets are on sale now folks, and there’s no better place to enjoy a 20-course ALL ROCK BUFFET than the Wilmo Rock Circus. It’s all the rock you can eat for $20, and we’ll be playing on teh upstairs stage at 7:40 SHARP. This pop-up concert runs like a well-oiled machine, and we are starting at 7:40 on the dot and ending at 8:10 on the dot… and if we’re not done playing at 8:10, they’re gonna unplug us, because that’s how this works, baby.

The best part? This is an all ages show, which means it’s an all awesome show. Get yer tickets! Get ’em while they’re hot! We also have discounted tickets available, so if you’d like to save $5 (that means it’ll only be $15 instead of $20), email us with the number of tickets you want, and we’ll leave them for you at the box office.

The Wilmo Rock Circus is now in its 4th year, and this festival just reinforces Wilmington’s status as a great and supportive indie-music town. All bands (up & coming bands and bigger regional bands like Lovebettie) get 30-minute sets, so in just a few hours you can get a sampling of the east coast’s rockin’est offerings; and with two stages pumping at once, you always have a choice around who you go hear. SWEET!

Wilmo Rock Circus 2014 Schedule

If you’re a Facebook-type person, you might wanna take a moment to:
[] “Like” the Wilmo Rock Circus page so you can get learn more about the bands that are playing, and
[] RSVP to the event so you can see what other cool kids are coming. Maybe you can coordinate outfits!


We’ll see you there!

Love and dork rock,

Ji11 and The Suburban Legend

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by Matt
That's not Photoshop. This is how Angela Sheik travels.

This is not Photoshop. This is how Angela Sheik goes to the store.


Greetings, all you wonderful Cool Little Brothers and Sisters!

You’ve probably noticed by now that Hot Breakfast! doesn’t have a lot of shows lined up for the fall. This realization undoubtedly led you to exclaim “hey! Hot Breakfast! doesn’t have a lot of shows lined up in the fall!” Unfortunately, this created an awkward moment for you, as you were in the middle of a quiet activity at the time, like checking out a library book or performing a bris. We’re sorry about that.


"What can I say? I like songs about pants."

“What can I say? I like songs about pants.”


Anyway, you deserve an answer. We’ve got lots of shows coming up – but not exactly as Hot Breakfast! Instead, we have the honor of backing our insanely talented friend Angela Sheik on select shows as she tours in support of her lush, haunting, all-around stunning new album Home Before Dark. Jill is singing backup and playing percussion and Matt is playing electric guitar on these shows.

If you’re familiar with Angela Sheik, well, then you know. If not, we’re not sure how to begin telling you about her, except to say to hear her music and watch her perform live is to become an instant fan. Angela is an incredibly skilled and creative looper – in fact, she was the Boss USA Loop Station Champion in 2011, and went on to represent America in the World competition. Loopers build their songs before your very eyes and ears, adding more and more layers until a single person can sound like a symphony. Here, take a look at the performance that won her the crown (her song begins around 1:20):



Looping, which requires multitudes of focus and concentration, is always impressive and mesmerizing to watch. There’s something hypnotic and damn near transcendent about witnessing someone create multiple layers of sound right in front of you. But it’s the amazing amount of creativity she puts into her music that really melts our brains – the vocals-as-percussion, the offbeat instruments, the flute lick that becomes a symphony, the theremin (holy moley, the theremin!)…everything. Plus, she’s got a gorgeous and versatile voice, she writes wonderful lyrics and melodies, and she’s delightful to watch onstage.

We like her, is what we’re saying. And we are thrilled to be in her band during these shows.


That's us, rocking out at World Cafe Live at the Queen on September 13th.

Here we are performing one of Angela’s new songs: “Jill Blows Her Nose in Bb Major.”


Angela’s band, which accompanies her on several non-looped songs, is loaded with goodness – it’s such a treat to hang out with these people, much less make music with them. In addition to Matt on guitar and Jill on vocals & percussion, we’ve got Derek Christopher on the bass, Rich Degnars and Ritchie Rubini (our good friend and producer of our upcoming album) on drums, Sharon Sable on vocals, Alfred James Goodrich on cello, and Christina von Duyke and Sarah Smith on violin.

We are on our knees, groveling at your feet, emoting like Sarah Bernhardt, begging you – begging – to catch at least one of these shows.




Here’s the schedule:

  • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20: Rockwood Music Hall, 196 Allen Street, NY, NY 10002 (21 & older)
  • THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25: IOTA Club & Cafe, 2832 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA (all ages)
  • SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25: Melodies Cafe, 2 E. Langaster Ave, Ardmore, PA (all ages)

The links in the above list will direct you to information about venues and tickets.

These are all gonna be great shows, but we’re especially looking forward to that October show. Not only will we be back at one of our favorite venues – we last played at Melodies a couple days before Christmas with Jewmongous – but we’ll be breaking out the acoustic and performing a few songs as Hot Breakfast! as well!

So in conclusion – we love Angela, and we love making music with her, and we’d love to see you at any or all of these shows. And we know you’re gonna love it too. That’s a whole lotta love, Brothers and Sisters.

A whole lotta love,
The Suburban Legend (Matt) and Ji11

You read this whole thing? Sweet! Here’s some dessert for you.

This is the just-released video for “Bring it On,” the first single off Home Before Dark. If the guitar-playing clown looks familiar, that because he’s the same guitar-playing clown who wrote this post1.



1 If you look carefully, you’ll spot roughly half of the entire Philly/Delaware music scene in the melee as well. I’ll give you a hint about the bass player.

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GIG: Saturday July 26 8PM: World Cafe Live, Wilmington with Megan Jean and the KFB

by Ji11

You get to gawk at five sets of good lookin' legs for $10. CAN'T GO WRONG.

You get to gawk at five sets of good lookin’ legs for $10. CAN’T GO WRONG.

We received a call a few weeks ago from the fine folks at World Cafe Live at the Queen, asking if we wanted to share a bill with two touring acts: the solo Alex Culbreth (performing without his band “The Dead Country Stars“), and the thunderous Megan Jean and the KFB. After some digging, we said “Heck yeah!”

Megan Jean and the KFB (KFB = “Klay Family Band”) is an acoustic duo with Megan’s thunderous and theatrical lead vocals and her husband providing an eclectic soundscape to support her. They write passionate, powerful songs, and you should expect to have your hair blown back by these guys.

Sounds like we have a lot in common… an acoustic duo with a big-voiced/theatrical female lead singer, with some epic songs for ya. Granted, we’re more on the dork-rock side of the house, but I think we can all agree that our songs are passionate. Of course we’re not a husband-and-wife duo, but we might as well be considering the time we spend together and how plugged into each other we are. (Awwww yeaaaah.)

We hope you’ll join us!

Your pal,



What: Three bands for $10. Can’t go wrong, really.
Who: Alex Culbreth (8pm), HOT BREAKFAST! (9pm) and Megan Jean and the KFB (10pm).
When: Saturday, July 26, 8:00pm-11:00pm; maybe even later if you ask nicely.
Where: World Cafe Live at the Queen, 500 N Market St, Wilmington DE.
Tickets: Right here at the WCL@Q website.
Food & Drink: They have it! Pretty fancy and delicious stuff, too. Make sure you get a reservation for a table… a ticket doesn’t guarantee you a table!
Parking: There’s a parking garage right next door at between King and Market. So handy!
Facebook Event: Here you go!

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GIG: Friday July 11, 7pm: Portland OR with The Industrial Jazz Group

by Ji11

It was on a high school band trip in 1986 when a high school junior named Andrew Durkin found out Jill Knapp could sorta carry a tune. A musical partnership was born that year and never stopped.

Andrew and Jill were in a zillion bands together in high school, college, and beyond… in NJ, in Los Angeles, and even in Portland. No matter how far apart they lived from each other, they still found ways to collaborate across the miles.

In 2000, Andrew created a small jazz combo who eventually called themselves The Industrial Jazz Group. When they needed a singer, Andrew called on Jill despite them living several states away. Over the next few years The Industrial Jazz Group grew in size from a quintet to a septet, to a nonet (9 pieces) to a dectet (10 pieces), and eventually all the way to a a 17-piece monstrosity. They toured extensively around the US and Europe, and their music even served as as bumper music for various NPR segments and shows. Critics almost universally loved them (except for one stabby New York Times review, but hey, even bad press is good press, right?) Neat!

What, you never saw a jazz singer dressed as a bee before? (Hague Jazz Festival 2007)

What, you never saw a jazz singer dressed as a bee before? (Hague Jazz Festival 2007)

In 2007 The Industrial Jazz Group played at The Hague Jazz Festival in The Netherlands, as well as at the world-famous Bimhuis in Amsterdam. From the Amsterdam show, the band got a magnificent live recording which ultimately became their 2008 release “LEEF” (which loosely translates to “Live” in Dutch).

Andrew took a hiatus from The Industrial Jazz Group so he could focus on writing a book (which comes out this November!), and coincidentally during that time, Hot Breakfast! gained lots of momentum… so Jill never stopped performing. It’s very different to front a big band dressed as a bee than it is to be one-half of an acoustic dork-rock power duo… but it’s an absolute joy either way.

These days, the center of Jill’s musical universe is undoubtedly Hot Breakfast!, but it sure feels nice to play with The Industrial Jazz Group when the rare opportunity arises… it’s like seeing old, dear friends and picking up where you left off as if no time has passed at all.

ANYWAY. All of that history is to tell you that this Friday is a dream come true for Jill: A joint gig of the two bands that are the great loves of her life. It’s happening in one of her favorite cities: Portland, Oregon, which has been the new home of The IJG since about 2006.

The show is taking place in a multi-purpose coffeehouse space in Portland called Tabor Space. The place has events ranging from yoga to children’s music classes to touring rock bands and fancy coffee tastings. It’s so very Portland. What’s not to love?

If you’re a regular reader of this website, there’s a good chance you’re located on the east coast… so we really don’t expect you to show up to this show. But if you know anyone in Oregon who is looking for a somewhat family-friendly musical experience this weekend, send them our way.

WHO: Hot Breakfast and The Industrial Jazz Group!
WHERE: Tabor Space, 5441 SE Belmont St, Portland, Oregon 97215
WHEN: Friday, July 11, 2014. Doors open at 7:00. Hot Breakfast plays at 7:30sharp; IJG plays at 8:30. We have to be out of the building by 10pm, so it’ll be an early night.
COVER: $10-$15, sliding scale.
FOOD: I don’t think there’s food, but there will likely be coffee. It is Portland, after all.

This is gonna be one hell of a show. We can’t wait.

Your pal,


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GIG: June 13 8pm: Los Festingos’ CD Release Party at Kennett Flash, Kennett Square, PA

by Ji11

It was Halloween 2013 when a band named Los Festingos took the stage at Lickety Split in Philadelphia and played a song professing their love of Total Wine, and then another about how girls from NJ are questionable. Being a chick from Jersey myself (this is Jill writing, by the way), I fell in love. Hard. Not only were these guys funny, but they were great players, and had a bunch of sincere songs, too. They were kind and classy enough to stick around to hear our set, and whaddaya know, they dug us too… And the romance began.

Months later they asked us to share a bill with them at The Grape Room in Manayunk, and their set was fantastic. They were The Grape Room’s house band for that month, so they really had the chance to dig deep into their catalog and play some tunes that normally don’t get performed live. We loved what we heard: really great, interesting music with topics ranging from bright and playful to a downright epic song cycle in several movements. They’d make both Tenacious D and Yes equally proud. But best of all: They made us happy. :)

That same night they asked us to open for them at their CD release party at The Kennett Flash, and we agreed right there on the spot. The name of their new album is “Aquaculture Is Not A Game,” and what we’ve heard from it will rock your socks off. These guys are dork-rockers of the highest caliber, and we’re thrilled to be sharing a bill with them. (We’re also just happy that these young guys think we old farts are still cool or something…?)

The Flash is quickly becoming a regular venue for us… we’ve played there a bunch of times already this year, and now we’ve got two more shows this summer (this Festingos show, and another Comedy Music show on August 1st– see our calendar for details). Playing there is always a treat because the place is set up for listening. We feel like we can be dorky, but we also feel comfortable playing some of our sincere stuff too. We dig it.

[I need to mention that I’m on a plane right now and we are bouncing around SO MUCH it’s making me really nervous. I understand and trust physics more than anything, and I logically grok that the plane wants to stay in the air thanks to science, and the only way it’s going down is it the plane actually breaks, or if we get bitchslapped by a microburst– and the chances of those things happening are infinitesimal. But still… Yikes. It’s bumpy. I’m gonna cut to the chase and get to the deets because I need to put my portable electronic device away.]


WHAT: Los Festingos CD Release Party — we’re playing the first set, and we’re playing it just for you!
WHO: Hot Breakfast and Los Festingos! Los Festingos is a four-piece band from Kennett Square, PA. They don’t use the phrase “dork-rock” to describe their sound, but we will gladly let them into our dork-rock club. Read about them here. I love their bio.
WHEN: Friday the 13th of June (oooooh!). Doors open at 7:00PM; The show starts at 8PM sharp with Hot Breakfast!
WHERE: Kennett Flash, 102 Sycamore Alley, Kennett Square, PA. Click HERE for directions and a map.
FOOD/DRINKS: They have yummy sandwiches and simple appetizers. No bar, but you can (and should) BYOB. There’s a $4 corking fee per person. (BYOB! BYOB! BYOB! The more you drink, the better we sound!)
PARKING: Street parking is free in Kennett Square after 6:00. There’s a garage for The Flash only a block away…check this map for directions.
Facebook Event: Here you go!

See you there! (assuming my plane doesn’t crash because of these thunderstorms we’re flying by right now. No lie, the woman directly behind me on the plane just barfed. I’m not saying this for comic effect. There is actual, literal, real barf. And everyone knows that when one person barfs, there is often a barfy chain reaction… so yeah, I’m gonna close my laptop now and do some deep breathing, because I’m not gonna barf next, no siree!)

Sitting in a chair in the sky,

Your pal Ji11

We totally just flew by this. I'll show you the video I shot out my window next time I see you!

We totally just flew by this. I’ll show you the video I shot out my window next time I see you!

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GIG: Sat May 10th, Arden Gild Hall, Arden DE – Opening for Tony Trischka Territory! (HOLY CRAP!)

by Ji11

Apologies to Planet Ten Media for defacing their poster with our name with Paint Shop Pro 7.06.

Apologies to Planet Ten Media for defacing their poster with our name with Paint Shop Pro 7.06.

Arden, Delaware really is a remarkable place. For what is essentially a collection of neighborhoods (“population 474” says the Year 2000 census), they have at least five terrific performance spaces, several art galleries, clubs of all kinds, weekly community dinners, you name it. Their concert series is run by the Arden Concert Gild, and it’s impossible to predict who is going to grace their stage. I know there are many others involved with the Concert Gild, but in my mind it’s personified by Ron Ozer. Ron is such a music fan, and his tastes are all over the map. He is so passionate about live music and sharing it with everyone, and his enthusiasm is truly infectious. I love seeing shows with him. If I’m attending a show and Ron walks in, I know I chose the best show in town. Purely on Ron’s recommendations, I’ve seen bands which normally wouldn’t be on my radar: Debo Band immediately comes to mind. Ethiopian jazzpop? Never knew it existed, but thanks to Ron’s eclectic tastes and ability to bring musicians to our state, we danced our asses off to this incredibly complex but accessible and vital music. Wheeeee!

One thing I especially love about the Arden Concert Gild’s shows is how they pair headlining acts with opening bands: they often don’t match genres– SO COOL. Like, if I’m going to hear a jazz quintet, most promoters would book another jazz musician or ensemble as the opener– logical, right? Sure, but that doesn’t really expand anyone’s horizons. For example, when Debo Band (Ethiopian pop fused with with hella sick jazz and heavy funk) played in Arden in 2013, the flawlessly ethereal musician/looper Angela Sheik opened (She was the BOSS’ Looping Champion of the USA). You wouldn’t think they’d go together… but the Arden approach is, as long as the musicians are great at whatever it is they do, they’ll fit!

So with that, we have no earthly idea how the heck we’ve gotten to play in Arden so many times. (Could it be the subliminal messages we’ve been whispering outside Ron’s window for the past few years? That’s not creepy at all!)

We’ve had the honor of playing on Arden’s various stages over the years, both as a headliner and as a supporting band. It’s always a laid-back (but super-professional) vibe, with a great sound system and the magnificent George Brockelsby on lights. If you’re lucky to be playing on a non-summer Saturday night, performers also get treated to the Arden Dinner, which is a community meal prepared by volunteers and eaten with neighbors. It’s the best. The food is always incredible, and the company simply can’t be beat.

So all of this backstory is to tell you the news: As of just the other day, we’ve been invited to be the opening band for the Jedi Master of the Banjo, Mr. Tony Trischka…or more specifically Tony Trischka Territory, which is him and his band. Even if you don’t know diddly-squat about bluegrass, you’ve most definitely heard Tony Trischka. He’s a freakin’ legend not only in the bluegrass world, but also in Arden: He’s holds the title of Artist Who Has Played in Arden The Most. The New York Times called him “…the godfather of what’s sometimes called new acoustic music.”   And DUDE… we get to open for him! EEEEEEEEEE!!! By now you’ve probably figured out that this blog post was written by Jill and not Matt. :D

In true Arden style, it only makes sense to pair the bluegrass’ Banjo Deity with Delaware’s premier acoustic dork-rock power duo. :)

The show is this Saturday, May 10th and it starts at 8pm. We play right at 8, and we’ll serve up a 30-35 minute set… after which we’ll pour ourselves a glass of wine, grab our seats, and let Tony whisk us away on five strings of awesome.

We’ve got a ton of new material for you… so now we have to decide if we play the new stuff with an eyeball on the new lyrics, or if we stick to the classics. You’ll just have to show up to see. :-)


What: Arden Concert Gild and WVUD Present Tony Trischka Territory
Who: Hot Breakfast! opens, and Tony Trischka Territory headlines (of course!)
When: Saturday, May 10th, 8:00pm
Where: Arden Gild Hall: 2126 The Highway, Arden, Delaware 19810
Tickets: $20-25, via Brown Paper Tickets. Click For Tickets!
Food & Drink: Beer, wine, soda, water for sale. No food, though. (The dinner I mentioned above is for Arden Dinner Gild members only).
Parking: Plenty of free parking at the Gild Hall.
Facebook Event: Here you go!

We’re really excited about this show. We hope you are too.

Your pal,


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JILL’S BIRTHDAY GIG: ABBEY ROAD w/ Joe Trainor Trio, Kennett Flash, Sat April 19, 8:00

by Matt

Hot Breakfast!. The Joe Trainor Trio. The Beatles. Only one of those bands is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (so far)…but the other two are performing all of Abbey Road live. And we want you there. It’s Jill’s birthday weekend, and we wanna celebrate with great music and good friends.

Matt was totally in this picture originally!

Matt was totally in this picture originally!

On Saturday, April 19th, your favorite acoustic dork-rock power duo (that’s us) will join forces with your favorite piano-rock power trio (that’s The Joe Trainor Trio) to CHANGE THE VERY FOUNDATION OF ROCK.

Well…okay, we probably won’t do that. But we will play a classic album from top to bottom. And we’re gonna do it with the help of some supasexy singers.

Here’s how the night’s gonna go down at the Kennett Flash in Kennett Square, PA:

1) Hot Breakfast! will kick it off with a short set at 8:00 – and you can bet we’ll be playing some brandy-new originals for your ears.

2) Then, the Joe Trainor Trio will take over, for a short set of JT3 originals, like Keeping Up the Pace.

And then, Matt will pick up his electric guitar (a rare sighting!) and Jill will join singers Kerry Kristine McElrone and Penny Carmack, and the seven musicians will play all of Abbey Road, the final album by The Beatles*. We are incredibly excited about this – while the Trio has performed Abbey Road with Jill in the past, this is the first time Matt will be involved, making this a true Hot Breakfast!/Joe Trainor Trio merger.

So please join us at the Kennett Flash as we MAKE ROCK HISTORY – or, at least, we make a joyful noise while we play some of our favorite music.


WHAT: Hot Breakfast! and Joe Trainor Trio perform ABBEY ROAD

WHO: Hot Breakfast! and Joe Trainor Trio, with special guests Kerry Kristine McElrone and Penny Carmack

WHEN: Saturday, April 19. We go on promptly at 8; JT3 plays around 8:30. We join forces for the Abbey Roading around 9:00. (The doors open at 7:15 if memory serves, but there’s no real reason to get there all that early. Every seat is a good seat.

WHERE: Kennett Flash, 102 Sycamore St, Kennett Square, PA. Click HERE for directions and a map.

TICKETS: $16 in advance, $20 at the door. Get your tickets now by clicking here!

FOOD/DRINKS: They have yummy sandwiches and simple appetizers. No bar, but you can bring your own – there’s a $4 corking fee per person. (BYOB! BYOB! BYOB!)

PARKING: Street parking is free in Kennett Square after 6:00. There’s a garage for The Flash only a block away…check this map for directions.

Come together with us and be a part of this great night of music.

All you need is love (and dork-rock),
Matt (The Suburban Legend) and Ji11

– – – – – – – –
*We know, we know, Let it Be was released after Abbey Road. But Abbey Road was the last album they recorded together as a band.

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