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GIG: Singer/Songwriter Showcase, World Cafe Live at the Queen, Dec 19, 7:00pm (early!)

Gable Music Ventures runs a monthly showcase which invites singer/songwriters to play their tunes to a quieter crowd. This event used to be called “THE SIX,” and then they changed it to the much less apocalyptic-sounding “Gable Music Singer Songwriter Showcase.” It’s a much more soothing name, isn’t it? “THE SIX” sounds like the poster should have exploding oil tankers and turkey vultures and mushroom clouds and hazmat suits and heirloom seeds and stuff, doesn’t it?



Matt played this event back in October 2013, and we asked Gable if they’d be willing to let Hot Breakfast take the stage. They seemed hesitant, and we completely understand why… the Singer Songwriter Showcase is a quieter event, and doesn’t really lend itself to stage dives or “Mr. Roboto.” (Jill used to run a songwriter coffeehouse back in 2003-2005 called Knappuccino’s, so she knows how hard it is to find the right kind of musician to play the event.) We promised the Gables that if given the chance, we would keep things sincere…besides, it’s not very often we get to play our introspective stuff, as opposed to songs about pants), so it’ll be a treat for us.

Welp, it finally happened… Gable must have run out of people to ask, because guess who’s playing the Singer Songwriter Showcase in December? US, BABY.

We actually have a lot of sincere, non-dorky songs but rarely get a chance to play them… so we’re really looking forward to picking six songs and presenting them to you. If you have any requests, leave them in the comments below. We’re having a pretty hard time deciding, especially because we have so many new songs to choose from too!

The format is pretty neat. There are six artists, and they each get two 15-minute sets. This prevents 1/6 of the audience from walking out after their favorite band is done playing, and we certainly appreciate that. 🙂 Six artists playing a total of 30 minutes each equals a long night, so the show starts at 7pm. Be there on time, kids– they run a tight ship!

OK, enough jibberjabber… here are the details.


What: The Gable Singer Songwriter Showcase: Shaddap and listen to the music… this isn’t the night to yap.
Who: Hot Breakfast!, of course! Also on the bill are C. Lynne Smith, D. Corridori, Kenny Ferrier (if you came to see Angela Sheik at Melodies Cafe in October, you’ve heard him before!), Kevin McCove (we love him!), and Sarah Koon.
When: Friday, December 19. SHOW STARTS at 7PM!
Where: World Cafe Live at the Queen, 500 N Market St, Wilmington DE.
Tickets: $10! Cheap! And you can get them right here at the WCL@Q website. (We don’t have any for sale.)
Food & Drink: They have it! Pretty fancy and delicious stuff, too. Make sure you get a reservation for a table… a ticket doesn’t guarantee you a table!
Parking: There’s a parking garage right next door at between King and Market. So handy!
Facebook Event: Here you go!

We hope to see you there!

Your pal in dork rock,


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