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GIG: June 13 8pm: Los Festingos’ CD Release Party at Kennett Flash, Kennett Square, PA

It was Halloween 2013 when a band named Los Festingos took the stage at Lickety Split in Philadelphia and played a song professing their love of Total Wine, and then another about how girls from NJ are questionable. Being a chick from Jersey myself (this is Jill writing, by the way), I fell in love. Hard. Not only were these guys funny, but they were great players, and had a bunch of sincere songs, too. They were kind and classy enough to stick around to hear our set, and whaddaya know, they dug us too… And the romance began.

Months later they asked us to share a bill with them at The Grape Room in Manayunk, and their set was fantastic. They were The Grape Room’s house band for that month, so they really had the chance to dig deep into their catalog and play some tunes that normally don’t get performed live. We loved what we heard: really great, interesting music with topics ranging from bright and playful to a downright epic song cycle in several movements. They’d make both Tenacious D and Yes equally proud. But best of all: They made us happy. 🙂

That same night they asked us to open for them at their CD release party at The Kennett Flash, and we agreed right there on the spot. The name of their new album is “Aquaculture Is Not A Game,” and what we’ve heard from it will rock your socks off. These guys are dork-rockers of the highest caliber, and we’re thrilled to be sharing a bill with them. (We’re also just happy that these young guys think we old farts are still cool or something…?)

The Flash is quickly becoming a regular venue for us… we’ve played there a bunch of times already this year, and now we’ve got two more shows this summer (this Festingos show, and another Comedy Music show on August 1st– see our calendar for details). Playing there is always a treat because the place is set up for listening. We feel like we can be dorky, but we also feel comfortable playing some of our sincere stuff too. We dig it.

[I need to mention that I’m on a plane right now and we are bouncing around SO MUCH it’s making me really nervous. I understand and trust physics more than anything, and I logically grok that the plane wants to stay in the air thanks to science, and the only way it’s going down is it the plane actually breaks, or if we get bitchslapped by a microburst– and the chances of those things happening are infinitesimal. But still… Yikes. It’s bumpy. I’m gonna cut to the chase and get to the deets because I need to put my portable electronic device away.]


WHAT: Los Festingos CD Release Party — we’re playing the first set, and we’re playing it just for you!
WHO: Hot Breakfast and Los Festingos! Los Festingos is a four-piece band from Kennett Square, PA. They don’t use the phrase “dork-rock” to describe their sound, but we will gladly let them into our dork-rock club. Read about them here. I love their bio.
WHEN: Friday the 13th of June (oooooh!). Doors open at 7:00PM; The show starts at 8PM sharp with Hot Breakfast!
WHERE: Kennett Flash, 102 Sycamore Alley, Kennett Square, PA. Click HERE for directions and a map.
FOOD/DRINKS: They have yummy sandwiches and simple appetizers. No bar, but you can (and should) BYOB. There’s a $4 corking fee per person. (BYOB! BYOB! BYOB! The more you drink, the better we sound!)
PARKING: Street parking is free in Kennett Square after 6:00. There’s a garage for The Flash only a block away…check this map for directions.
Facebook Event: Here you go!

See you there! (assuming my plane doesn’t crash because of these thunderstorms we’re flying by right now. No lie, the woman directly behind me on the plane just barfed. I’m not saying this for comic effect. There is actual, literal, real barf. And everyone knows that when one person barfs, there is often a barfy chain reaction… so yeah, I’m gonna close my laptop now and do some deep breathing, because I’m not gonna barf next, no siree!)

Sitting in a chair in the sky,

Your pal Ji11

We totally just flew by this. I'll show you the video I shot out my window next time I see you!
We totally just flew by this. I’ll show you the video I shot out my window next time I see you!

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