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GIG: Saturday, January 18, Le Grand Fromage, Atlantic City, NJ, 8:00

Yep…that’s a lot of beer. We can handle it. We’re professionals.

New Jersey…we’re comin’ for ya.

And no amount of politically-motivated lane closures is gonna stop us.

Thanks to the good people at Philadelphia Music Coalition and Little House Booking, your pals Hot Breakfast! are part of this incredible bill of rockin’ bands on Saturday, January 18th. The night includes some of our favorites, including The Magnificent Birds of Prey, The Lost Will Follow, Amber Ladd, Terrible Friends, and more. That’s right…there are ELEVEN BANDS playing on two stages. And every one of them will melt your face off.

Le Grand Fromage is a rockin’ bar on Gordon’s Alley in Atlantic City. They specialize in craft beers and some of the most diverse music acts on the East Coast. And on Saturday the 18th, they’ll be servin’ up some Hot Breakfast!

The night kicks off at 8:00pm with The Last Great Hero on the downstairs stage. We’ll open the upstairs stage at 8:20pm, and play until 9:00. The two stages will be rockin’ out until 1 in the morning – and Rocker’s Dive Radio will be there as well!

Speaking of Rocker’s Dive Radio… if you can’t attend the show, you can listen for free! Just tune in online, and we’ll be the first band you’ll hear. We’re excited, and so grateful for everyone’s effort to pull together such an epic, hard-rockin’ show!

So come on over to AC with us. We’re hungry for some cheese. Some BIG cheese.

WHO: Hot Breakfast! with Magnificent Birds of Prey, The Lost Will Follow, Wave Radio, Amber Ladd, Terrible Friends, The Last Great Hero, For What it’s Worth, Ego Alien, Angry Bears, and Lila
WHEN: Saturday, January 18. Doors open at 7pm; first band starts at 8pm. Hot Breakfast! goes on at 8:20pm.
WHERE: La Grande Fromage Nightclub: 25 Gordon’s Alley, Atlantic City, NJ 08041. Here’s the map.
PARKING: Looks like there’s free street parking.
FOOD & DRINK: Not sure about food, but they’ve got a great bar and some incredible craft beers.
TICKETS: $10 at the door.
LISTEN LIVE FROM HOME: Rocker’s Dive Radio:

Rockin’ with the heat of a thousand suns,
Matt (The Suburban Legend)

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