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GIG: Wilmo Rock Circus: Saturday Nov 29th, 5pm! HOLY CRAP!

Who’s got four thumbs and will be ROCKING YOUR FREAKIN’ FACES OFF at the Wilmo Rock Circus 2014? Only Delaware’s PREMIER acoustic dork-rock power duo, that’s who! Yep, we’re back for a second time, and this time around we’ve been upgraded from the high-chair stage to the kids table, which is right where we belong. 🙂

The circus has come back to town!
The circus has come back to town!

Tickets are on sale now folks, and there’s no better place to enjoy a 20-course ALL ROCK BUFFET than the Wilmo Rock Circus. It’s all the rock you can eat for $20, and we’ll be playing on teh upstairs stage at 7:40 SHARP. This pop-up concert runs like a well-oiled machine, and we are starting at 7:40 on the dot and ending at 8:10 on the dot… and if we’re not done playing at 8:10, they’re gonna unplug us, because that’s how this works, baby.

The best part? This is an all ages show, which means it’s an all awesome show. Get yer tickets! Get ’em while they’re hot! We also have discounted tickets available, so if you’d like to save $5 (that means it’ll only be $15 instead of $20), email us with the number of tickets you want, and we’ll leave them for you at the box office.

The Wilmo Rock Circus is now in its 4th year, and this festival just reinforces Wilmington’s status as a great and supportive indie-music town. All bands (up & coming bands and bigger regional bands like Lovebettie) get 30-minute sets, so in just a few hours you can get a sampling of the east coast’s rockin’est offerings; and with two stages pumping at once, you always have a choice around who you go hear. SWEET!


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We’ll see you there!

Love and dork rock,

Ji11 and The Suburban Legend

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