GIG: Between Books, Claymont, DE, Friday, April 19

by Matt

The word “epic” is thrown about way too much, but we’ll say it: Greg has one epic beard.

A very sad thing is happening.

A wonderful independent bookstore in Delaware, Between Books, is closing its doors after 34 years.

We are heartbroken over this for many reasons. First and foremost, an independent business is forced to close because they cannot compete with the massive competition from huge chains and online stores. The owner, Greg Schauer, is a wonderful man who has poured his heart and soul into the store for so many years, and we hate to see him have to close his shop.

We're the ones with our fists in the air. Photo (c) 2010 Joe Del Tufo.

That’s us at Between Books in 2010. We’re the ones with our fists in the air. Photo (c) Joe Del Tufo.

We’re also sad for the many, many people who will never know the joy and beauty of walking into an actual bookstore, perusing aimlessly, getting lost in the titles, thinking about the wondrous things on the millions of pages before them.

But there’s another reason this breaks our hearts. Between Books would often host events in the evenings – concerts, poetry readings, lectures – and in December of 2010, they hosted a Hot Breakfast! concert. It was the first time we headlined as “Hot Breakfast!,” and we had an amazing time playing for the small but very enthusiastic crowd. We’ll always treasure that show, and we’ll always be grateful to Greg for giving us the opportunity to melt a few faces during our formative days.

Greg is going out with a bang, not a whimper. And he’s asked us to play a show on Friday, April 19 at 8:00. We cannot wait to set up in the midst of all the amazing books, comics, DVDs, and games in the store and get to rocking. The show starts at 8, but get there early, take a look around, and buy a book or three… it’s a piece of history.

If you cannot make it to see us on the 19th, please consider heading over to Between Books (the link goes to Google Maps) on Saturday, April 20th, for a closing night party, featuring Leslie Carey, Joe Trainor, and more. It’s a great way to say goodbye to a great place.

– – – – –


WHAT: Hot Breakfast! at Between Books, 2703 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont, DE.
WHEN: Friday, April 19th. We’ll play from 8 to 10.
WHERE: A big shopping center on the corner of Harvey Road and Philadelphia Pike. It’s in the shopping center with the Goodwill and Arby’s, across Harvey from the giant Wawa. Here’s a map.
COST: Donations requested.
PARKING: No worries there! It’s in a shopping center – plenty of free parking.

We really hope to see you there. In the meantime, please support your local businesses – they’re labors of love, and you never know when they’re gonna disappear.

Matt (The Suburban Legend)

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HUGE GIG: APRIL 6, 2013, 8PM: PINK FLOYD’S THE WALL at World Cafe Live at the Queen, Wilmington DE

by Ji11

Lurking deep inside each and every one of us is an angsty 16 year old (or, maybe lurking not-so-deep?). Sometimes it feels really good to let that inner-kid out and get your Pink Floyd on, y’know? Except now you’re old enough to drink legally instead of sneaking into your parents’ liquor cabinet.

No, you're not looking into the future... this is a shot from the last time we did The Wall back in 2010.

No, you’re not looking into the future… this is a shot from the last time we did The Wall back in 2010.

On April 6, 2013, the.COMPANY will be resurrecting, for one final time, our big-ol’ production of The Wall, in its entirety. Yes, we’re building a wall, and yes, we’re gonna crash that sucker!

Who is the.COMPANY? It’s a strangely-capitalized 11-piece band that Matt and Jill are a part of– we sing, and Matt also plays sax. The other eight musicians are people you know: Joe Trainor (lead vocals / piano) and Kevin Niemi (bass) from the Joe Trainor Trio, Joe Testa (of Noelle Picara’s band) on guitar, Chuck Kuzminski (of CKuz Guitars and also from our Billy Joel tribute show) also on guitar, Shawn Trainor (formerly of Cubane) on vocals, mandolin, and SFX, Steve Kuzminski on HOLY CRAP ALL THE KEYBOARDS, Genevieve van Catledge and Steven We also on vocals, and coming in from Colorado because it’s not the.COMPANY without him: Ben E King (formerly of Apex Watson).

This show is gonna be great. We’re sad to hang it up, but we know it’s time. So please come bid farewell to the show, and also to Jill’s midriff because this is the last time that bizzle is gonna be on display. (One must age gracefully.) :)

WHO: the.COMPANY — an 11-piece all-star band, of which we’re a part
WHAT: All of Pink Floyd’s epic double-album, THE WALL
WHEN: Saturday April 6, 2013. Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8pm. There is no opening band.
WHERE: World Cafe Live at the Queen, downstairs.
TICKETS: Tickets are $20. Buy them at the Queen website here. Please note: The balcony is already sold out– these puppies are going fast!
PARKING: There’s a very nice parking garage on 5th between King and Market. (Enter from the King Street side, since 5th is a one-way.) Say hello to Cassondra the parking attendant– she is awesome.
FOOD: There is food upstairs in the restaurant before the show. (Get reservations. A concert ticket is not the same thing as a dinner reservation.)
BOOZE: There is a full-service bar downstairs where we’re performing. Rumor has it you can also order noshy-food at the bar, but I can’t confirm this, so don’t bank on it.
WEED: You’re on your own, son. Drugs are bad, m’kay?

We hope to see you there!

Your pals in rock,

Ji11 and Suburban Legend

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GIG: Delaware Friends of Folk (Dover, DE), Saturday, March 23, 7:30 (with TRINI)

by Matt

** This show was originally scheduled for Saturday January 19th. It’s been rescheduled for Saturday, March 23rd. Same times, same opening band, same venue, same price… just a different date.**

We'll be at the Delaware Friends of Folk on 3/23! Woot!

We’ll be at the Delaware Friends of Folk on 3/23! Woot!

It’s not often that Hot Breakfast!, your favorite acoustic punk dork-rock power duo, is asked to play at a chapel. By a group called the Delaware Friends of Folk. In fact, when we first got the call, before we began celebrating, we asked them if they were…like…sure they had the right band? The people who cover “Crazy Train?” The acoustic band who occasionally sends their guitar into overdrive? The dorks who use visual aids while doing unlikely Queen covers?

Yes, they assured us. We can take it. Folkies like dorks too.

So we are thrilled to announce that Hot Breakfast! will be performing at the Delaware Friends of Folk Coffee House on SATURDAY, MARCH 23rd at 7:30 pm. The show is at the Wesley Chapel in Dover, Delaware – our first gig in Dover! We’re extra-excited because we get to dig a little deeper into our catalog and play some of our more folky offerings, including some originals and maybe some spooky covers. But don’t worry – there’ll be plenty of dork.

Dover native Trini will be opening up at 7:30! After perusing her Facebook page and listening to some songs, we’re already fans – she shares our love of 80s hard rock, and her hats put Matt’s to shame. (Sorry, Matt. But it’s true.)

The cost is only $7, or only $5 if you’re a member of the great Delaware Friends of Folk, a wonderful organization that celebrates an incredibly diverse group of music and musicians. Please check them out. We go on at 7:30 pm and won’t stop the rockin’ until 3 am! (Or until they kick us out at 9:30 or so.) No booze at this family-friendly event, but some great coffee and food will be available for purchase.

Will Matt wear a silly hat?1 Will Ji11 make her hair look like the Dragonball Z guy?2 Will the Wesley Chapel be filled with the melodious dork-folk-rock stylings only Hot Breakfast! can provide? Only one way to find out, baby.


WHO: Hot Breakfast! with opener Trini
WHEN: Saturday, March 23rd. Doors open at 7PM; Trini plays at 7:30PM. HB plays at 8:30PM.
WHERE: Delaware Friends of Folk Coffee House, held at Wesley Chapel on the campus of Wesley College in Dover, Delaware. That’s the corner of West Division St & South Bradford St, Dover, DE 19904.
COST: $5 for Delaware Friends of Folk members, $7 for mortals
FOOD: Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase.
FACEBOOK EVENT: Clicky here!

The Suburban Legend & Ji11

1. They’re not silly. They’re retro cool. RETRO COOL.
2. Yeah, probably.

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GIG: The Young Bean (Clayton, DE), Friday, March 22

by Matt
Original artwork by Eric Young. Bad Photoshopping by Matt Casarino.

Original artwork by Eric Young. Bad Photoshopping by Matt Casarino.

Last September, we had a wonderful night at a funky little coffee shop in Clayton, Delaware.

We played two full sets at The Young Bean and had a marvelous time. We’re so thrilled to be back there on Friday, March 22 for another round. The show starts at 6:30, and we’ll be performing until 9:00, or until they kick us out (6:37).

And you should join us. Seriously, you should.


  • The Young Bean is awesome (link goes to their Facebook page). It’s an independent shop with amazing coffee and tea and really good food, including BACON CAKE.
  • The owners, Kim and Eric, are super-cool and made us feel really loved and welcome.
  • NO COVER CHARGE. That means it’s free, Jack.
  • It’s a small place, where we get to do a truly acoustic show – no mics. (This may not be the best news for the patrons, for we are far more likely to run around like idiots when we don’t have cables.)
  • The folks who hang out at The Young Bean are really wonderful and friendly.
  • We’re playing for 2 1/2 hours, so we get to dig deep into our catalog and play some quieter, more introspective cuts.
  • But we’ll still be playing loud & dorky cuts as well.
  • We just might be playing some brand-new material.
  • Eric Young painted that great sign for us for our gig there last September.
  • We don’t get to play south of Newark much, but between this and our Saturday gig in Dover, we’ll be spending the weekend in Kent County!

It’ll be a great night. See you at The Young Bean!


WHAT: Hot Breakfast! at The Young Bean, 314 Main Street, Clayton, DE.
WHEN: Friday, March 22nd. We play from 6:30 to 9.
WHERE: On the very charming Main Street in Clayton, Delaware. Here’s a map – it’s easy to find.
COST: THERE IS NO COST. But if you don’t buy some coffee, you truly will be missing out.
FOOD: Food! Coffee! Iced Chai Lattes! (They’re FANTASTIC) Bacon cake! Once again, with feeling…bacon cake.

(The Suburban Legend)

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GIG: Saturday March 16, 9:30PM; Dawson St. Pub, Manayunk (Philly) PA with Glim Dropper

by Ji11

We aren’t fickle, we just love a lot of people all at once. We may have professed our undying love to the Joe Trainor Trio years ago, but there’s a new trio in town that makes our heart go pitter-patter just a little harder. Maybe it’s the newness of the relationship, but something tells us we’re never gonna stop digging our new musical crush, Glim Dropper.

Glim Dropper are some fine lookin' guys, right?

Glim Dropper are some fine lookin’ guys, right?

Why do we love these guys? Simply put: Because they are friggin’ GOOD. These guys are super-skilled, seasoned players who perform with style, panache, and without having to rely on douchey theatrics like some acoustic dork-rock power duo we know. :)

We first heard of Glim Dropper a few months before the 2012 Wilmo Rock Circus. We were tooling around online and caught a video of them playing an acoustic set somewhere. They immediately sucked us in with their great playing and singing; they were just so freakin’ good. We met them in real life at the Wilmo Rock Circus where Jill probably sounded like a stalker (“OMG WE TOTALLY SAW YOU ONLINE AND WE LOVE YOU YOU ARE AMAZING”), and they were just cool, down to earth guys who weren’t really there to “out-rockstar” anyone. Our kinds of guys.

Glim Dropper is the freakin’ amazing Dan Kauffman on vocals and bass, Ben Geise on guitar, and Rob Schnell on drums. We’ll have you know that all three members of Glim Dropper were nominated for Homey Awards; Dan for best lead singer, Rob Schnell for drums, and Ben for best guitarist (he won!).

What makes us love them even more is that they asked us to share a bill with them, especially at their “home base” of The Dawson Street Pub. We love anyone who loves us back, so it’s kind of a no-brainer. This is the first time we’re playing in Manayunk, so we’re doubly-excited about this night.

Anyway, we’ll shut up and get to the goods here.

WHO: Glim Dropper and Hot Breakfast! Five humans with three Homey Awards!
WHERE: At the Dawson Street Pub; 100 Dawson Street, Philadelphia, PA. It’s on the corner of Dawson and Cresson. (For transit-taking folks, their Facebook “About” page has some info.)
WHEN: Saturday, March 16th. Show starts at 9 or 9:30ish. We’re not sure who plays first, but we figure it’s probably us since we’re the n00bz.
FOOD: Pub food, fresh-cut fries, daily specials. Great beer list. CASH ONLY. CASH ONLY. CASH ONLY.
COVER: Cheap!

This is gonna be a fun night… settle in and listen to some great music in a nifty pub.
Please save Jill a fry or two. She likes fries.

High fives and fries,

Ji11 and Suburban Legend

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GIG: Tomapalooza, Saturday, March 15, JB McGinnes, 7:00

by Matt

Please do us a favor and watch this video.

That man is Tom Hutchins, a really, really great guy who can use your help. You can go here to read about him, his struggle, and why we’re helping to raise money to buy him a new motorized outdoor mobility chair.

That above link (and hey, here it is again) takes you to his fundraising page, where you can make a direct donation to the cause. But there are other ways to help, too. Other ROCKIN’ ways.

We are proud to be a part of TOMAPALOOZA, a concert event/birthday bash at JB McGinnes Pub and Grille in New Castle, Delaware on Saturday, March 15th. The amazing lineup includes many of our favorite musicians, including The Stiffs, Randy America (formerly of Jake and the Stiffs), The Keefs, Clashing Plaid, and The Prisoners, with belly dancing by Zahrah. Even if this weren’t a benefit, it would be an exciting event filled with wonderful, hard-rockin’ bands.

So please come on out and see us and these amazing bands, and help out a wonderful man. It’s gonna be a great night!

What: TOMAPALOOZA – Birthday bash and benefit for Tom Hutchins.
Who: Hot Breakfast! The Keefs, Randy America and the Pike Creek Pinups, Clashing Plaid, The Prisoners, Belly Dancing by Zahrah
When: Saturday, March 15, 7:00pm – 1:00 am. We play first, from 8:00 – 8:30.
Where: JB McGinnes, 519 E. Basin Road, New Castle, DE
Cover: $10. All proceeds benefit Tom Hutchins – the bands play for free. Buy tickets here!
Food & Drink: They have it! Many drinks to choose from, and you can download their menu here.
Parking: No worries there. It’s in a big shopping center.

With love,
Matt & Jill


Bonus video for those of you who read this far and scrolled down:

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GIG: Sat Feb 16, 8-11PM, ArtsQuest Center, Bethlehem, PA

by Ji11
Yep, we're playing here. Just walk in and there we are! Ta-daaa!

Yep, we’re playing here. Just walk in and there we are! Ta-daaa!

We’ve been invited to play at the absolutely breathtaking ArtsQuest Center in Bethlehem, PA. If you haven’t been up there, it’s well worth the trip. Located in the heart of gorgeous Bethelem PA, the ArtsQuest Center is a gazillion-dollar arts center that features a few movie houses for blockbusters and indie films alike, several state of the art performance spaces and several more casual stages too; cafes, restaurants, visual arts, and community outreach– all with an amazing view of Bethlehem’s famed steel stacks. Read about the history of ArtsQuest here… it’s pretty neat.

ArtsQuest has its mighty arm in MusikFest, which is one of the region’s most popular music festivals. Many artists who play at the ArtsQuest Center are invited to play at MusikFest, and we’ve gotta say, we’d really love if that happened. We’ve been wanting to play at that festival for a long time because it’s got a really wonderful vibe.

So this Saturday we’ll be playing three sets at the ArtsQuest Center. You read that right, folks– three (THREE!) hours of HOT BREAKFAST ACTION! Can you believe it? Now, this probably isn’t the kind of show where you sit for three hours; we’re going to be on a stage that gets lots of foot traffic. So we expect that people will grab a cup of coffee or a snack from one of the shops near the stage, have a seat, listen to a song or two, and then head off to wherever they were going. It’s caszh.

So here’s the deets:
WHO: Hot Breakfast!
WHEN: Saturday, February 16th, 8-11pm
WHERE: ArtsQuest Center, 101 Founders Way, Bethlehem, PA. We’ll be playing in the Creativity Commons, which is the first floor of this incredible building. Listen for the ROCKING.
COST: Free!

Hope to see you there!

Your pals,

Ji11 and Suburban Legend

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GIG: COMEDY ROCKS, Thursday February 14 at 7:30, World Cafe Live at the Queen

by Matt

We’re not gonna mince a lot of words here.

We’re going to rock out on Valentine’s Day. And we’re doing it with our great friends Todd Chappelle and Shari Short. And we’re gonna do it at World Cafe Live at the Queen. And we’re gonna start at 7:30.

If Valentine’s Day is truly about love, then we will be in the right place, because we LOVE us some Todd and Shari. Todd is a one-of-a-kind comic musician who writes hilarious and often incredibly timely songs and parodies that are so clever you might miss how musically talented the guy is. Seriously, he’s one of our heroes. And Shari is a riotous comedienne and journalist with a wonderful routine. These folks are our sweethearts, and we cannot wait to join them onstage and cuddle with them afterwards.1

The mighty Gable Music Ventures first put this show together last fall, and not only did we have a ball, but we pretty much sold out the place. So please get your tickets now and join us. We promise that whether you’re single, on a first date, or getting ready to dump the person you’re obligated to spend Valentine’s Day with, we promise we won’t make the night awkward for you. It ain’t that kind of show.

It’ll be the best VD2 ever.

Who: Hot Breakfast! Todd Chappelle, and Shari Short.
When: Thursday, February 14th, 7:30.
What: COMEDY ROCKS! A night of comedy, music, and eggplant fries.
Where: World Cafe Live at the Queen, 500 North Market St., Wilmington, DE.
Cover: $8 + $2 service fee. Cheap!
Food & Drink: World Cafe has a full bar and a menu full of yummy noms. Arrive hungry.
Parking: There’s a pay lot right next to the Queen – it’s super easy and pretty cheap. Parking is free after 6:00 on around Market Street, but it ain’t always easy to find spots.

Matt & Ji11

1 We have been informed by our lawyers that cuddling is not included in the contract riders of Todd Chappelle and Shari Short. We are currently exploring our legal options.
2 Um…VD stands for “Valentine’s Day,” right?

They bring the comedy. We bring the ROCK. And maybe some pistachios.

They bring the comedy. We bring the ROCK. And maybe some pistachios.

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GIG: Saturday January 19th 8:30PM: Mojo Main

by Ji11
Yes, we know our name isn't on this flyer. YET.

Yes, we know our name isn’t on this flyer. YET.


How do we know?
Because our name is about to be added to a flyer along with the phrase “Pabst Blue Ribbon Presents.”


How did this “arriving” happen?

A few days after we signed the paperwork to play at the Delaware Friends of Folk coffeehouse, we received an email from TriState Indie asking us if we wanted to be part of an AMAZING bill at Mojo Main on the same evening as the coffeehouse. We gracefully declined because a contract is a contract, and we asked them to keep us in mind for the next time. They said they would.

We just learned today that this month’s coffeehouse at Delaware Friends of Folk had to be postponed, so we asked the Tri State Indie folks if they still needed a an acoustic dork-rock power duo. They said “Heck yeah!” so we said “Woot!” and there you have it. (Once again, Amanda Palmer’s advice rings true: “Always ask; you never know.”)

We’ll be playing an abbreviated set, but we still need you to come out and show Tri-State Indie that we’re a band worth loving.

Here’s the scoop!


EVENT NAME: PBR Presents: Tric Town January: Tri State Indie Pre Music Awards Showcase at Mojo Main
WHO: Hot Breakfast!, Revolution I Love You, Moon Children, Mean Lady, Universal Funk Order. Aaaaaaand a listening party for Spinto Band’s new album!
WHEN: Saturday, January 19th. Hot Breakfast kicks the night off at 8:50PM and plays until 9:15PM. (We know the Facebook event and the flyer say 9PM. We’re playing before that. Trust us.)
WHERE: Mojo Main, 270 E Main St, Newark, Delaware 19711
PARKING: They have a private lot. If it’s full, park on the street. No biggie.
FOOD: They have bar and cajun food at Mojo Main. It is tasty. Lots of drink specials, too!
TICKETS: $6. Buy them at the door, or here.

So just when you thought you’d be missing us this weekend… have no fear. There’s plenty of Hot Breakfast! to go around.

See you there?

Your pal,


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GIG: MilkBoy Coffee (Ardmore, PA), Saturday January 12, 8PM

by Matt
It's getting dorky in here.

It’s getting dorky in here.

We hope all of our fans, friends, family, and Cool Little Brothers n’ Sisters across the land had a wonderful New Year’s celebration. We certainly did – after booty-shaking to DJ Donna’s fantastic spins at Bellefonte Cafe, we hooked up with some great friends for drinks, foods, and very silly card games. We sincerely hope that 2013 treats you guys as well as 2012 treated us.

In fact, we’re hoping to help kick-start the year for ya with our first gig of the 2013, and it’s a doozy – we’re performing at MilkBoy Coffee in Ardmore, Pennsylvania on Saturday, January 12th at 8:00. (Eeeeeee!) We’re really excited about this – we’ve been wanting to play at MilkBoy for quite a while, for it is super-cool, and rather prestigious, really. They’ve got wonderful food (they serve breakfast until 9 pm – that’s our kinda joint) and even wonderfuller coffee, and it’s just a great, laid-back, funky place to be. It’s also a BYOB establishment, and if you check out their website (link in the next paragraph) they’ll give you the scoop.

So if you’re in the Wilmington/Philly area and don’t mind spending time in swanky swanky Ardmore, come and help us ring in the new year, dork-rock style! The show starts at 8:00. There’s an $8 to $10 cover charge, but don’t worry – we’ll make sure we’re worth it. Plus, it won’t just be us! Keep an eye out here and on the MilkBoy website to see what other fabulous bands will be rockin’ yer socks on the 12th.

Hot coffee. Hot food. Hot Breakfast!

It’s gonna be a Hot New Year, yo.

The Suburban Legend

ps: There’s a train station right next door to Milkboy Coffee, so if you’re a public transit type person, this is pretty dang easy.

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GIG: Bellefonte Cafe, December 21, 7:00PM until DOOMSDAY (or 9:30ish)

by Matt

You. That’s right, YOU. (Photo (c) 2011 Joe Del Tufo.)



Between the Mayan ealendar ending and devastating solar flares, it’s abundantly clear that the world will certainly end on December 21, 2012.

Or…not. Whatever. Either way, Hot Breakfast! is gonna celebrate with our annual End of the Year Concert at Bellefonte Cafe on Friday, December 21! We start the rocking at 7:00 and plan to carry on until Cthulhu smites us all (or until Donna, the super-cool owner of Bellefonte, kicks us out… think somewhere between 9 and 9:30).

We love, love, love the Bellefonte Cafe. A funky, independent restaurant in the funky town of Bellefonte, the Cafe serves wonderful homemade food (the guac is awesome, the black bean soup incredible, the sandwiches, the quesadillas – everything), has a full bar, is veg*n friendly, and fully supports local music with their anyone-can-play-here signup system. It’s one of the true treasures of Delaware. So even if you can’t make it to our show, please give them a visit sometime. It’s not a quick in-and-out kinda place (Donna’s usually the lone chef), but it’s a great place to be.

But if you CAN be there with us on the 21st, expect lots of rockin’, Hot Breakfast!-style. We’ll be digging deep into our catalog, and probably trotting out some new songs for ya. We’ll even bust out a few non-traditional Christmas tunes, including our single “An Idiot for Christmas,” which is currently included on the WSTW Hometown Heroes album Comfort, Joy, Love and Snow. And we’d love to see you.

So remember: Bellefonte Cafe (link goes to Google Maps), December 21, 7:00. The show is free – our gift to you. (However, there are tip jars, if you’d like to give us a gift in return.) See ya there.

Here’s a link to the event on Facebook, if that’s your thing: Woot!

Who: Hot Breakfast! and only Hot Breakfast!
When: December 21, 2012. 7:00 – 9:15ish, give or take
What: Our annual year-end concert!
Where: Bellefonte Cafe: 804 Brandywine Blvd, Wilmington DE 19809 (in the Bellefonte neighborhood)
Cover: None! It’s free! However, the band gets paid only via tips, so… take that as a hint. :) Also, please buy food and drinks and show your servers the love.
Parking: Street only, but it’s easy!

Remember: when you think “end-of-the-world,” you think Hot Breakfast!

See you there!

Your pals,

Suburban Legend and Ji11

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GIG: Hurricane Sandy Benefit– December 1st, 3 – 10PM, Extreme Pizza in LOMA

by Ji11

We’re gonna be serious here for a moment.

Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy has sorta fallen out of the news now, but so many people still need help. So the super-talented Chad Michael Jervis and his wonderful dad Rick have put together a sweeeeeeet seven-hour concert on Saturday December 1st at Extreme Pizza in the LOMA district of Wilmington, and they’ll be accepting financial donations. Every penny of these donations is going to Covenant House in Atlantic City, which is a homeless shelter for anyone under 18. Covenant House has been housing kids while they and their families rebuild their homes. Great news: LinkedIn will be matching all hurricane-related donations to Covenant House, so your dollars will go much farther.

Please note that only financial donations are being accepted. Please don’t bring food, clothes, supplies, etc.

The all-star lineup and schedule looks like this:

3:00 PM Joe Trainor (he’s playing solo)
4:00 PM Katalyst
4:45 PM Kona Shame
5:30 PM The Acoustic Jam
6:15 PM Dr. Phineas’ Snake Oil String Band
7:00 PM Chad Michael Jervis
8:00 PM The Watermelon Men
8:45 PM Hot Breakfast!

Extreme Pizza is a really terrific place to listen to music. They’ll also be having happy-hour prices and specials all day just for the event. There’s no cover charge– so please come by for a bit, put your donations in the jar, have a bite and a beer or two, and rock out with us!


WHO: A whole buncha bands
WHERE: Extreme Pizza. It’s on the corner of 2nd and Market Street in downtown Wilmington.
WHEN: See the schedule above. We play last at 8:45PM, and they said we can play as long as we’d like. We expect to play for about an hour, or until people throw stuff at us.
AGES: All ages!
PARKING: There’s plenty of street parking in downtown Wilmington.
FOOD: Pizzas, darn tasty salads, a full bar with a great beer selection.
COVER CHARGE: None. But please bring money to donate for the cause!

We really hope to see you there. We’ve got some new songs to try out on ya, too. :)

Your pals,

Ji11 and Suburban Legend
(aka Jill and Matt)

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