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Post-gig depression…

Hey all–

We are just beside ourselves from how amazing this weekend was. Between the Joe Trainor Trio CD release party at World Cafe Live at the Queen on Friday night to the super-secret show in Arden last night… seriously, we’re having some serious post-gig depression here. Both shows were packed to the gills, the crowds were so enthusiastic and giving us TONS of energy back… it’s times like these that make us so, so, so grateful that we get to do what we do.

A billion thank-yous to everyone who supported all of the amazing events of this weekend, in body and spirit. We really felt the love and are so incredibly appreciative. I don’t have the vocabulary to describe how we’re feeling; but the words “extreme gratitude,” “humbled,” and “rocktastic” are coming to mind.

The incredible Joe del Tufo took photos from last night’s super-secret show in Arden, where we opened for Kate Miller-Heidke. (The super-secret show is no longer super-secret– though it was a private, invite-only concert and not open to the public at all.) Kate is currently touring with Ben Folds Five, and she also toured with Ben back when he was touring solo, too… and Kate and Ben Folds Five are playing a their big Philly show tonight at the Tower Theater– we’ll see you there!

Here are links to the photos:

If you’re the Facebook type, you can use this link:

If you’re an anti-Facebookite, you can use these links below to view all of the photos from the evening (as opposed to the smaller subset that are on Facebook above):
Here are the Hot Breakfast shots:
And here are the Kate shots:

OK, more sleep now.

Thanks again, everyone. 🙂

Your pal,


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