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GIG: Friday, October 5, Joe Trainor Trio CD Release Party at the Queen

As our Cool Little Brothers and Sisters know, we’re big, big fans of our friends the Joe Trainor Trio. We played some of our first gigs with the hard-rockin’ piano-based trio, and to this day we seldom pass up a chance to see ’em play live.

But it’s not just about music. Joe Trainor, Kevin Niemi, and Jeff Dement happen to be three of our favorite people. We dine with ’em, we play with ’em, we hang and talk and laugh with ’em, and sometimes we’re even fortunate enough to make music with ’em.

Because we like them so much, you might wonder if we’re overhyping their music. You can rest assured this is not the case. The Joe Trainor Trio BRINGS IT, yo. They rock and they rock hard, but they bring melody, great lyrics, and incredible musicianship to their rock. One listen and you’ll be hooked.

This is why we’re proud to be opening for their CD release party on Friday, October 5th at World Cafe Live at the Queen on 5th and Market Street, Wilmington, DE, at 8:00. This’ll be your first chance to hear the new JT3 album, Twelve Stories, in its entirety and purchase your copy.

But before that happens – HOT BREAKFAST! will be rocking the house!! (Hey, it ain’t all about Trainor. I mean, they’re good and all, but c’mon.) We love playing at the Queen (we’re there a lot this fall!), and we can’t wait to melt some faces before Joe and the boys take the stage.

So be sure to be there by 8:00 to hear Hot Breakfast! Actually, we really recommend getting there early – say, 7:00 – and ordering some food. Particularly the eggplant fries, because Holy Cow, the eggplant fries.

Reservations are strongly recommended for this show. You can order your tickets online by clicking here, or you can call the Queen at (302) 994-1400.

The Joe Trainor Trio and Hot Breakfast! – melting faces together since…well…for quite a while now.

Love n’ ice cream sandwiches,
The Suburban Legend (AKA Matt) and Ji11

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