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GIG: Saturday, Sep. 29, 7 PM: Rod Kim’s Birthday Celebration at the Queen

One of the best things about being Hot Breakfast! is that we get to meet and play with wonderful people.

From here to Arizona, we’ve met so many great musicians, some famous, most just happy to have a gig or two and money to make a homemade album. We’re proud to count Rod Kim among our talented new friends.

So we were thrilled when Rod asked us to join him at his birthday celebration! It starts at 7:00 on Saturday, September 29 at World Cafe Live at the Queen on 5th and Market Streets in Wilmington.

We’re not sure exactly when we’ll play, but we’ll be trading acoustic sets along with our good friend Rachel Schain and songwriter Jake Wilder Chapman. And then, Rod Kim and Vince Cirino will rock the house, followed by headliner Katie Dill, who happens to be half of the awesome trip-hop chillwave duo Mean Lady.

Those of you who’ve been to the Queen know it’s a great venue – the food’s wonderful, the bar’s bountiful, and the stage is great. We’re always happy to play there, and we’re thrilled for the opportunity to join some incredibly talented friends while we make new ones. Tickets are only $5, but reservations (for the eating of the food!) are recommended.

So please come on out and join us in wishing Rod Kim a rockin’ birthday! We’ll be the acoustic dork-rock power duo in awe of the awesomeness surrounding us.

With love,
Matt (The Suburban Legend)

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