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Will Matt & Jill ever finish their new album? (also: GIG: March 10 @ 9pm, Film Bros, Wilmington)


Yes, we will.

Thank you for your concern.

Seriously, we will. We’re all stocked up with recording equipment, we have a song list, and we even have a little time, for once. So you can rest assured that a new album by Hot Breakfast!, featuring originals (including some brand-new tunes you ain’t never heard, son) and some favorite covers, will be available for your listening entertainment in the near future.

Besides, we can’t let Brian and the rest of our Cool Little Brothers down. We owe ’em!

Until then…we’ve got gigs! Come on down to Wilmington on Saturday, March 10th as the [blank] canvas celebrates Woman’s Day with ARTemis…a weekend event of art and music that benefits Mom’s House! The Wilmington event actually starts on Friday night with a great concert at The Film Brothers Movie Co-op and continues into Saturday with some wonderful events for kids. It culminates in another concert on Saturday night, and that’s where we come in! We’ll be performing at Film Brothers at 205 Market Street, Wilmington. We go on at 9:00, but the show starts at 6:30 and features great local acts like Crossing Oceans, Deadlox, Mean Lady, 205, and Xtra Allta. Join us! Seriously, we’re totally nice.

You can also catch us in April in Philly and Wilmington, as we melt faces at Lickety Split and the Shubin Theater (Philly) and Extreme Pizza (Wilmington).

And our album will be released soon.

We promise.

Have we ever lied to you?

Your pal,


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