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LAST MINUTE GIG: 3/24 @8PM, Chris White Gallery, Wilmington

If you live in Delaware, I’m sure you’ve heard the huge buzz about Rachel Schain‘s big show on March 24 with JP Jones. She’s been on the radio promoting it, and it’s been in all the papers (we’re not kidding). Quite the hubbub, bub! We were so excited to see her sharing the bill with one of her musical heroes… until JP had to back out of the gig just 28 hours before curtain, “because of something.”

Ah yes, the dreaded “something.” I hate when something happens.

But sometimes, I love when something happens! Because when something happens to JP Jones, Hot Breakfast! makes something awesome happen… like asking to share the bill with Rachel instead. We will ROCK THE PANTS OFF of Wilmington, my friends! And with Rory Sullivan jumping in the headlining spot, there’s gonna be a whole lot of fabulous singer/songwriter magic happening. (And then some crappy dork-rock.)

(Well, actually, the dork-rock happens first. We’re the opener.)

So here’s the scoop:

WHO: Hot Breakfast!, Rachel Schain, and Rory Sullivan

WHEN: Doors open at 7:30pm; we’re the first act, and we go on at 8pm sharp!

WHERE: At the Chris White Gallery, which is in the Shipley Lofts in Wilmington. That’s 701 Shipley St., Wilmington DE 19801.

HOW MUCH: Tickets can be purchased at the door for $10, or in advance for $8 at Brown Paper Tickets.

OTHER DETAILS: The venue seats 100– it’s the perfect intimate size for Rachel and Rory’s music. We’re more used to selling out Madison Square Garden and stuff, but we’ll make do. 🙂   This performance will correspond with the DE Photography Exhibit gallery closing for local photographers Brian Truono and Gary Regulski. Their stuff is sweeeeeet. It’s a feast for the senses and stuff!

WILL THERE BE BOOZE? Yes there will, and the proceeds go to a good cause. So have a beverage! We’ll sound better.

We know it’s short notice… like, really, really short notice. But if you’re like us and enjoying a LOFTNOC, then maybe you can enjoy your Saturday with us IRL.

See you then, maybe?


Your pal,


Please note, seriously: Surburban Legend (aka Matt) just had his inner organs unceremoniously and rearranged 6 days ago, so if he’s not feeling up to ROCKING ALL OF WILMINGTON, we may have to be the second jerk artist to bail on the evening. We reserve the right to call “gall bladder.” Please don’t hold it against us.

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