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February is National Hot Breakfast Month (seriously)

Our rise to world domination is OFFICIALLY DOCUMENTED ON THE INTERNET, PEOPLE. We’ve now had an entire freakin’ MONTH dedicated to our unfathomable awesomeitude. Yes, February is National Hot Breakfast Month. As such, this month is naturally a hectic time for Hot Breakfast!; but we’ve got a few gigs lined up and we’d love to see you there.

February is National Hot Breakfast Month. We're not kidding. This image stolen from THE INTERNET proves that it's true.
February is National Hot Breakfast Month. We’re not kidding. This image stolen from THE INTERNET proves that it’s true.

On Friday, February 10th, we’re playing a lunchtime show at World Cafe Live at the Queen in Wilmington. We start at noon and play ’til 1. Reservations are recommended (and be sure to let ’em know you’re there for Hot Breakfast. They’ll catch on.) What goes better with eggplant fries than dork-rock? Not a damn thing. We also cannot emphasize this enough…the eggplant fries are transcendent. Holy Mother of Tom Waits, are they good.

On Tuesday, February 21 and Wednesday, February 22, we’re getting our drama on with the Secret Room Theatre at the Shubin in Philly. We’re the house band for the Philly Primary Stages readings of new plays. Hot Breakfast! will open the show, provide interstitial tunes, and play at intermission. We start around 7:25, so make sure you show up early. It’s always a great night of music and theater…especially when you consider this round’s theme is “Heart Attacks!” Will we be busting out some Queen or J. Geils band? Only one way to find out… (P.S. Here’s a map to the Shubin, so now you can’t say you couldn’t find us. Nice try.) It’s only five bucks, and you get 7 plays, drinks, snacks, and us. Cheap!

What have we got for you in March? Oh, YOU’LL find out…heh heh…heh…heh…(this is our way of saying we need to line up some March gigs, and pronto…)

Yours in dorkitude,

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