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Our gift to you… a free download of our new song “Going Your Way.”

You know, we could all use a little reminder now and then that we’re not alone. It’s a dark time of year (in fact, we’re just an hour away from the winter solstice as I type this!) and it’s easy to feel kinda isolated and lost among the hustle and bustle of the season.

But we have a new song called “Going Your Way,” which tries to remind the listener that they’re not alone; that someone’s always got their back. It’s really sweet. When Matt played it for me the first time, I admit that I cried… it hit me right in the feels.

And you know what else gets us in the feels? YOU. Meaning, we get really overwhelmed with gratitude when we see you all at our shows, giving us love and enthusiastic fist pumps, and singing along with us. It’s really something to feel such love coming back at us. We promise that we never, ever take you for granted, and we promise always to work our hardest for you. We never forget that every person in the audience gave up their hard-earned money, free time, and the tractor beam of their comfy couches to come spend time with us. There are a million other wonderful, worthwhile ways that you could have spent your time, yet you chose to come out and let us make music for you. It’s an honor. I know this all sounds grandiose, but it’s sincere… there are lots of happening. For all of this, we wanted to thank you. But how? By giving you what we know how to give best: music.

So, between now and January 4th 2015, we’re making our brand new song “Going Your Way” available to you as a free download. After that date, you can stream it for free at Soundcloud or on Reverbnation, and if you want to buy it, you’ll have to wait until the release of the new album in the early spring of 2015.

This song, just like every other song on our forthcoming album, was produced by Ritchie Rubini. This particular track is a warm, non-dorky song about kindness, featuring 19 layers of backing vocal tracks, all arranged and performed by Jill. And like every other Hot Breakfast tune, there is absolutely no auto-tune, no Melodyne, no pitch correction, nada. What you hear is what we played/sang. We’re humans, after all… so we wanna sound like humans. Gloriously imperfect, as they say.

Anyway, here’s the song. We really hope you like it. And thank you again for another great year. We do this for you, and we really, really are so grateful for the opportunity. Thank you. Really. Thank you.

Here’s to a warm, happy, (dorky!) and healthy 2015.

With love and thanks,

Jill & Matt

Going Your Way (Matt Casarino)
(c) 2014 Suburban Legends Music

Now and then you’re the jester in the lion’s den
Held and chained, kept alive to keep them entertained
Even if they grant you pardon
They keep a piece of you behind
But when they close you down
You will find I’m open all the time

I will stand below you when you fall
I will get behind you when you stall
Oooh – And when it’s time to walk away
I’m going your way

Now and then you realize you missed the ball again
It’s just your fate to get the invitation one day late
Then they tell you you should smile
Like that will turn your clouds to gold
I have some words to tell ’em
Better yet, let’s leave ’em in the cold

I’m not gonna tell you what to do
I’m happy to be miserable with you
Oooh – that’s what I call a good day
I’m going your way

Sometimes you fight sometimes you flee
Try as you might you’re stuck with me

But if you never had a bad day
You’d never know how good it feels
When everything goes right
When all your open wounds have healed

I will stand below you when you fall
I will get behind you when you stall

Oooh You know it’s gonna be okay
I’m going your way
I’m going your way

Jill Knapp: Lead vocals, background vocals, aux. percussion
Matt Casarino: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, classical guitar
Ritchie Rubini: Drums
Ray Gagliardino: Bass
Csilla Lakatos: Cello
Recorded at Studio 825
Mastered by Eamon Loftus

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Spreading the love: Two bands need extras for their video shoots!

Zombies and Pierrots and mimes: OH MYIt’s video-makin’ season for some of Wilmington’s most innovative artists. They need extras, so here’s your chance to be involved! These aren’t our videos– we’re just going to be extras, and you can be too. We don’t have any additional info other than what we’re posting here, so if you’re interested, please follow up directly with the artist, not us. 🙂

Saturday, July 26th, Noelle Picara is shooting a video for her song Alone With All of You at The Grand Opera House in Wilmington, from 12 (noon) to 7:00pm. you don’t have to be there all day, so stop in when you can. If you can only come for a portion, come between 4pm and 7pm, because that’s when they need the most extras. Come dressed as you normally look– no zombies or anything this time. 🙂 (Wow, that timing is super-convenient! You can get a bite to eat and then come see our show at World Cafe Live a short walk away!) Here’s info on that video shoot: You don’t need a Facebook account to view that link. For more info, respond via Facebook, or contact Noelle via her website or social media.

Tuesday, July 29th at 11:00am, Angela Sheik is filming a portion of her video which features a slow-motion fight between Pierrot-style clowns and mimes. There will be costumes and makeup involved, so an RSVP would be appreciated. Angela’s words: “I am working with a team to shoot a music video during the day on Tuesday, 7/29. The concept is a little out there – basically it is a slow motion fight between Pierrot style clowns (and eventually some French mimes). I’ll add some pics to this email so you know what I’m talking about. I am in the process of looking for volunteer actors (especially those with any clown/mime or circus skills), as well as a makeup assistant and camera crew help. We’re hoping to shoot that Tuesday starting late morning. I will happily provide pizza and drinks. The video will be shot by Jay Walker, one of the guys who helped create the beautiful floating instrument album cover. I know he will make it dreamy and wonderful (not toooo creepy).” Here’s the Facebook invite. For more information and to RSVP, contact Angela via her website.

See you there!

Your pal,