Posted on November 26, 2013

Ji11 7 comments

The Christmas Video is done! WOOT!

With loads of gratitude to Kevin Regan, Georgie Staley, Julie Snow-Regan, and YOU, our zillions of patient extras… we are thrilled to announce that the video is complete and we’ll be releasing it on Sunday, December 1st! (That’s today! So here it is!) SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO… We are SO excited about this video! It […]

Posted on July 23, 2013


Your key to fame and fortune: Be an extra in our video!

[NOVEMBER 25 2013 UPDATE: All of our video shoots are done! In fact, the video is done! Stay tuned here for more info re: its release date!] The super-talented Kevin Regan is directing/shooting a video for our extremely cheeeezy song “An Idiot for Christmas” with help from the fabulous choreographer Georgianna Staley. It’s a multi-season […]