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GIG: July 9, 8-10pm, Bellefonte Cafe, Wilmington DE. HB plays (and records) the DEEP CUTS!

No, it's not a bong. yet
No, it’s not a bong.
But that is a blue canary in the outlet (sorta) by the lightswitch…

It’s been a while since we’ve played at The Bellefonte Cafe. For a while there, we were trying to play at Bellefonte once a year in the summertime, but we fell off the horse… until NOW.                                  
There’s something extra-amazing about the Bellefonte Cafe in the summertime. When the weather’s right, they open the windows between the performance space and the porch seats, and people can sit outside and chat and enjoy the music while the breeze wafts in the room and carries the smells of coffee and black bean soup around the place. And our pals at the NOAA are saying that this craptastic wet blanket of oppressive heat and humidity will break by Saturday, so hopefully we’ll be able to get those windows OPEN!                    
Anyway, if you haven’t been to the Bellefonte Cafe in a while, they’ve been under new ownership for maybe two years now. The food is still just as delicious, lovingly prepared, and veg*n friendly, but it comes out infinitely faster. Everyone appreciated that upgrade. You’re still encouraged to listen and linger, but it’s no longer forced upon you because your food hadn’t arrived. They also moved some tables around, so now the musicians have a bit more space in the front of the big room there, which is nice for everyone.

This night is going to be special for a few reasons:   Mah nishtanah halailah hazeh mikol haleilot?   “How is this night different from all other nights?” Sorry. I had to make a dumb Passover joke. Carry on. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. We’re recording the show to see if we can get some live tracks out of it.
  2. We’re playing a bunch of our “deep cuts,” meaning, songs we don’t get to play very often because we don’t often have the good fortune of playing listening rooms… and these are songs that work best when people are listening. Bellefonte Cafe is a great listening room. And you can’t force a listening room… either people listen, or they talk loudly so they can hear themselves over the music. It just depends… but we find that a Songs like “Gravity” are hard to do in a rock club, and “Run” just never seems to make it onto our set lists for no particular reason.
  3. You might think the night sounds boring. I can hear my mother saying, “Who wants to hear songs ya don’t know? And is it gonna be the all ballads channel? Bleaggh!” A reasonable concern, but you don’t have to worry about it. There will be PLENTY of dorkiness on Saturday night. We’re Delaware’s PREMIER acoustic dork-rock power duo for heaven’s sake! Have some faith in our dorkdom! We promise we won’t get all navel-gazey atcha. For example, Matt’s alter ego, The Suburban Legend, will be making an appearance, since we’re playing his song, “Yeah Baby.” See? NOT BORING. PLENTY DORKY.
  4. We’re going to be world-premiering a new song, possibly even two!
  5. Jill will introduce you all to her newest instrument: Her bass recorder. It’s an AuLos A533B, and it’s GORGEOUS. Wait until you hear this thing. Jill plays AuLos recorders.
  6. Anyway, if that isn’t enough to sell you, then we’ll hopefully see you at a different show this summer… there are many to choose from! But for now, I’m just gonna give you the all-important deets for this gig.


    WHO: Just us. Hot Breakfast!. The Suburban Legend and Ji11.

    WHEN: Saturday, July 9th, 8-10PM. (Bellefonte’s shows used to be 7-9 back in the old days, but now under the new ownership they bumped it later. We dig it.)

    WHERE: Bellefonte Cafe, 804 Brandywine Blvd, Wilmington, DE.

    TICKETS: No tickets! It’s a free event, but it is a restaurant, and you need to justify your arse taking up a seat for two hours. So please order some food and beverages. Also: The band gets paid via tips, so if you feel so moved, please toss a buck or two into the tip jars judiciously placed around the space.

    PARKING: It’s all street parking; it’s a neighborhood. All free. No meters or anything.

    FOOD: They’ve got a full kitchen and bar, and everything is hand-made to order and delicious. They can handle all of your funky dietary needs, so don’t be shy.

    FACEBOOK EVENT: Here’s the Facebook Event Link, if you’re into that sort of thing. ๐Ÿ™‚


    We hope to see you at this show– We promise it’ll be nothing short of wonderful.

    Your pal,




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CD RELEASE SHOW for our new album: THE BIG REVEAL! Saturday Nov 14, 8PM (doors at 7)

LADIES AND GERMS, THE TIME HAS COME. You’ve been oh so patient… and now we can REVEAL… this album that was in the works for 18 months, and that we are absolutely head-over-heels in love with: The Big Reveal. It’s time to CELEBRATE as we unleash this new album with a blowout show at The Blue Ball Barn at Alapocas Run State Park in Wilmington, DE.

Artwork by Nathan Hardoin and Joe del Tufo. You're seeing it here first, kids.
Artwork by Nathan Hardoin and Joe del Tufo. You’re seeing the album artwork here first, kids!

We will be joined by Glim Dropper in this special concert event. After the awesome Glim Dropper opens the show, they’ll back us on several tunes, including brand-new songs from our new full-length album The Big Reveal! Other guests include Joe Trainor and Kevin Niemi (from The Joe Trainor Trio), Joe Testa Noelle Picara (from Noelle Picara’s band), the fabulous Penny Carmack, Rachel Schain, Rodney Anonymous (!!!), Todd Chappelle, and more. (Don’t worry – we’ll be playing lots as an acoustic duo as well. It’s what we do.)

The doors open at 7pm so you can grab a beverage and some great post-dinner finger food from Bachetti Bros., and then the music starts at 8pm sharp! You’ll also be first in line to purchase The Big Reveal, the new album produced by Ritchie Rubini. The Big Reveal is loaded with original and highly eclectic rock n’ roll, a mix of styles from 70s “Mellow Gold,” analog synths of the 80s, blistering punk rock, and even rockabilly– all infused with that unmistakable Hot Breakfast! dorkiness you know and love. Guests on the album include Jake and the Stiffs, Angela Sheik, Cooke Harvey from The Splashing Pearls, and many more.

Don’t miss this unique and incredibly fun night of music at one of Wilmington’s true treasures – The Blue Ball Barn, a historic museum at the new Alapocas Run State Park in Wilmington, Delaware. It’s a really cool space; you’ll dig it.


    • WHAT: Our long-awaited CD release party for our new album The Big Reveal


    • WHEN: Saturday November 14th. Doors open at 7pm, music starts promptly at 8pm


    • WHO: Hot Breakfast! Glim Dropper, and pals!


    • WHERE: The Blue Ball Barn at Alapocas State Park: 1914 W Park Dr, Wilmington, Delaware 19803. (You’ve seen this place from Concord Pike about 1000 times and always wondered what it was. Now you’ll know!)


CLICK THIS! It will help you find the place.
CLICK THIS! It will help you find the place.
    • PARKING: Free parking in their lot.


    • FOOD/DRINKS: Please eat dinner BEFORE you show up. We won’t have dinner for you, merely snacks, because what’s a party without snacks? These are catered finger-food simple snacks (cheese & crackers, fancy fruit, little delicious desserty things) but this is a gig in a museum, not a wedding in a restaurant. ๐Ÿ™‚ There will NOT be any substantial food for sale. Snackages are included in the price of your ticket and will be mostly available pre-show — from 7-8pm or until we run out. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Simple, non-boozy beverages (Water, iced tea, lemonade) are also included in the cost of your ticket. Beer and wine (only), soda, and bottles of foo-foo water will be available for (cash-only) donation.


    • KID FRIENDLY?ย  This event is not geared for kids, and we won’t be watching our language… but with that said, we don’t really drop many F-bombs anyway. Maybe 4th grade and up? You know your kid best, not us. As long as they won’t be distracting, go for it. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • TICKETS: http://hotbreakfast.brownpapertickets.comย  They are $20 each online, and will be $25 at the door if it’s not sold out. If you’re buying at the door, we will have the ability to take plastic. (The bar will be cash only, however.)


    • CDs: All of our recordings will be available at this show. 39 Summers and The Big Reveal are $10 each; our 2012 “HOT BREAKFAST!” EP (which includes “An Idiot for Christmas” will be available for $5. We can take plastic.


That’s all the news!

We are SO EXCITED to share this music with you. We worked on it for 18 months, and we think it’s worth the wait. We hope you’ll agree. ๐Ÿ™‚

See you soon!

Your pals,

Jill & Matt

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Our gift to you… a free download of our new song “Going Your Way.”

You know, we could all use a little reminder now and then that we’re not alone. It’s a dark time of year (in fact, we’re just an hour away from the winter solstice as I type this!) and it’s easy to feel kinda isolated and lost among the hustle and bustle of the season.

But we have a new song called “Going Your Way,” which tries to remind the listener that they’re not alone; that someone’s always got their back. It’s really sweet. When Matt played it for me the first time, I admit that I cried… it hit me right in the feels.

And you know what else gets us in the feels? YOU. Meaning, we get really overwhelmed with gratitude when we see you all at our shows, giving us love and enthusiastic fist pumps, and singing along with us. It’s really something to feel such love coming back at us. We promise that we never, ever take you for granted, and we promise always to work our hardest for you. We never forget that every person in the audience gave up their hard-earned money, free time, and the tractor beam of their comfy couches to come spend time with us. There are a million other wonderful, worthwhile ways that you could have spent your time, yet you chose to come out and let us make music for you. It’s an honor. I know this all sounds grandiose, but it’s sincere… there are lots of happening. For all of this, we wanted to thank you. But how? By giving you what we know how to give best: music.

So, between now and January 4th 2015, we’re making our brand new song “Going Your Way” available to you as a free download. After that date, you can stream it for free at Soundcloud or on Reverbnation, and if you want to buy it, you’ll have to wait until the release of the new album in the early spring of 2015.

This song, just like every other song on our forthcoming album, was produced by Ritchie Rubini. This particular track is a warm, non-dorky song about kindness, featuring 19 layers of backing vocal tracks, all arranged and performed by Jill. And like every other Hot Breakfast tune, there is absolutely no auto-tune, no Melodyne, no pitch correction, nada. What you hear is what we played/sang. We’re humans, after all… so we wanna sound like humans. Gloriously imperfect, as they say.

Anyway, here’s the song. We really hope you like it. And thank you again for another great year. We do this for you, and we really, really are so grateful for the opportunity. Thank you. Really. Thank you.

Here’s to a warm, happy, (dorky!) and healthy 2015.

With love and thanks,

Jill & Matt

Going Your Way (Matt Casarino)
(c) 2014 Suburban Legends Music

Now and then you’re the jester in the lion’s den
Held and chained, kept alive to keep them entertained
Even if they grant you pardon
They keep a piece of you behind
But when they close you down
You will find I’m open all the time

I will stand below you when you fall
I will get behind you when you stall
Oooh – And when it’s time to walk away
I’m going your way

Now and then you realize you missed the ball again
It’s just your fate to get the invitation one day late
Then they tell you you should smile
Like that will turn your clouds to gold
I have some words to tell ’em
Better yet, let’s leave ’em in the cold

I’m not gonna tell you what to do
I’m happy to be miserable with you
Oooh – that’s what I call a good day
I’m going your way

Sometimes you fight sometimes you flee
Try as you might you’re stuck with me

But if you never had a bad day
You’d never know how good it feels
When everything goes right
When all your open wounds have healed

I will stand below you when you fall
I will get behind you when you stall

Oooh You know it’s gonna be okay
I’m going your way
I’m going your way

Jill Knapp: Lead vocals, background vocals, aux. percussion
Matt Casarino: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, classical guitar
Ritchie Rubini: Drums
Ray Gagliardino: Bass
Csilla Lakatos: Cello
Recorded at Studio 825
Mastered by Eamon Loftus

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CANCELED: December 27, 7pm, World Cafe Live PHILADELPHIA. Another singer/songwriter showcase! Woot!


It might seem like we’re playing a lot of singer/songwriter showcases lately, but that’s only because we’ve got two in a row on the ol’ calendar. We’re pretty excited about them!

Singer/songwriter showcases get a bad rap. All too often they’re led by shoegazey, self-important 23 year olds who play slow three-chord chunkers with lyrics about breakups. We could see why you’d think that’s a total snoozefest. But singer/songwriter showcases aren’t snoozefests when HOT BREAKFAST! is on the bill! No siree!

NEWSFLASH: Singer/songwriters don’t have to be snoozey.

This might be a photo of other singer songwriter showcase audiences...  BUT NOT OURS.
This might be a photo of other singer songwriter showcase audiences… BUT NOT OURS.

We’re looking forward to playing different songs at this Philly singer/songwriter show than we played at The Queen. We have so many neat songs that we don’t get to play often (the “deep cuts!”), so we’re gonna milk this for all it’s worth!

The format of this evening is exactly opposite that of the showcase at The Queen. Here, each artist gets a 40-minute set. Boom. No round-robin stuff, no small sets… it’s pretty traditional. Don’t get us wrong– we love the format of The Queen’s showcase; it really keeps the night moving. But this format in Philly definitely has its upsides, too: you can really get some good momentum in your set and take the audience on a ride over 40 minutes!

We will be playing different songs in Philly than we are playing in Wilmington, so if you come to both shows (which we’d love!), you won’t be getting many dupes. We’ll also probably play more upbeat, deep cuts in Philly, since World Cafe Live in Philly is less of a listening-room atmosphere. We’ll have to make ourselves heard… though I don’t think anyone has ever had a problem hearing us. ๐Ÿ™‚

IMPORTANT: When you come to the show, please, please be sure to tell the venue that you’re there to see us. You need to mention the band by name, otherwise we don’t get paid. It’s one of those things… and we appreciate you helping us out! </holycrap important font>

Okeedoke– without any further schpiel, here are the…


What: The HYPE Philly presents a Singer Songwriter Showcase!
Who: Hot Breakfast!, of course! Also on the bill are Jill Jacobs, Melissa Clampffer, Dana K Fiero, Emily Mineo, and Maggie Lefczik. It’s an all-female-fronted night!
When: Saturday, December 27. SHOW STARTS at 7PM! Our set starts around 10:00pm give or take.
Where: World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, 3025 Walnut St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104.
Tickets: $10! Cheap! And you can get them right here at the World Cafe Philly website.
Food & Drink: They have it! Pretty fancy and delicious stuff, too. Make sure you get a reservation for a table… a ticket doesn’t guarantee you a table!
Parking: Tons of street parking is available, and there are also garages nearby. Consult your friend Google Maps.
Facebook Event: Here you go!

We hope to see you there! We won’t let you snooze!

Your pal in dork rock,


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GIG: Comedy Music Night with Dave & Brian, Todd Chappelle, and HB!: Sat Nov 16th, 8pm at the Kennett Flash (Kennett Square, PA)

I have nothing to add.
I have nothing to add.
It was a warm summer night in 2012 when two outstanding music comedy bands and one dork-rock duo took the stage at the Kennett Flash and brought the place down with laughs, groans, shouts, and musical silliness aplenty. And thanks to some lovely people persistently nudging the Kennett Flash for another round, we’re doing it again! We’re PUMPED!

We’re lucky to have the same wonderful lineup as last year: Dave & Brian, Todd Chappelle, and little ol’ us.

Dave & Brian are not just your typical everyday acoustic guitar/glockenspiel duo. These guys are absolutely BRILLIANT, and when you see their live show you can see why they have a national following. Their music has been featured on NBCโ€™s โ€œThe Today Show,โ€ NPRโ€™s โ€œWait Wait… Donโ€™t Tell Me!โ€ show, and even on where their songs “The Dork Anthem” “Red Rover” were both deemed Funny (no easy feat). When we saw them for the first time last year, our jaws were on the floor and our sides were aching from laughing so hard. Not only are these guys funny, but they’re so damn polished. Their material is silly, smart, quick, and edgy, while still being mostly clean (but never prudish).

Todd Chappelle is our brother from another mother, whose song about “Doritos” literally, no exaggeration here, made Jill cry because she was laughing so hard. Todd is not only a tremendously funny guy, but his voice is just gorgeous and so versatile, too. He’s known for his “how the hell did you write that song so fast” parodies on timely news topics– most notably his Fiscal Cliff song that borrowed the melody from Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian.” That song was played on radio stations all around the country at the end of 2012, and even wound up on Fox News along with an interview from the guy from Night Ranger. Todd is very much in demand, playing up and down the east coast to huge audiences. We love him very much.

And of course you know who we are… Hot Breakfast is Delawares premier acoustic dork-rock power duo, and also the least funny band on the bill. But what we lack in comic chops we more than make up for in dorkiness. BUT: We have new material for you, exclusively for this show! Hear a newly-updated song called “Facebook Status Update,” and we’ll be world premiering our first foray into EDM (electronic dance music) with a new techno song called “This is Our Hit Song,” featuring Todd Chappelle. It’ll be a night of big laughs, and we hope you’ll come.

The event is happening at The Kennett Flash, which is a 150-seat intimate venue with great sound, comfy table seating, a light menu… and it’s a BYOB establishment. We love the vibe there, and we’re very happy to be playing there again with these very talented musicians.

The evening’s festivities start at 8pm. There is no opening band– we’re all opening for each other. (So get there on time, is what we’re saying.)


WHO: Todd Chapelle, Dave & Brian, and Hot Breakfast! trade sets for a night of PG-13 comedy music
WHEN: Saturday, November 16th, 8pm
WHERE: The Kennett Flash– 102 Sycamore Alley, Kennett Square, PA 19348 484-732-8295.
TICKETS: Tickets can be purchased online for $15, or for $18 at the door.
PARKING: You can park in the teeeeeeeny lot behind the venue (it fills up fast), or you can park on the street– there’s plenty of parking.
FOOD: The Kennett Flash serves light fare– sammiches, snacks, drinks. It’s also a BYOB establishment, so they charge a corkage and a glass fee. There are about a zillion wonderful places to get dinner in Kennett Square, so if you’re looking for a bigger meal, get into town early.

Hope to see you there– it’s going to be a really fun (and funny!) night!

Your pal,