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Your key to fame and fortune: Be an extra in our video!

You too can be an idiot with our handy 12-step program.
You too can be an idiot with our handy 12-step program.

[NOVEMBER 25 2013 UPDATE: All of our video shoots are done! In fact, the video is done! Stay tuned here for more info re: its release date!]

The super-talented Kevin Regan is directing/shooting a video for our extremely cheeeezy song “An Idiot for Christmas” with help from the fabulous choreographer Georgianna Staley. It’s a multi-season song/video; we shot a good chunk of the winter stuff when it snowed in January, and now it’s time for the summer scenes. Woot!

There’s only one more opportunity for you to find fame and fortune through being an extra in a Hot Breakfast video (guaranteed to get at least two views on YouTube and plenty of disparaging and misspelled comments from 13 year olds about how old / lame we are):

  1. Sunday morning, July 28th, 11AM – 12 Noon. Brandywine High School, Foulk Road, Wilmington DE: For this shoot, you’ll be an extra in the stands at a baseball game. This is open to ANY and ALL who can make it, so feel free to spread the word around. Kids are welcome since we’re creating a baseball game atmosphere. We won’t actually need baseball players; we’re all just going to be sitting in the stands watching a fake game. We should knock this out in less than an hour, assuming Jill can catch a ball. 🙂 Please wear red if you can (it’s no biggie if you don’t), but please do not wear anything with a visible logo on it (no Phillies shirts/hats, no Nike swooshes, no Metallica T-shirts, etc.). Thanks!
  2. Saturday August 3rd, two hours in the late morning, Rehoboth Beach, DE: You can be an extra down at our Rehoboth Beach shoot! Everyone will be on the beach, dancing (or moving/walking, shaking towels, throwing beach balls) during a 16-bar sax solo. This all happens on the sand, though we will not be in the ocean. All shapes/sizes/looks/ages/flavors welcome! Wear whatever you would feel comfortable wearing to the beach… you DO NOT have to wear a bathingsuit! Heck, wear a parka, we don’t care. Just come and be your comfortable, wonderful self. This beach shoot will only take an hour or two, because we only need extras for a 16-measure sax solo. (Matt and Jill have a ton of other scenes to shoot by themselves afterwards, so as soon as you’re done with the shoot, you’re free… but Matt and Jill are being whisked off to their next shoot location.) We aren’t putting the times or specific location details of the beach shoot in this post because you MUST RSVP to be in it. We will send you the details when you RSVP. (RSVP by following the instructions in the blue text below.)

  4. Monday September 16, 7:30 – 9:30PM: We’ll record some concert footage at 1984 in Wilmington. We’ll need people to pretend to like our music (haha), and we’ll also need people to drink the tasty beer and play the amazing classic 1980s arcade games they have at 1984. You’ll likely need to bring a change of shirt, since this is a multi-season video. RSVP to to RSVP and so we can give you more details. We are intentionally not giving a lot of details on the site here to force people to RSVP. We don’t want anyone showing up unprepared. Since this one’s happening at a bar, ages 21+ please.

  6. Sunday, November 24th, time TBD: We will have one super-fast (and stealthy) holiday-shopping scene at Christiana Mall. We won’t need any extras for this shot, since we need to sneak in and steal the shot in one take, and coordinating extras for this tight shot won’t be do-able.

** If you are interested in being in one (or all!) of these shoots, please send an email to our special video address ( and let us know which date(s) you’re interested in attending, if you have any special skills you’re willing to showcase (e.g., juggling fire, hula hooping, dancing), and please give us a reliable email address so we can get back to you. Spelling counts. 🙂   **

The Fine Print: I know you know this stuff already, but we have to say it anyway: This is all volunteer work… meaning, unpaid. In exchange for donating your time, gas, and parking money, you will have our undying love and gratitude, and hopefully a really fun and interesting experience! We will need everyone (kids, too) to go with the flow, to be patient (“hurry up and wait” is common during video shoots), and to pleeeeeeease be on time. Let’s have a ball while we make good, silly, dorky art!

We’ll give you more specifics re: what to bring, what to wear, where to be, etc. once you send us an email to We are being intentionally vague here.

We are excited about this video! The footage we have so far came out super-cute, and we’re hoping with the addition of your sexy arses it’ll be super-awesome.
Wanna hear the song before you agree to hearing it 73,000 times during the shoot? This may change your mind. 😉
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”81″ iframe=”false” /]

Mobile users can click this link here: Hot Breakfast! – An Idiot for Christmas.

Yes yes, we know it’s hella schmaltzy. From the midi drums and gratuitous jingle bells to Jill’s prissy over-pronouncing of words and loungey delivery, it doesn’t get cheezier than this. The irony of all this is that Jill reeeeaally hates shopping (which also makes her a commie terrorist)… but hey, we’re not above stooping this low in hopes of getting on WXPN’s holiday compilation. 🙂

AN IDIOT FOR CHRISTMAS (Written by Matt Casarino. (c) 2012 Suburban Legends Music, ASCAP.)

All the leaves are nice and green
The air conditioner’s cool
And hear the sound of happy children
Playing in the pool
It’s 92 degrees outside
But don’t you get me wrong
Cause even though it’s summertime
This is still a Christmas song…

Cause I’m not gonna be an idiot this Christmas
This year I’ll start buying gifts real soon
You think I’m over-dramatic, but I’m avoiding panic
I won’t be shopping in the snow, I’m kickin’ it off in June
I’m making up a list down on the boardwalk
And stopping at the outlets on the way
I’m not gonna be an idiot this Christmas-time
I’ll have my shopping done by Labor Day

(take the sax solo, Matt! This is what we’re shooting at the beach…)

So, okay, I bought no one gifts this summer
Shopping in the heat is hard to do
Besides, who can think of Santa, when you’re still chugging Mylanta
Cause you ate too many chili dogs at Uncle Henry’s Barbeque
I still have lots of time to look for bargains
I’ll buy the finest gifts you’ve ever seen
I’m not gonna be an idiot this Christmas-time
I’ll have my shopping done by Halloween

Well now December’s almost gone
The time just disappeared
And it’s too late for Amazon
To get a package here
So I’m scraping off the windshield
Wrap a scarf around my ears
Cause it turns out I’m an idiot this Christmas
I never did that shopping after all
It turns out I’m an idiot this Christmas-time
I’m spending Christmas Eve at Christiana Mall!

See you soon!

Your pal,


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