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GIG: Tuesday, August 20, 7:30, World Cafe Live at the Queen with Todd Chappelle & George Woods

You’ve often heard us declare that the local music scene, from the musicians to the venues to the deejays, is incredibly welcoming and supportive. But sometimes, even Delaware’s Premier Dork-Rock Power Duo travels outside of Delaware. And on one occasion, we ended up in Boston, where we met the amazing George Woods.

George is a true triple-threat: a fantastic songwriter, a wonderful singer, and a freakin’ AWESOME guitar player. (Click on that above link, scroll down a bit, and listen to a few songs – you’ll see.) But he’s also a great guy, friendly, smart, hilarious, and rather swoony.

Did you just look into his eyes? Congratulations – you’re pregnant.

And he’s coming to Delaware.

Here’s the story: a few months ago, we performed at the 6B Lounge Open Mic Night, hosted by George. He liked us, and asked us to come back to be the featured artist on an open mic night in July. But George was also planning a tour to support his new album Heartbeat, and he needed a Delaware venue. So George will be joining us at World Cafe Live at the Queen on Tuesday, August 20th at 7:30. (Click that link to purchase your tickets online!)

But that’s not all. Not by a longshot. Sure, a show featuring Hot Breakfast! and George Woods would kick a tremendous amount of butt. But your friends Matt and Ji11 wanted to kick more butt than has ever been kicked. Therefore, this show features not only Hot Breakfast! and George Woods, but also the most clever, snuggly, hilarious, and lovable folically-challenged singer-songwriter we know. He too is rather dreamy, don’t you think?

...and now it's twins.
…and now it’s twins.

That’s right…TODD FREAKIN’ CHAPPELLE, Delaware’s hilarious and ridiculously talented musical comedian, who happens to be our great friend. He’ll be joining us too, and guess what? He’s got a new album out! That’s right – this show, in addition to introducing the great music of George Woods to the great state of Delaware, will be Todd Chappelle’s Album Release Party. His new album, Morning People, was recorded live in May, and it is a RIOT. (Trust us. We were there.)

Because this show is at the Queen – and we cannot stress this enough – after you purchase tickets, you should call (302) 994-1400 to reserve a table. The last time we played a show with Todd Chappelle at the Queen, we sold the place out, and some folks with tickets were forced to stand because they didn’t also reserve a table. Please don’t let this happen to you. Besides, the Queen has some yummy food and excellent bartenders – you’ll want a table.

So to sum up: Tuesday, August 20th. World Cafe Live at the Queen. Hot Breakfast!, George Woods, and Todd Chappelle. Two swoony guys, and one pair of dorks. Tickets are only $8 for the show people1 are already calling “the most incredible thing ever that hasn’t happened yet” and “if I say what you tell me to say will you get out of my garden?”


WHAT: Todd Chappelle, George Woods, and Hot Breakfast! at World Cafe Live at the Queen
WHO: Todd Chappelle, George Woods, and Hot Breakfast!. Try to keep up.
WHERE: World Café Live at the Queen (upstairs), 500 N. Market St., Wilmington, DE
WHEN: Tuesday, August 20th. 7:30 PM
TICKETS: $8 (+$2 processing fee). Purchase tickets here or call (302) 994-1400. Dinner reservations are strongly recommended in addition to your ticket purchase. All tickets are General Admission.
FOOD/DRINK: Full menu (yum!) & bar service.
ACCESS: All ages event. Wheelchair accessible. Parking garage next door.

Yours in rock,
Matt (the Suburban Legend) and Ji11

1 Technically, Jill and I are people. So…yeah.

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