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We’ve been recording

We thought it was time to create an EP, so we set up The Knappshack greatroom with Matt’s fancy-pants recording equipment and we started laying down some songs.

Though there are many different ways you can record, we thought we would just record everything live as if we were playing a show. We just played through our tunes a few times and picked the best take, though sitting far apart from each other during the recording allowed us to go back and fix little things here and there if we needed to. Once we got the guitar and the lead vocal solid, we overdubbed some backing vocals or a few little guitar things here and there just to fill out the sound… and voila.

Matt is doing the mixing. I’m not quite sure what we’re going to do about the album artwork yet, but we suppose getting a title probably has to happen first. Right now it’s tentatively titled “What You Want.” We asked our Facebook pals for album name suggestions, and everyone came up with breakfast-related puns… many of which were delightfully groan-worthy. Of those, my favorite was “I’ll Have The Face Melt” which was submitted by Rob McDonald. We decided we wanted to stay away from the food/breakfast-related titles, cute as they may be… so yeah, for now, we’re going with “What You Want.” Matt came up with it, though he says he got it because I say it whenever I’m eating something that’s particularly hitting the spot. So maybe it comes down to food after all.

Anyway, while we were recording I set up my laptop with Flix32 and a webcam and had it take an every-15-seconds stop-motion video. After the session (it lasted about 3 hours, I guess?) I added some captions and then uploaded it to YouTube. So here it is. It intentionally has no sound.

So there’s a little insight into our recording process, as well as a glimpse into my living room. 🙂

We’ll be posting more of these, so stay tuned!

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