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OH SNAP. Kennett Flash gig has been canceled.

Sadly, the folks at the Kennett Flash accidentally double-booked some other bands to play the night that we were supposed to play (May 27th), so… we’re not playing that night. It was an innocent, honest mistake, there are no hard feelings, so it’s all good in the hood. We’ll play there again soon, so stay tuned for the new date.

I suppose it’s a blessing in disguise; it is Memorial Day weekend after all, and we were expecting our usual crowd to be lighter than usual due to vacations. And speaking of vacations, Jill canceled her Memorial Day vacation plans to do the gig, and now she can go camping with her nutty pals in Texas where she can will bitten by fire ants and covered in poison ivy. Everyone loves a Blotchy Breakfast.

Your pal,

Breakfast (Jill)

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