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Gig: June 4th at Bellefonte Cafe

It’s true! It’s true! Hot Breakfast! is returning to the super-cool Bellefonte Cafe on Saturday June 4th. After such a groovy and jam-packed time in April, the Bellefonte folks signed us up for a second gig that very night… we were flattered because we love that place, and lots of incredible folks have played there. We hope you’ll join us for some coffee, some banter, some tasty food, and a bunch of new tunes, too.

What new tunes?
Here’s a teaser: Do you like Duran Duran? How about A-ha? And what about Alan Parsons Project? And do you like Matt Casarino’s originals? YES YOU DO. So you should come on out and support not only a local business that serves local food, but also live, local indie music played by people who can actually, like, sing in tune without comput0rz.

Besides, how can you resist a new tune called “Hole In Your Pants”? You simply cannot.
The power of pants-holes compels you!
The power of pants-holes compels you!
The power of pants-holes compels you!

The show starts at 7pm and ends around 9, though something tells us they won’t be too upset if we go a little later. For those of you with a schedule to keep (or a touch of OCD), we promise to start as close to 7pm as possible.

See you then? See you then!

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