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Our new EP is here!

Ladies and Germs (and Brian),

We would like to be the first to tell you that our new EP is here, and will be available for the first time EVER at our show tomorrow night at 1984. Brian Lintz, our Coolest of the Cool Little Brothers, gets the first one, so all 23,000 of you will have to WAIT IN LINE BEHIND BRIAN, got it?

We’ll also have ’em available at our set at the Ice Cream Festival this Sunday.

You can also purchase individual tracks or the entire album in a bundle by clicking the link at the top of this page here.

We’re really excited about this!

Here’s the track listing:
1. IT ONLY TAKES TWO TO ROCK – M. Casarino / J. Knapp – 5:05
2. DEFENDER – M. Casarino – 3:40
3. KISS OFF – G. Gano – 2:45
4. HOLE IN YOUR PANTS – M. Casarino – 2:35
5. YOU WERE A SPIDER – M. Casarino – 4:11
6. MAJOR TOM (COMING HOME) – P. Schilling – 4:18

That’s copied/pasted right from the CD labeling software, yo. There’s no changing it now. Since it’s an EP, it doesn’t have a fancy title. If we wanna be pretentious we can say, “It’s our self-titled EP.”

Don’t see your favorite song? Don’t worry… the album-album is still in the works!

See everything you need? Well, er, OK… looks like you’re all set then.

Your pal,


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