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The Internet, she provides.

This is why I love my friends and the Internet.

It started at the last time we played at the open mic night at Extreme Pizza. Admittedly, attendance was low, so it basically devolved into us and Todd Chappelle musically goofing off. Somebody (and I can’t remember who) made a Neil Diamond joke, and then Matt and Todd started doing Neil Diamond imitations. Jill was a blob in the corner, paralyzed with laughter for she is easily entertained.

A few weeks later, Todd posted this YouTube video:

Which of course is hilarious and made us die laughing, and only fueled the Neil Diamond fire.

Emails full of “TODAY!” were exchanged, and Matt tried to figure out what songs he might sing in the style of Neil Diamond as well. (We already do a cover of You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, but maybe we needed something else, right?)

The other day, Jill was sticking something on her trusty Google Calendar, and she had this thought, so she tweeted it:

In case you don’t know, the @boutell Jill referenced is none other than Tom Boutell, the guy who sorta invented half of the things you use everyday if you use a farking computer (the .png file format, Real Audio, the WWW FAQ, image mapping, ya know.). I’m honored to say he’s a really good friend of ours. 🙂

To which immediately Tom replied:

So we said…

And then 18 hours later, THIS HAPPENED:

So fellow nerds, dorks, and people who need about 73,000% more awesome in your Google Calendar, here’s what you do:

1) Install this add-on into Chrome, created by Tom Boutell
2) Shut down Chrome
3) Re-open Chrome
4) Open Google Calendar
5) Go to some date that is not today
6) Click your calendar’s “Today” button
7) Change your pants

I love the internet.

So… if you didn’t have a reason to come see us and Todd play this Friday night at Bellefonte Cafe, now you really do. That is, assuming you’re not going to see the Dead Milkmen play in Philly… because if you are, I totally don’t blame you for missing our show.

Your pal,


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