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Matt’s new tunes

Matt has been working on some new tunes, and he just released another album. Hot Breakfast is sometimes too overwhelmingly awesome for one man to take, so to ensure he stays healthy and doesn’t explode from all of the freakin’ ROCKING, he chills out with a nice malt liquor beverage and some recording equipment and records his own stuff. You can check it out here. I will be timing how long you are over at that web page because you really need to be spending your time right here.

But then again, I also understand that there’s only so much awesoming you fans (our “cool little brothers”) can take, so I suppose it’s OK for you to spend some time with Matt and his solo stuff. But make sure you listen to “Elephant Gun” a lot, because that’s actually a Hot Breakfast tune. Matt knew he needed to add that to his CD or otherwise it probably wouldn’t sell.

I am comfortable with Matt riding on Hot Breakfast’s coat-tails. Lord knows The Industrial Jazz Group, the Joe Trainor Trio, and Billy Joel do it.1


1 Huhhhuhuhuh. I said “do it.”


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