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Looking for your socks? (plus, a set list)


photo (c) 2011 Joe del Tufo

For those of you who got to your cars last night and realized that your socks were gone, you can thank us for rocking them the hell off. To retrieve them, check with the Bellefonte Cafe staff; we left them in a plastic bag from Target– ask for Frank behind the bar.

Seriously… thanks so much to everyone who came to the show last night. We had a great time, and hearing y’all yell “HOT BREAKFAST!” and singing along makes it all worth while. We’re very lucky that we get to do what we do for appreciative people. So really, we owe you the thanks here.

photo (c) 2011 Joe del Tufo

Also: Woot! As of this writing we’re up to 135 people who like us on Facebook. WORLD DOMINATION IS IMMINENT, PEOPLE. Can you taste it? (We can, and it tastes sorta like the brunch we had at Hank’s this morning. Highly recommended.)

We’ve been getting requests for us to post our set list, so we’re gonna start doing that after each show. The tunes marked with an asterisk are our originals, written by our Hotness, Matt Casarino. Covers have their original artists noted in parentheses.

SET 1:
Can You Picture That? (Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem)
* Defender (Matt Casarino)
Vienna (Billy Joel)
* An Easy Mistake (Matt Casarino)
Wastepaper Basket Fire (Brian Dewan)
Dancing in the Dark (Bruce Springsteen)
Rock of Ages (Def Leppard)
No Myth (Michael Penn)
Eye in the Sky (Alan Parsons Project)
* Good for You (Matt Casarino)
Crazy (Gnarls Barkley)
Take on Me (A-Ha)

SET 2:
Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne)
* Hole in Your Pants (Matt Casarino)
Two-Headed Boy (Neutral Milk Hotel)
Downeaster Alexa (Billy Joel)
Kiss Off (Violent Femmes)
Wine – with special guest appearance by Brian Elam (Saul Williams)
* O Hell (Matt Casarino)
In the Aeroplane over the Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel)
The Chauffeur (Duran Duran)
Kiss Me Son of God (They Might Be Giants)
* Gravity (Matt Casarino)
Fairy Tale of New York (The Pogues)
* Yeah Baby (Matt Casarino)
Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler)

Encore (thanks so much for that!)
Heaven on Their Minds (Jesus Christ Superstar / Murray Head)

Last night our Founding CLB Brian asked us when our next gig is, because as of now all we have are private shows booked1. Have no fear, folks. We’ll be back at the Bellefonte Cafe soon enough, and we’ll also be playing at Between Books on an upcoming balmy Friday night. We also will be playing at open mic nights (granted, not a lot of bang for your buck there) at The Kennett Flash, World Cafe Life at the Queen, and Legendary Dobbs in Philly. We’re also talking to the people who book shows at Logan House, Mojo Main, and The Tin Angel. Stay tuned for details and dates! Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging.

Also: If you’re interested in booking us for a house concert, let us know! We love those.

OK, that’s it for now.

It’s 11pm, and this rockstar has some leftover rice that isn’t gonna eat itself.

Your pal,


1 Did you know you can hire us to play your soiree/BBQ/wedding? We can class it up if we need to. Email us (scroll down after you click the link) if you’re interested and we’ll tawk!

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