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GIG: Sat Feb 16, 8-11PM, ArtsQuest Center, Bethlehem, PA

Yep, we're playing here. Just walk in and there we are! Ta-daaa!
Yep, we’re playing here. Just walk in and there we are! Ta-daaa!

We’ve been invited to play at the absolutely breathtaking ArtsQuest Center in Bethlehem, PA. If you haven’t been up there, it’s well worth the trip. Located in the heart of gorgeous Bethelem PA, the ArtsQuest Center is a gazillion-dollar arts center that features a few movie houses for blockbusters and indie films alike, several state of the art performance spaces and several more casual stages too; cafes, restaurants, visual arts, and community outreach– all with an amazing view of Bethlehem’s famed steel stacks. Read about the history of ArtsQuest here… it’s pretty neat.

ArtsQuest has its mighty arm in MusikFest, which is one of the region’s most popular music festivals. Many artists who play at the ArtsQuest Center are invited to play at MusikFest, and we’ve gotta say, we’d really love if that happened. We’ve been wanting to play at that festival for a long time because it’s got a really wonderful vibe.

So this Saturday we’ll be playing three sets at the ArtsQuest Center. You read that right, folks– three (THREE!) hours of HOT BREAKFAST ACTION! Can you believe it? Now, this probably isn’t the kind of show where you sit for three hours; we’re going to be on a stage that gets lots of foot traffic. So we expect that people will grab a cup of coffee or a snack from one of the shops near the stage, have a seat, listen to a song or two, and then head off to wherever they were going. It’s caszh.

So here’s the deets:
WHO: Hot Breakfast!
WHEN: Saturday, February 16th, 8-11pm
WHERE: ArtsQuest Center, 101 Founders Way, Bethlehem, PA. We’ll be playing in the Creativity Commons, which is the first floor of this incredible building. Listen for the ROCKING.
COST: Free!

Hope to see you there!

Your pals,

Ji11 and Suburban Legend

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