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GIG: COMEDY ROCKS, Thursday February 14 at 7:30, World Cafe Live at the Queen

We’re not gonna mince a lot of words here.

We’re going to rock out on Valentine’s Day. And we’re doing it with our great friends Todd Chappelle and Shari Short. And we’re gonna do it at World Cafe Live at the Queen. And we’re gonna start at 7:30.

If Valentine’s Day is truly about love, then we will be in the right place, because we LOVE us some Todd and Shari. Todd is a one-of-a-kind comic musician who writes hilarious and often incredibly timely songs and parodies that are so clever you might miss how musically talented the guy is. Seriously, he’s one of our heroes. And Shari is a riotous comedienne and journalist with a wonderful routine. These folks are our sweethearts, and we cannot wait to join them onstage and cuddle with them afterwards.1

The mighty Gable Music Ventures first put this show together last fall, and not only did we have a ball, but we pretty much sold out the place. So please get your tickets now and join us. We promise that whether you’re single, on a first date, or getting ready to dump the person you’re obligated to spend Valentine’s Day with, we promise we won’t make the night awkward for you. It ain’t that kind of show.

It’ll be the best VD2 ever.

Who: Hot Breakfast! Todd Chappelle, and Shari Short.
When: Thursday, February 14th, 7:30.
What: COMEDY ROCKS! A night of comedy, music, and eggplant fries.
Where: World Cafe Live at the Queen, 500 North Market St., Wilmington, DE.
Cover: $8 + $2 service fee. Cheap!
Food & Drink: World Cafe has a full bar and a menu full of yummy noms. Arrive hungry.
Parking: There’s a pay lot right next to the Queen – it’s super easy and pretty cheap. Parking is free after 6:00 on around Market Street, but it ain’t always easy to find spots.

Matt & Ji11

1 We have been informed by our lawyers that cuddling is not included in the contract riders of Todd Chappelle and Shari Short. We are currently exploring our legal options.
2 Um…VD stands for “Valentine’s Day,” right?

They bring the comedy. We bring the ROCK. And maybe some pistachios.
They bring the comedy. We bring the ROCK. And maybe some pistachios.

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