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GIG: Saturday, August 24, 1984 (Wilmington, DE) with New Americans and Evangelina & the Boys

There are three excellent reasons to come to the magnificent 1984 Barcade in Wilmington on Saturday, August 24th.

Pictured: several hundred hours of our youth.
Pictured: several hundred hours of our youth.

No, no, not those three reasons. We’re talking about three wonderful, female-fronted bands: The New Americans, Evangelina & the Boys, and your friends Hot Breakfast! We will all be rocking out at Delaware’s greatest arcade/bar on Saturday, August 24, starting at 10:00pm.

We’re gonna kick things off with an especially dorky 50 minutes (get ready for a new song or two!). Next, you’ll get a set from the mighty New Americans – a fantastic indie band who have been rocking Delaware since 2011. Finally, Evangelina will take the stage, and she is wonderful – she brings a mix of singer-songwriter soul with a true rock and roll spirit. Make no mistake – there will be some excellent music in the air at 1984.

But, of course, that’s not the only reason to go to 1984. We didn’t put that photo up there by accident – 1984 is loaded with an amazing selection of console video games and pinball machines. There are dozens of titles, all of ’em guaranteed to transport you back to your youth (unless you’re too young to remember console games, in which case, here, knock yourself out). And this is the best part: each game will only cost you a quarter. That’s right – in this era of $3.00 games at joints with names that sound vaguely like failed sitcoms (“Dan and Scooter’s” or whatever), here’s a place charging exactly the same to play Sinistar1 that you paid thirty years ago.

Great music. Great video games. Great beer. We are gonna party like it’s – well, you know. See you there. 🙂


WHAT: Hot Breakfast!, The New Americans, and Evangelina & the Boys at 1984 in Wilmington
WHO: Hot Breakfast, Evangelina & the Boys, The New Americans (links go to Facebook pages)
WHERE: 1984, 2511 W. 4th Street, Wilmington (link goes to Google Maps)
WHEN: Saturday, August 24, 10:00pm – 1:00am
TICKETS: $5 at the door. Cheap!
FOOD/DRINK: They’ve got an amazing beer & cider selection, but no food. But they have menus of local restaurants who deliver.
ACCESS: 21 or older only. They have a parking lot, but it can fill up – the earlier you arrive, the better.
FACEBOOK EVENT (IF YOU LIKE THAT SORT OF THING): It’s right here! Huzzah, Facebook!

Rock n’ roll, video games, and beer. THAT’S AMERICA, SON.

Matt (the Suburban Legend)

1 Speaking of Sinistar…F*** THIS GUY.

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