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GIG: 9/7/13 – 12 hours of music to benefit MS Research! Aqua Sol, Bear DE

LivingWithMSMultiple Sclerosis sucks. My sister has it. You don’t want it. Each year I try to do a little something to raise money for the MS Society in her honor; I’ll either Bike to the Bay, I’ll do the MS Walk, or during lazy years I’ll send ‘em a check. For the last few years we’ve been able to contribute in an even cooler way: by playing music in a sweeeeet all-day music festival at a wonderful spot: Aqua Sol Restaurant.
If you haven’t been there before, Aqua Sol is pretty neat. It’s got foodie-quality food with a Cuban flair, really good drinks, and a South Beach vibe. It’s right on the water, and their giant deck is on the marina. It’s the perfect place to start the process of saying goodbye to summer. A mojito on the water? Don’t mind if I do!
For the past few years, the wonderful John Smith (of The Acoustic Jam fame) has been putting on this remarkable event, which raises an impressive amount of money (and awareness) for Multiple Sclerosis and the search for new treatments and a cure. John puts his heart into this event, and you’ll never meet a more fun and welcoming atmosphere. $15 gets you 12 hours of music on the deck (or inside the groovy restaurant if it rains)– how can you beat it?
The live music starts at noon and goes all the way until midnight. We take the stage at 6PM, and we’re the last band to play before Barrel House Blues plays a marathon 5-hour set. INSANE! (And insanely good, too.)

There’ll be a special guest artist this year, Ms. Kristie Salerno Kent, who will be performing and promoting and signing her new book during the event. She’s living with MS and was officially diagnosed in 1999, but when you see her perform you can tell she’s kicking MS’ ass with her ROCK.

They’re keeping things easy this year and selling tickets at the door only… and they’ve dropped the price, too. This year tickets are only $15, which is pretty incredible.

Here’s the band lineup as we know it… please note that times are a little loose.

Kona Shame — 12:00 PM
The Acoustic Jam — 1:00 PM
Kristie Salerno Kent — 2:00 PM
Time Warp — 3:00 PM
Billy and Friends — 4:00 PM
Katalyst — 5:00 PM
Hot Breakfast — 6:00 PM
Barrel House Blues — 8:00 – Midnight!

Here’s a link to the Facebook Page for the event– you don’t need a Facebook account to see it, just in case you want to learn more about the other sweeeeeet activities (poker!) happening as part of the event.

WHO: A bunch of bands, including Hot Breakfast!
WHAT: 3Rd Annual Music Extravaganza: Living with MS
WHERE: Aqua Sol Restaurant; 3600 Summit Harbor Place, Bear, DE 19701 (302)365-6490. Or, if you’re coming by boat, just head to the Summit North Marina.
WHEN: Saturday, September 7th, 2013. 12pm to midnight! (We play around 6pm.)
WHY: To raise money for Multiple Sclerosis research and support. It’s important, you guys
TICKETS: At the door only; $15.
OTHER STUFF: Yes, they will also be having their poker crawl as well, so if you’re the bettin’ type, bring a few bucks for that.
CONSIDER: Bringing sunblock for the daytime, and some bug spray for the evening.
FOOD: There will be food and drink specials all day, with a portion of your tab going to the MS Society.

Hope to see you there– it’s a Hot Breakfast! tradition.

Your pal,


ps: We have an all-day rehearsal for the Queen show, so we won’t be arriving until right before our set, and we’ll have to duck out right after. Just so ya know.

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