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House concerts: We haz them.

We’ve got some house concerts coming up, and we’re really excited about them!

House concerts are pretty popular these days. They’re a neat way for audiences to hear music up close and personal-like, and it’s a neat way for artists to play for people who are interested in digging the music rather than playing Quarters in a bar. (Does anyone even play Quarters anymore?) In a nutshell, the house owner invites their friends, people show up and nom on tastysnax and/or tastydrinx, and eventually people sit down to hear the concert. We’ll play one or two sets depending on what y’all have arranged for us to do, and then we’ll pass a hat, and then we might have one more snack, and then we hug and say thank you, and we hug some more, and then we pack up our stuff and say goodnight. And then your friends post on Facebook and Twitter about what an awesome time they had, you feel terrific about bringing dorky-good music to your friends and family, we make some new friends and fans hopefully… everyone wins!

People really like house concerts.

You might worry your house is too small; it’s not! House concerts don’t have to be in houses, either. Apartments are great, community centers are spiffy… wherever you want. Dorm rooms even work!

You might worry your house is too messy; it’s not. Have you seen my office?

You might worry that strangers will be coming to your house; don’t worry. The event can be private if you want, so you control who attends. Or, if you trust us, we can publicize it for you.

You might worry your neighbors will be annoyed about the noise; they won’t– just invite them and then they can’t complain because they’ll be having too much fun. 🙂

If you live near Mesa Arizona or near Wilmington, DE and you’d like to come to one of the house concerts we have coming up in January, drop us a line at We’d love to have you!

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