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GIG: Friday 12/23 at Bellefonte Cafe

As if you didn’t get enough Hot Breakfast! this past weekend, there’s still one more tasty opportunity for you to get your dork-rock on before the end of the year. Why not give the people you love an offer of dinner and dork-rock at Bellefonte Cafe?

(Oh. Right. Because you love them, that’s why. Can’t say we blame you.)


OK! So! Bellefonte Cafe is a fabulous place to get dinner, snacks, coffee, and adult beverages… as well as a nice hot breakfast and on 12/23: HOT BREAKFAST!

This show will also feature a tasty side dish of singer/songwriter Brian Turner, so be prepared to be serenaded by his spiffy stylings; and he’ll definitely be joining us on stage for a little three-way. Scandalous!

When: Friday, December 23, 2011, 7-9pm.
Where: Bellefonte Cafe: 804 Brandywine Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19809
Cost: No cover charge! But you should probably eat or drink something (You’re too skinny! Just look at you wasting away!) because that’s the good thing to do (we recommend the black bean soup and the guacamole). The musicians get paid via tips, though we’ll also accept high-fives and compliments.

We’d love it if you came out. Don’t you deserve a break?

See you soon! And if not, hey, no worries. We’re a no-pressure kind of band.

Your pal,


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