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Hot? Breakfast? Who’s who?

There has always been some debate/confusion over which band member is “Hot” and which is “Breakfast.” Jill is convinced she’s “Breakfast” and that Matt is “Hot,” but Matt begs to differ. Fans also have mixed opinions. We were thinking about putting it up to a vote by polling the most important people, our Cool Little Brothers, but a piece of evidence surfaced that supports Jill’s argument: She is Breakfast. And you kinda can’t argue with this.

What is this evidence? It’s a piece of music called “Breakfast,” by LeLe. The song and the video are not work safe, but hoooo-lordy are they catchy and awesome. So feel free to click ahead if you’re feelin’ unsheltered.

If you don’t catch yourself randomly singing this song, you’d best be gettin’ some rhythm, son.

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