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Hot Breakfast Autumnal Update

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Hi, all!

It’s been a few months since we’ve said hello… we’ve missed you!  So we thought we’d drop you a line and tell you what’s been happening here in HotBreakfastLandia.

Jill is actually inhaling through that megaphone.
Jill is actually inhaling through that megaphone.


  • The Christmas Video is almost done!  We have our “Idiot for Christmas”  video almost entirely shot now, with just one quick scene remaining.  We’ll nab that shot as soon as holiday decorations go up at the mall.  We originally thought we’d need extras for that shoot, but we need to fly under the radar for this shot (yikes! no permit!), so in the interest of keeping things stealthy and agile, we’re going to shoot it solo so we can get in and get out.  But you aspiring actors needn’t worry… We’ll be shooting more videos in the future, so we will definitely let you know when we need your purty faces next!

  • New material coming your way! We played a gazillion shows in August and September, so we decided to take October off from performing and work up some new material for you. We’ve got four new tunes under our belts, which we’ll play at our next round of shows.  (See below for show dates!)

  • We were part of a pretty amazing show in September– we helped In The Light and The Rainbow Chorale of Delaware present well over two hours of the music of Queen at World Cafe Live at the Queen. The show was completely sold out downstairs– but we’re SO JAZZED to be doing it at The Levoy Theater again in Millville NJ next week on Saturday, October 26th… so see below for more info.

  • Pinpoints: a new web series.  The wonderful Paul Riley, a Delaware native now living in Boston, has created a new web series called Pinpoints. In it, he interviews people who strive to build community by “making their own awesome.”  Paul asked Jill to be his first subject, so she and Matt headed up to Boston for the interview (and also to play a show while they were up there).  The series will debut on his YouTube channel next week so check it out.  In the interview, Jill talks about her musical upbringing, the important people in her life who shaped her musically (Joe Trainor! Andrew Durkin! Matt Casarino! Billy Joel!), her old listening room “Knappuccinos Coffeehouse,” what it’s like working with Matt, and touring Europe with her other band The Industrial Jazz Group. Hot Breakfast! also plays two songs live in the interview, too.


[] This Friday (tomorrow!) October 18, 2013, 7pm sharp at World Cafe Live at the Queen: Matt plays a solo show as part of Gable Music Venture’s Singer Songerwriter Spotlight.  Six songwriters get two 15-minute sets each to present their tasty material. Matt will be playing songs from his three solo albums, and he’ll be world-premiering two brand-new songs too!  Info (plus a free download, plus a PRICELESS photo of 13-year-old Matt) on our website here, or you can just check out the Facebook event.  Tickets are $8.  We recommend you get dinner reservations if you want to sit down, too… it can get (pleasantly) crowded.

[] Not technically an HB! show, but…  WE’RE PLAYING TWO+ HOURS OF THE MUSIC OF QUEEN! Saturday, October 26th, 8:00PM SHARP (no opening band!). The Levoy Theater, Millville, NJ.  The music of one of rock’s most legendary acts resounds as the tribute band In The Light presents an evening of Queen. The eight-piece group (of which Hot Breakfast is a part)  is backed by a 25-person choir that includes members of The Rainbow Chorale of Delaware. IN THE LIGHT will perform two full sets of Queen’s music, giving full tribute to Queen’s rich orchestral-rock sound.  This event was completely sold out in September at World Cafe Live,so here’s your chance to catch it if you missed it!  ProTip: Don’t go too far at intermission, because Hot Breakfast serves up a little tribute song coming into the second act.   Event info here, and you can grab tickets here. 

[] Thursday, October 31, 12:30PM sharp, First and Central Presbyterian Church, 1101 N. Market St. (Rodney Square!), Wilmington DE. Free lunchtime concert!  Yes, it’s Halloween, so you’re probably slacking at work that day anyway, be honest.  So take a break and come eat your lunch with us!  This is a short 30-minute concert, so we’ll keep the chatter to a minimum and focus on the music.  Admission is free, no tickets required— just show up.  (Need to park? Parking is available in the Community Services Building parking garage on Orange Street at 11th Street, one block from the Church.)  Info here.    Yay!

[] Thursday, October 31, 8:15PM, Lickety Split, 401 South Street, Philadelphia PA. Free show upstairs!  Put on your Halloween finery (or don’t… we won’t judge) and enjoy a free show featuring three bands.  We play first from 8:30 – 9:10.  Come come come!

[] Saturday, November 2nd, 8:00PM, 1984 Barcade, 2511 W. 4th St, Wilmington DE.  It’s Kevin Regan’s Very Public Birthday Party To Which  You Are All Invited Even If You Do Not Know Kevin!  Featuring the song stylings of Hot Breakfast!, The Joe Trainor Trio, and the amazing Ben Smith!   Seriously: This show would be happening even if it wasn’t Kevin’s birthday, so don’t let that stop you from attending. It’s classic video game madness with a side order of fabulous music!  Info here:

[] Saturday, November 16th, 8:00PM. The Kennett Flash; Kennett Square, PA. THE GREATEST COMEDY MUSIC SHOW EVAAAR, featuring Todd Chappelle, Dave & Brian, and (the admittedly not very funny) Hot Breakfast!  Come hear songs about Canadian Geese, Hot Pockets, Neil Diamond, holes in pants, uvulas, Doritos, and more.  Info here:     Kennett Flash is a BYOB place, so be sure to BYOB!  (We’re funnier when you’re drunk.)  Tickets are $15 in advance or $18 at the door. More info plus tickets here:

[] Thursday, November 21st, Time TBD: Cromwell’s Tavern, Greenville DE.  Details are still coming in for this one, but we do know that we’ll be playing after the dinner rush has ended… because everyone knows dinner and Styx covers don’t mix.  Keep an eye on our website and we’ll add info as we hear about it.

[] December 21st, 8:00PM, Melodies Cafe, Ardmore PA… with JEWMONGOUS!  (Note: Melodies Cafe was formerly Milkboy Coffee. Same great venue, coffee, food, stage, sound… new name and owner.)  OK, so we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves telling you about shows in December, but this one is gonna be great so we wanted to get it on your radar now. Remember Rockapella, that amazeballs a cappella house band for “Where In The World is Carmen SanDiego?” Their founding member, Sean Altman, has formed a new group called JEWMONGOUS… and on this magical Winter Solstice night, we will share one hell of a slappy/silly/dorky stage. This, my friends, is gonna a FUN SHOW!  If you like award-winning singing and dorky music, this is the place to be.  Tickets are $15… get ’em here!


 People ask us all the time how they can help support the band.  Here are twelve (12!) ideas, so take your pick:

  1.  Come to a show, and bring a friend. Tell the bartender / manager / host(ess) that you’re there to see us — that helps us get invited back. 
  2. Buy or stream our music, and play it loudly. 🙂
  3. If you already have a copy of 39 Summers, please consider giving it an honest online review at iTunes and
  4. Like us on Facebook. Promoters/booking agents gauge a band’s popularity (perhaps unfairly) on how many “likes” a band has, so if you haven’t done so already, please give us a “Like” and encourage your friends to do so as well. That’s a big help! Go to 
  5. Follow us on Twitter: We’re @hotbreakfast.  
  6. Do you know someone who works in radio, for a newspaper or magazine, or writes for a music-related website or blog?  We’d love to send them a CD for them to play and/or review. Can you put us in touch? 
  7. Request Hot Breakfast! on your favorite radio station! We’ve sent our music to WSTWWXPNWMMRRadio 104.5, and lots of online stations. 
  8. If you know of any venues where you think we’d be welcome, please let us know!  Email us here at with the name and location of the venue… and if you happen to know someone there, their name and contact info would be extra helpful.
  9. Forward this to a friend, or ask them to sign up for the mailing list.
  10. Consider hosting a house concert.  We’ll come to your house and play for you and your pals… it’s a blast, and easier and less expensive than you think!  Email us here at and we’ll walk you through it.
  11. If you’re on ReverbNation, become a fan!
  12. Just say hi after a show. 🙂  



If you’ve gotten this far, thank you so much for reading. We admire your tenacity! 🙂  If you’d like to be removed from this list, no hard feelings.  Just hit Reply and type Unsubscribe in either the subject or the first line of the body of your email, and our trained robots will handle the rest.  

Thank you again, so sincerely, for being a Compadre of ROCK. We are so grateful to you for your support, your kindness, and your enthusiastic fist-pumps.  We really, really love you… and your purty smile. 🙂

In dorkitude,

Ji11 and Suburban Legend 

(aka Jill and Matt)

ps:  This is the funniest thing Jill has ever seen in her life, so she thought she would share it with you.  Many thanks to Randy America for posting this to Facebook way back when.  It’s your reward (punishment?) for reading this far.


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