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GIG: The Young Bean (Clayton, DE), Friday, March 22

Original artwork by Eric Young. Bad Photoshopping by Matt Casarino.
Original artwork by Eric Young. Bad Photoshopping by Matt Casarino.

Last September, we had a wonderful night at a funky little coffee shop in Clayton, Delaware.

We played two full sets at The Young Bean and had a marvelous time. We’re so thrilled to be back there on Friday, March 22 for another round. The show starts at 6:30, and we’ll be performing until 9:00, or until they kick us out (6:37).

And you should join us. Seriously, you should.


  • The Young Bean is awesome (link goes to their Facebook page). It’s an independent shop with amazing coffee and tea and really good food, including BACON CAKE.
  • The owners, Kim and Eric, are super-cool and made us feel really loved and welcome.
  • NO COVER CHARGE. That means it’s free, Jack.
  • It’s a small place, where we get to do a truly acoustic show – no mics. (This may not be the best news for the patrons, for we are far more likely to run around like idiots when we don’t have cables.)
  • The folks who hang out at The Young Bean are really wonderful and friendly.
  • We’re playing for 2 1/2 hours, so we get to dig deep into our catalog and play some quieter, more introspective cuts.
  • But we’ll still be playing loud & dorky cuts as well.
  • We just might be playing some brand-new material.
  • Eric Young painted that great sign for us for our gig there last September.
  • We don’t get to play south of Newark much, but between this and our Saturday gig in Dover, we’ll be spending the weekend in Kent County!

It’ll be a great night. See you at The Young Bean!


WHAT: Hot Breakfast! at The Young Bean, 314 Main Street, Clayton, DE.
WHEN: Friday, March 22nd. We play from 6:30 to 9.
WHERE: On the very charming Main Street in Clayton, Delaware. Here’s a map – it’s easy to find.
COST: THERE IS NO COST. But if you don’t buy some coffee, you truly will be missing out.
FOOD: Food! Coffee! Iced Chai Lattes! (They’re FANTASTIC) Bacon cake! Once again, with feeling…bacon cake.

(The Suburban Legend)

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