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GIG: Saturday March 16, 9:30PM; Dawson St. Pub, Manayunk (Philly) PA with Glim Dropper

We aren’t fickle, we just love a lot of people all at once. We may have professed our undying love to the Joe Trainor Trio years ago, but there’s a new trio in town that makes our heart go pitter-patter just a little harder. Maybe it’s the newness of the relationship, but something tells us we’re never gonna stop digging our new musical crush, Glim Dropper.

Glim Dropper are some fine lookin' guys, right?
Glim Dropper are some fine lookin’ guys, right?

Why do we love these guys? Simply put: Because they are friggin’ GOOD. These guys are super-skilled, seasoned players who perform with style, panache, and without having to rely on douchey theatrics like some acoustic dork-rock power duo we know. 🙂

We first heard of Glim Dropper a few months before the 2012 Wilmo Rock Circus. We were tooling around online and caught a video of them playing an acoustic set somewhere. They immediately sucked us in with their great playing and singing; they were just so freakin’ good. We met them in real life at the Wilmo Rock Circus where Jill probably sounded like a stalker (“OMG WE TOTALLY SAW YOU ONLINE AND WE LOVE YOU YOU ARE AMAZING”), and they were just cool, down to earth guys who weren’t really there to “out-rockstar” anyone. Our kinds of guys.

Glim Dropper is the freakin’ amazing Dan Kauffman on vocals and bass, Ben Geise on guitar, and Rob Schnell on drums. We’ll have you know that all three members of Glim Dropper were nominated for Homey Awards; Dan for best lead singer, Rob Schnell for drums, and Ben for best guitarist (he won!).

What makes us love them even more is that they asked us to share a bill with them, especially at their “home base” of The Dawson Street Pub. We love anyone who loves us back, so it’s kind of a no-brainer. This is the first time we’re playing in Manayunk, so we’re doubly-excited about this night.

Anyway, we’ll shut up and get to the goods here.

WHO: Glim Dropper and Hot Breakfast! Five humans with three Homey Awards!
WHERE: At the Dawson Street Pub; 100 Dawson Street, Philadelphia, PA. It’s on the corner of Dawson and Cresson. (For transit-taking folks, their Facebook “About” page has some info.)
WHEN: Saturday, March 16th. Show starts at 9 or 9:30ish. We’re not sure who plays first, but we figure it’s probably us since we’re the n00bz.
FOOD: Pub food, fresh-cut fries, daily specials. Great beer list. CASH ONLY. CASH ONLY. CASH ONLY.
COVER: Cheap!

This is gonna be a fun night… settle in and listen to some great music in a nifty pub.
Please save Jill a fry or two. She likes fries.

High fives and fries,

Ji11 and Suburban Legend

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