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GIG: Podcamp East! Woot! Sept 29, 8:30AM in Wilmington, DE

Delware’s most vocal Wilmevangelist, the effervescent Ken Grant, has once again invited us to play an incredible show for amazing people at an ungodly hour of the day for rockstars. (It may sound like we’re complaining, but we’re not.)

This Saturday, September 29th, is Day 1 of PodCamp East, a 2-day social-media and online entrepreneurship conference happening right here in our small but mighty state of Delaware. PodCamps have been happening around the world since 2006 when there were just over 10,000 people using Twitter (now there are over 400 million– crikey!), and this year PodCamp Boston, PodCamp New Hampshire, PodCamp Philly, and PodCamp Delaware have joined forces and chose Wilmington as this year’s home. Pretty sweeeeeet.

And best of all– Ken Grant asked Hot Breakfast! to be the official emissary of dork-rock to the attendees. We’ll be kicking off Day 1 with about 30 minutes of dork-rock starting around 8:30am, and playing another set sometime before lunch, too. We’ll just basically play when Ken points at us.

You can still attend PodCamp East, but don’t do it just on our account! It’s only $20 for two full days of speakers, content, presentations, food, socializing and good timez. Also: Ignite Wilmington 7 is that night, too! (But we’re also playing at Rod Kim and Vince Cirino’s Very Public Birthday Bash at World Cafe Live at the Queen, so we’ll be there… and we hope you’ll join us there… but we won’t blame you if you go to Ignite Wilmington, either. Ji11 once presented at Ignite, so she knows how cool it is. No hard feelings. It’s cool to spread the love.

For more information about PodCamp East, go to their website. We’re not gonna recreate the wheel here.

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