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GIG: MilkBoy Coffee (Ardmore, PA), Saturday January 12, 8PM

It's getting dorky in here.
It’s getting dorky in here.

We hope all of our fans, friends, family, and Cool Little Brothers n’ Sisters across the land had a wonderful New Year’s celebration. We certainly did – after booty-shaking to DJ Donna’s fantastic spins at Bellefonte Cafe, we hooked up with some great friends for drinks, foods, and very silly card games. We sincerely hope that 2013 treats you guys as well as 2012 treated us.

In fact, we’re hoping to help kick-start the year for ya with our first gig of the 2013, and it’s a doozy – we’re performing at MilkBoy Coffee in Ardmore, Pennsylvania on Saturday, January 12th at 8:00. (Eeeeeee!) We’re really excited about this – we’ve been wanting to play at MilkBoy for quite a while, for it is super-cool, and rather prestigious, really. They’ve got wonderful food (they serve breakfast until 9 pm – that’s our kinda joint) and even wonderfuller coffee, and it’s just a great, laid-back, funky place to be. It’s also a BYOB establishment, and if you check out their website (link in the next paragraph) they’ll give you the scoop.

So if you’re in the Wilmington/Philly area and don’t mind spending time in swanky swanky Ardmore, come and help us ring in the new year, dork-rock style! The show starts at 8:00. There’s an $8 to $10 cover charge, but don’t worry – we’ll make sure we’re worth it. Plus, it won’t just be us! Keep an eye out here and on the MilkBoy website to see what other fabulous bands will be rockin’ yer socks on the 12th.

Hot coffee. Hot food. Hot Breakfast!

It’s gonna be a Hot New Year, yo.

The Suburban Legend

ps: There’s a train station right next door to Milkboy Coffee, so if you’re a public transit type person, this is pretty dang easy.

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