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Most accurate T-shirt slogan ever.
Most accurate T-shirt slogan ever.

We know. Seriously, we do. You thought you wouldn’t have to endure another appeal for your vote for at least a couple weeks.1 Well, at the risk of conjuring up images of a bygone election…we feel your pain.

But this time, it’s different. It’s for real. It is on, Brothers and Sisters.

This time, we’re asking you to vote in the 2013 WSTW Homey Awards (the link goes to a Facebook Note that lists the categories and nominees you can choose from, but don’t worry, you don’t need a Facebook account to view it). This is where you get to vote for all your favorite Delaware musicians, bands, songs, albums, videos, rock hairstyles2, and pretty much anything else you can think of from this past year.

And as you most likely know, 2012 was an amazing year for Delaware music.

How do you do it? Simple. Just send an email to Homey (at) with your picks between now and February 2nd, 2013. All of the categories, eligible albums, EPs, and songs are listed on that Facebook Note, but you don’t need Facebook to vote – and you can even add your own categories in your email. Because this is the preliminary round, you can pick up to five nominees in any category, but you only get one email entry per person… so make it good!

As hey, as it turns out, your pals Hot Breakfast! are eligible for this round’s voting! We’d love it if you’d consider us for:

  • EP of the Year (“Hot Breakfast!”)
  • Song of the Year (“Hole in Your Pants”)
  • Band
  • New Artist
  • Lead Singer (that’d be Jill Knapp)
  • Live Act
  • Comedy-Music Artist
  • Acoustic Dork-Rock Power Duo
  • Acoustic Punk Duo, although we kinda doubt these two categories will make the final cut

…and any other category where you think we deserve a nod!

If you’re very trusting (or just lazy), scroll down to the comment below and copy/paste that into your nomination email. See how helpful we are?

But tell you what, friends – even if you DON’T vote for us, we still want you to vote. There are so many wonderful musicians in Delaware – the original music scene here is as active, essential, and vibrant as ever – and this is a great way to show some love to your favorites. We are so indebted to WSTW’s Hometown Heroes for their wonderful focus on, and commitment to, Delaware music, and hosting these awards is a great way to give recognition to the many, many wonderful artists in the area.

So vote, won’t you? Again, in this preliminary round, you can vote for up to five artists/venues in each category. And all of them will love you and find you wildly appealing.

Why? Because VOTING IS SEXY, that’s why.

We are saluting.
We salute you.

Your fellow Americans,
Hot Breakfast!

* * * * * * * * *

1 We don’t really understand the election cycle. We just assume it’s always election season, just like it’s always basketball season.
2 “Rock Hairstyles” isn’t really a category. Although if it was, we’d probably pick Jill’s Dragonball Z look over Matt’s You Don’t Know Jack look.

One reply on “VOTE in the WSTW HOMEY AWARDS”

If you’re lazy and you like Hot Breakfast! as much as you like The Joe Trainor Trio, we’ll make this easy for you… but please note you can vote for up to five people/things for each category. The trick is you’re only allowed to send ONE email, so make it good.

Send ONE email to with “Homey awards” in the subject line.

In the body of the email, just copy/paste this… feel free to add people/songs as you see fit:

[] EP of the Year: Hot Breakfast!- HotBreakfast!
[] Album of the Year: Twelve Stories- The Joe Trainor Trio
[] Song of the Year: Hole in Your Pants- Hot Breakfast! *and* Keeping Up The Pace by the Joe Trainor Trio *and* The Last Days of Analog by Glim Dropper
[] Band: Hot Breakfast! *and* The Joe Trainor Trio
[] Lead Singer: Jill Knapp of Hot Breakfast!
[] Bass Player: Kevin Niemi of the Joe Trainor Trio
[] Drummer: Jeff Dement of The Joe Trainor Trio
[] Keyboardist: Joe Trainor of The Joe Trainor Trio
[] Producer: Ritchie Rubini *and* Ray Gagliardino
[] Live Act: Hot Breakfast!
[] Folk/Americana Artist: The Honey Badgers
[] Best Collaboration: Joe Trainor Trio and Hot Breakfast for the JT3 CD Release Party of Twelve Stories
[] Best Music Video: Joe Trainor Trio – Keeping up the Pace
[] Best Music Venue: World Cafe Live at the Queen *and* Arden Gild Hall
[] Best Concert / event of the year: Wilmo Rock Circus *and* Shady Grove Music Fest
[] Comedy Musician: Todd Chappelle

Thanks, folks!

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