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GIG: March 29 & 30, 2016, 7:30pm: Philly’s Primary Stages (Bonus: Jill is acting in one of Matt’s plays!)

The theme for this batch of 12 plays: "Ch-ch-ch-changes."  Appropriately bittersweet, right?
The theme for this batch of 12 plays: “Ch-ch-ch-changes.” Appropriately bittersweet, right?

Philadelphia is known for having a great underground theater scene, and one of the driving forces is Philly’s Primary Stages. PPS is a “down and dirty script-in-hand staged reading series of new 10 minute plays” where playwrights get to see their new works up on their feet, and actors and directors get a fun, short project to jump into.  Audience members are bribed with beer, wine, sodee pop, bottled water, assorted chips, dips, vienna sausages and puddin’ packs (of which Jill is a fan).

Philadelphia Dramatists Center; purveyors of fine Philadelphia theater since... well... a while ago.
Philadelphia Dramatists Center; purveyors of fine Philadelphia theater since… well… a while ago.
The format of these events is that the PDC gives area playwrights a theme or topic, and then they write a 10-minute play based on that theme. Then we all get together to watch them! This batch’s theme is “Ch-ch-ch-changes,” and playwrights can interpret and apply that theme to their new play in whatever way they like. If you’re feelin’ theatery, you could come both nights and see a dozen morsels of fresh, original theater. We can’t promise we won’t repeat any songs between the two nights, however… 🙂

This month’s shows are happening on Tuesday March 29th & Wednesday March 30th. .  We play a 30-35 minute set beginning at 7:30pm, and then a 15-ish minute set at intermission. We also play the outro music for each play– songs that are hand-picked by the directors.  (The directors love to test us, so we’ve been asked to do everything from rap, Led Zep, play Sousa marches on kazoos, and even play TV theme songs. We never know what we’re gonna be asked to do for the out-tro music, but we have a blast retrofitting these songs for our dork-rock-duo instrumentation.) 

And there’s gonna be a special treat one of the nights: Jill will be acting in one of the plays… and it happens to be a play that Matt wrote, called “Ernie is a Damn Hero.” You’ll get to see another side of Hot Breakfast! HOLY CRAPBALLS.


WHERE:  The Meetinghouse Theater inside the Community Education Center: 3500 Lancaster Ave. (sorta by 30th St Station) Philadelphia, PA 19104-4916

WHEN: Tuesday March 29th & Wednesday March 30th. Doors open at 7:15ish, HB! plays at 7:30 sharp, the plays start at 8pm. Six different plays both nights, for a total of 12 plays over 2 plays.a
CASH: $5 suggested donation, but nobody would be upset if you tossed in a few extra pennies.
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For a measly five buckeroos ($5!), you get a night of terrific theater, snackies, pudding packs (Jill’s favorite!), beverages, and music.  What better way to spend a mid-week, springish evening, AMIRITE?

See you then!

Your pals,

Suburban Legend and Ji11
(a.k.a. Matt and Jill)