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Sweet gig: 10/27/11 at PA Academy of Fine Arts

We are really, really, really excited about this show. Which isn’t to make other shows feel like second bananas or anything; but when you hear about how awesome this show is, you’ll see why.

First off, the show is so awesome that we had to get INSURANCE.   Insurance! Why? Because they know that we rock so dang hard that we could probably (and let’s face it, most likely will) set fire to all of the incredible artwork with our FACE-MELTING AWESOMENESS.

So what’s the gig?
The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA)’s program called “PAFA After Dark” reminds people that art can be fun and lively and social and unpredictable. So expect cocktails, scavenger hunts, gallery talks, hands-on projects and of course, music from HOT BREAKFAST!… all right on Broad Street in Philadelphia.

On October 27th, the theme of the night is “Home Grown,” which applies to the local beer being served (om nom nom!), the exhibition on view, the demonstrations by an urban farming community. (Jill is hoping there will be chickens.)

More information:

Tickets can be purchased at the website above; adult tickets are $10 if you buy them in advance, or they’re $15 at the door. The exhibition is geared more for grown-ups, though it’s not like there’s gonna be real live breastages or anything (unless Matt has more than 3 beers, then all bets are off). We’ve been told we don’t have to keep it clean, so we’ll be singing a new song I wrote called “Fuck You, Fucking Fuckface.”1

PAFA has several buildings, and our spiffy event will be in the Samuel M.V. Hamilton Building at 128 N. Broad St. in Philadephia. See you there!

1 No, we don’t have a song called that. But hey, sounds catchy (and classy!), doesn’t it?

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