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GIG: SAT June 29th 6PM – 8PM – Penn’s Place, New Castle, DE

And here it is: our SECOND gig of the day. But first, a question:

What will you need after walking around in the summer sun and eating ice cream all day?

You’ll need COFFEE.

This here’s the most ROCKING coffee mug we could find. In fact, this might be more rock than we can handle during our 8am coffee.

Well, we certainly know we’ll be needing it. That’s why after we eat our weight in gelato and Fat Rick’s BBQ, we’re heading over to Penn’s Place in Historic New Castle, DE for a TWO HOUR SET. That’s right – spend two hours with us at a great venue!

About that venue: Penn’s Place (that link goes to their Facebook page) is a great coffee house and gathering place with wonderful coffee, food, and WiFi. And starting this month, the good people of Gable Music Ventures have been booking FREE ENTERTAINMENT! Already, this month has seen the likes of Todd Chappelle, Beth Goldwater, and Fearless Improv, among other great acts.

And on Saturday, June 29th at 6:00pm: it’s our turn.

Here’s a pic of some of the goodies and patrons at Penn’s Place. And by “goodies and patrons,” we mean Ben Freakin’ Franklin.

So come on over to Historic New Castle and soak up some history (along with coffee and noms) with some Hot Breakfast!

WHAT: Hot Breakfast! at Penn’s Place in New Castle, Delaware
WHERE: Penn’s Place, 206 Delaware Street, New Castle, DE (link goes to Google Maps/Directions)
COST: Free, but you will want food and coffee. Trust us.
FOOD: Look at that pic! Noms & coffee goodness await you!
PARKING: There will be street parking.
IN FACT: Historic New Castle is lovely on a nice summer night. Plan on taking a walk before or after the show.
HEY, CAN I BUY A COPY OF 39 SUMMERS THERE? Why, yes. Yes, you can.

There you go, Comrades of Rock. That’s how we do it.

Two gigs.

One day.


Stick with us, kid…and you’ll never! Be hungry! AGAIN!

Okay, that was an awkward Gone With the Wind reference.
But in our book, Johansson ain’t got nothin’ on O’Hara

Matt (The Suburban Legend)

P.S. Since I used their image, it seems only fair to provide a link to Creative Imports, who makes that coffee mug. But please note this is not an endorsement: we know nothing about the good people of Creative Imports. And honestly, do you really need another coffee mug? You’ve got too many as it is! (But yeah…it’s pretty cool.)

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