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Hot Breakfast! and Todd Chappelle are…EXTREME.

That’s right, our Cool Little Brothers and Sisters. Your favorite acoustic dork-rock duo will be joining forces with Delaware’s funniest folk singer, Todd Chappelle, for one night of hilarirock. (That’s a word, right? We’re calling it a word.) Seriously, we are really excited to play with Todd Chappelle, one of our favorite artists to come from Delaware (take THAT, Cisco Houston!). You’ve certainly heard his opus “I’m From Delaware,” Todd’s ode to Hot Breakfast!* So please come on out to Extreme Pizza on Friday, April 27th for a great night.

After that, we’re gonna melt some faces in Philly as we play The Head House on Thursday, May 3rd. We go on at 10:00 (c’mon, it’s not that late) as we share the bill with The One Sun Lion Ra, Ashley J, Kristin Lucile, and Malik. Throw us in the mix and that’s about 17 different musical styles…something for everyone. Don’t miss it.

In recording news…we are ALMOST DONE, we swear. The CD is sounding great…stay tuned!

Extremely yours,
Suburban Legend


* Um…we have been advised that Todd’s song, which can be heard here, is NOT actually about Hot Breakfast. At least…that’s the official story.

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