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GIG: Thursday July 12, Comedy Night at Mojo Main – 7pm

Mojo 13’s little brother on Main Street in Newark, DE is called Mojo Main, and it’s where the old East End used to be. It has everything you liked about The East End, but nothing you didn’t… and much better food. This pleases me greatly.

They host a Comedy Night there every so often, and after seeing us ROCK at The Kennett Flash, Mr. Matthew Morgan (the host) asked us if we wanted to play a set at their event. We said “Oh, mais oui!” or something similarly METAL.

The night will be a combination of stand-up comedians and musicians trading off sets. We hope we go on late so we appear funnier as the audience gets mo’ drunker.

WHEN: Thursday, July 12 2012. The evening begins at 7pm, though I’m not sure what time we go on. Have a seat!
WHERE: Mojo Main. 270 East Main St, Newark, DE 19711
COVER: $5 if you’re over 21; $10 if you’re under 21.
PARKING: Private lot. Park in it.
FOOD: They have food. I don’t know what kind. I’m sure they have a menu, though.

We are hoping people don’t throw rotten vegetables at us. If they do, we will throw angry badgers at them. SO THERE.

See you there!

Your pal,


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