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Gig: Billy Joel Tribute – August 13, 2011

This Saturday, Hot Breakfast! joins forces with the Joe Trainor Trio and some other swell folks to bring you a night of music by Billy Joel. It’s a fundraiser to benefit City Theater Company and the Grand School of Music, two local Wilmington arts organizations who help bring awesomesauce to our mighty city.

We aren’t allowed to divulge the set list (Joe has threatened our lives), but we can tell you that we’ll be singing a “full band version” of a song we’ve been known to cover… so that’s a hint at least. Matt will be playing guitar, alto and tenor saxes, and singing his fabulous lungs out for this show, and I’ll be singing, playing saxes and playing a bunch of percussion, too. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to play triangle, and I’m totally serious.

The show happens this Saturday night at 8pm at the Baby Grand, which is 818 Market Street in Wilmington. Tickets are $17, though I think they tack on a $3 service charge or something… so plan on $20 tickets. It’s general admission seating, so sit where you want. The show starts right at 8pm, there’s no opening band.

Make a night of it and get some dinner beforehand at the tasty restaurants around Market Street. If you haven’t hung out downtown in a while, consider giving it a shot; it’s cute, and there’s lots of tasty foodz in just about every price range.

Cool? Cool!

Hope to see you there!

Your pal,


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