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GIG: September 9th at World Cafe Live (ya need reservations!)

As Delaware’s Premier Acoustic Dork Rock Power Duo, we naturally get asked a lot of questions.

Probably the question we get asked the most is, “How is it possible that you both are so darn good looking?” And our only answer for that: Liberal application of only the highest-quality awesomesauce, at least thrice daily.

The second most frequent question we are asked is, “When the heck are you guys gonna play at World Cafe Live, like, for real? None of this open mic stuff.” And our answer has always been, “Patience, Grasshopper.”


Because we are officially booked at World Cafe Live at the Queen for a LunchTime Live at Noon concert on Friday, September 9th. The show starts at noon, and we play a full hour until 1pm.

The folks at WCL tell us that the show is expected to sell out, so y’all are encouraged to make reservations via OpenTable to make sure there’s a place for your rather cute butt. Click here to make a lunch reservation— it’s free and easy (like your mom).

We’re pretty excited about this, gotta say. We are thiiiis much closer to world domination, yo.

Your pal,


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