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GIG: Saturday May 19th, 10pm at 1984: HB! + video games + pinball + a Benatar tribute!

My friends, it is time to get your 80s on.

Some folks think of Hot Breakfast! as an 80s cover band. That isn’t entirely accurate; we’ve got plenty of originals and covers from other decades, too. But sometimes we’re willing to play the role of 80s cover band when it makes sense to do so… like on May 19th, for example.

On May 19th, we’ll be opening for Fat Benatar, which is a freakin’ outstanding Pat Benatar tribute band from Virginia. Sometimes people ask us why we don’t cover any Pat Benatar tunes, and honestly, it’s because Jill can’t sing ’em… Pat Benatar is amazing and Jill simply isn’t built for it. But HOLY CRAP, the singer from Fat Benatar most certainly is… so if you’re in the mood for to hear a chick with some killer pipes (and a sweet rack, we’re not gonna lie), May 19th is your night.

We’ll be playing at our new favorite hangout, 1984. 1984 is a bar + arcade (a barcade, if you will) with 80s trivia on Thursday nights1, tons of vintage arcade games and sweet delicious pinball, and about a zillion beers and ciders for the draankin’. Are you a proud dork? Then you’ll feel very welcome there. Woot!

WHEN: Saturday, May 19th 2012, 10pm
WHERE: 1984. 2511 W. 4th St., Wilmington, DE 19805. (between Union & Greenhill)
WHAT: Hot Breakfast! (Delaware’s premier acoustic dork-rock power duo) opening up for Fat Benatar (Virginia’s premier Pat Benatar tribute band)
COVER: $5. Cheap!
PARKING: They have parking in their little lot there, but there aren’t a zillion spots. You’ll figure it out; you’re a grown-up.
FOOD: They only have beer/cider there; no kitchen. However, it’s totally cool (and even encouraged) for you to order Chinese takeout/delivery from the place next door (they’re good) or have a pizza delivered. Go nuts!

See you there!

Your pal,


1 We won last week, yes we did. Our team name: The Keytards. Keepin’ it classy, we are!

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